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Turkey shoot

The North Koreans are talking tough again.

North Korea said Thursday it could not ensure the safety of South Korean flights over the Sea of Japan because of an upcoming joint US-South Korean military exercise.

"As we don't know what kind of military clashes may occur due to the joint war exercise...we declare that we can no more assure the safety of South Korean passenger flights over our territory, particularly over the East Sea (Sea of Japan)," said a statement on the official Korean Central News Agency.

The DPRK is now laying claim to the whole Sea of Japan? Maybe they'll invade those Dokdo islets and put an end to the war of words between Seoul and Tokyu.

You can dismiss the threats to commercial aircraft as just more bluster from Pyongyang, but a jet destined for South Korea was blown up by North Koreans in 1980's. Honestly I think the North Korean regime is feeling less secure every day and that is the cause for them verbally lashing out of late. Kim Jong-il is ill, and a succession crisis is in the works. The country has food shortages that have to most certainly affect their military readiness, and there are signs of financial problems. This just be the latest.


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OK, lets seen Obama negotia... (Below threshold)

OK, lets seen Obama negotiate this one.

Everybody is testing Obama'... (Below threshold)

Everybody is testing Obama's meddle and it's becoming pretty clear he's a wimp. The world's lone superpower is going soft. Not good for anybody.

North Korea, Russia, China,... (Below threshold)

North Korea, Russia, China, Iran. They ALL realize how weak and inexperienced Obama is, and how his "Diplomacy first, second and third" approach to military threats blinds him.

Thus far all four have just probed and prodded. Soon...REAL soon...one of the four will truly test him. I believe one or more of the other three will seize that opportunity to, well....go nuts!!

Russia NEEDS a Black Sea port...China WANTS Taiwan...North Korea HATES South Korea (and needs a distraction)...and Iran just flat out wants to destroy ALL Jews!!


NK may be testing Obama onl... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

NK may be testing Obama only because they are so far removed from reality that they don't know better. However, I don't think Russia and China are testing Obama in a serious way, nor are they going to anytime soon. Why? Because they see Obama's plans to cut defense spending and they have seen the blunders he's making diplomatically. The U.S. is growing weaker militarily, diplomatically, and economically under Obama's leadership, so it's in their interest to let that process continue until it reaches bottom.

Iran has nothing more to fear from the U.S. with Obama calling the shots. He may make loud and long speeches and may get a few more sanctions going, but Iran is on it's way to becoming a nuclear power complete with ICBMs. Even in the face of that reality I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama cancel the missile defense program, or at least cut it's funding sharply. The one and only option with at least the potential of preventing a future nuclear exchange and there are idiots in our government who want to cancel it.






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