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"J-O-B-S" Biden Blows Off Cameras At Union Meeting

Looks like the Obama administration is getting a little tired of "Joe "Plugs" Biden and his Gaff-tastic Circus".

Apparently worried that he might say something, uh, stupid again in front of the cameras, Biden held a closed door address to AFL-CIO leaders in Florida, Tuesday.

Just who was it that determined the meeting be closed to cameras? Depends on what time of the day it is.

First, the union said it was the Vice-President's office which declared it a closed meeting, then, after a bit of information gathering, it seems it was actually the Union which desired it to be off limits to cameras. Cough Bullsh*t Cough

From Fox News:

Cameras Barred from Biden's Speech to AFL-CIO

Vice President Joe Biden's office said Thursday it is honoring the wishes of the union to not have the press attend, which the AFL-CIO acknowledged after previously telling FOX News it was the vice president's decision..

So much for transparency, but who's messing with Joe?

Cameras have been banned from Vice President Biden's address to AFL-CIO leaders in Miami Thursday.

The vice president's office said Thursday it is honoring the wishes of the union to have press cameras barred.

"Traditionally, the AFL-CIO Executive Council meetings are closed press. Each of its sessions this week have been closed press," spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement.

The AFL-CIO acknowledged Thursday that it was its choice to ban cameras after telling FOX News a day earlier it was the vice president's decision. Alexander said the veep tried to change the rule but was denied.

"As part of its unprecedented commitment to transparency, Vice President Biden's office asked that a change to the policy be made so that a pool of print reporters would be allowed to cover the speech and a full transcript of the vice president's remarks will be sent out this afternoon."

What a bunch of tools.

If anyone believes it was the union and not Obama's communication fire department pre-empting another soiled gig by Saint Joe, I got a magazine cover without Obama's picture to sell you.


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Comments (10)

Or, as Archie Bunker used t... (Below threshold)

Or, as Archie Bunker used to refer to them, the "UFO-CIA"...

The Obama White House is mo... (Below threshold)
James H:

The Obama White House is more similar to the Bush administration than we like to admit. Both keep the vice president in secure, undisclosed locations. The Bush administration worried that other people might find Cheney. The Obama administration is worried Biden might get out and find a microphone ...

I'm surprised. Joe is so w... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised. Joe is so well spoken and articulate. He's from Scranton, you know.

Hmmm, so check-card voting ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, so check-card voting OK, cameras not.

Sure, that makes perfect sense and consistency.

I'd admit the possibility J... (Below threshold)

I'd admit the possibility Joe is being hid from the cameras to prevent a public display of head-in-ass disease, but the more likely scenario is both the union and the WH not wanting a public display of all the legislative goodies promised to the union.

Can you hear the trolls if ... (Below threshold)

Can you hear the trolls if Cheney did this? I mean, Cheney did it with energy his first year and the left kept suing and suing to have the membership and minutes revealed. They are surprisingly quiet now. ww

Hey, the union bought and p... (Below threshold)

Hey, the union bought and paid for the VP fair and square - of course they don't want the freeloading press to get any of that good speechifying for free!

I guess it's true,... (Below threshold)

I guess it's true, the lobotomy failed.

The weak boy in the WH send... (Below threshold)

The weak boy in the WH sends his lap-clown joe-joe to FL to "hum a tune on the union request poles...."

Where did you find a magazi... (Below threshold)

Where did you find a magazine cover without a picture of Obama on it? Guns and Ammo






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