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Hold On Tight

There's no denying it. Obama's campaign ran like a well-oiled machine, with the main stream media performing routine maintenance and tune-ups along the way.

Now, however, it looks like the train is heading a bit up-hill, and it's showing signs of some wear.

This is especially noticeable when one of your famed conductors starts to question the itinerary.

From Reuters:

When billionaire investor Warren Buffett says President Barack Obama's economic message is muddled and undermining public confidence, it's worth listening.

Buffett, an informal Obama adviser considered a financial seer on Wall Street, told CNBC on Monday the message has to be "very, very clear as to what government will be doing."

"And I think we've had, and it's the nature of the political process somewhat, but we've had muddled messages and the American public does not know. They feel they don't know what's going on, and their reaction then is to absolutely pull back," he said.

Well, duh..

It's no wonder the American people are confused about which direction they are headed. His economic message has been convoluted by deceit and corruption. He and his spendfreaks have raided the cookie jar, and all that's left is a bucket full of I.O.U.s.

There seems to be little deliberation as to how and why he is doing what he's doing, and there has certainly been no purposeful dialog with others who may disagree or have differing ideas.

As for us, it's like he's roller skating on an ice-rink. We're all just along for the ride.

In his first 50 days he has spent over $2 trillion dollars for "stimulus", bailouts, and foreclosure assistance (apparently with Monopoly money, 'cause we sure as hell don't have it), gave a major education policy speech today, lifted a ban on embryonic stem-cell research, decided to close Guantanamo (with no clear objective for the prisoners), increased troops in Afghanistan by 17,000 (with no clear objective for their mission), increased S-CHIP eligibility, allocated $634 billion as a "down payment" on health care, ordered the use of taxpayer funds for overseas abortions, and he hasn't even completed staffing his cabinet yet.

Is this reckless haste due to ineptitude? Is it being done on purpose to get around that pesky "transparency" pledge? Or is it really just adhering to the notion that "you can't let a good crisis go to waste"?

James Carville came up with the famous slogan "It's the economy, stupid".

Maybe he should give Obama a call.


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It's just the pendulum swin... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

It's just the pendulum swinging once again, kids.

The New Deal consensus lasted until 1980, the time of the Reagan Revolution and the triumph of Atwater's Southern Strategy.

That lasted 28 long years, under Reagan, Bush, Clinton (the best Republican president the Democrats ever nominated), and Bush the Lesser.

Now the Reagan Revolution is being repealed, by popular demand.

Sucks to be you guys, I guess.

During the election run-up... (Below threshold)

During the election run-up, I posted to the effect that this country has had the knack of having the right person for the right time, in any given situation. Even a cursory look back through our history will bear this out.

The stumbles (Carter) merely point out the correct path to take. I still believe this to be true, Obama being the latest stumble. He and his cohorts, however, pose as great a threat to our form of government as has been yet seen.

Even so, it's my conviction that ultimately common sense will prevail, and this will be looked at in the future as a mystifying aberration.

RE: "It's no wonder the Ame... (Below threshold)

RE: "It's no wonder the American people are confused about which direction they are headed."

How can anyone be confused? Everyone should know the direction in which we are headed. It's not a great mystery, and it's been predictable for several years now. Those who are confused haven't been paying attention.

The economic crisis is going to get worse:
1. The DNC has been feeding the uncertainty for years, hoping to get a recession that would help them get elected. They don't know how to shut up.
2. Liberal policies - both those promoted by the DNC and those created or helped by the Bush administration - have made the situation worse. And they cannot be undone, and they will continue to make things worse.
3. The Obama administration may by completely inept, but the real problem is that liberal policies don't work. Those people got elected by promising things they can't deliver. Now they don't know what to do.

Bottom line: Liberals have told the American people for years now that they can vote themselves rich. The people voted that way, and now they want to collect. The trouble is, those policies create economic catastrophe; they don't solve problems. We have a two party system, and neither party can govern.

I prefer Bush the Younger o... (Below threshold)

I prefer Bush the Younger or Bush the Elder, rather than Lessor, as that implies that the senior Bush was the Greater.

But I do propose either "The Unready" or "Ill-Advised" as the sobrequets for Obama.

The way you spell it, it im... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

The way you spell it, it implies that the younger Bush was a landlord.
And also,"s-o-b-r--I--q-u-e-t."

Another couple of months of... (Below threshold)

Another couple of months of Obama-nomics; health care reform, energy independence, Stimulus II, and education reform, you won't recognize the place.

We won't need educated kids to work in non-existent jobs, with rationed health care because the money will be worthless and there will be no energy sources to run industries anyway.

We'll all be EQUAL then. Well, almost. The ELITES will run everything so that we don't have to worry.

I'm sure history will accor... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

I'm sure history will accord Obama the titles of smirking chimp or miserable failure.

It is simply amazing to hea... (Below threshold)

It is simply amazing to hear the last 28 years and the Reagan Revolution's demise heralded with glee. Forget that the last 28 years that were filled with unequaled economic growth and prosperity, undeniable fact. Next stop the seventies. My those were fun; stagflation, Cold War, insanly paranoid presidents that spied on the oppostion.
You got it wrong Bruce, it does not "suck to be guys" pretty soon it will suck to be anyone.

Bruce, history does not rep... (Below threshold)

Bruce, history does not repeat itself, regardless of what you've been told.

1932 to 1980 was the era of fascism.

We're not returning to fascism. At least we had reasonable debt levels under it.

No, more likely we're going to collapse financially. Then, there's going to be such a massive backlash it's going to make Ayn Rand blush. That's what you fools don't get. but you will soon enough.

Yes, the seventies will lon... (Below threshold)

Yes, the seventies will long be remembered as a particularly fascist decade.

Oh, and Ayn Rand is dead, and will not soon be blushing.

Oh, and Ayn Rand is dead... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Ayn Rand is dead, and will not soon be blushing.

Hard to say, they can do wonders with makeup these days...

How to Get a Job as a Mortuary Makeup Artist | eHow.com

"Yes, the seventies will lo... (Below threshold)

"Yes, the seventies will long be remembered as a particularly fascist decade."

Price controls, check.

Massive regulation, check.

Confiscatory upper bracket tax rates, check.

OK, we had disco and promiscuous sex. To unserious nitwits like you that's a solid argument.

Oh, god. Are we in for dis... (Below threshold)

Oh, god. Are we in for disco again?

From the wiki (not that it's authoritative or anything...)

"Fascism is a radical, authoritarian nationalist ideology that aims to create a single-party state with a government led by a dictator who seeks national unity and development by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation or race."

Just so we're all using the same definition of the word...

Single party state? Well, Democrat controlled... will that do?

Government led by dictator? Obama the Charismatic - mmm.... not quite there yet. Possibly slipping, too. Maybe we should have elected his teleprompter.

Requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation? That's a bit iffy, but trending more towards it than away.

Radical? Yep.

Authoritarian? Yep - or at least wants to be.

Nationalist? Not so much.

Heck with it - discuss amongst yourselves.

I, for one, am not confused... (Below threshold)
starboardhelm Author Profile Page:

I, for one, am not confused at all by Obama's 'message'. In his case, his actions DO speak louder than his words. Much louder. He's a freaking puerile pipsqueak poppinjay lackwit with delusions of adequacy.

Hey starboardhelm, that was... (Below threshold)

Hey starboardhelm, that was pretty clever! Let me guess: with the lull in National Review subscriptions and NRO donations, John Derbyshire has been forced to write insults for wingnuts at fifty cents a word. Hey, some of that rugged entrepreneurialism you guys are always talking about! Good for the Derb!

Damn, hyper, that was a goo... (Below threshold)

Damn, hyper, that was a good one.

Starboardhelm, just so you know, yes, that was a burn.

I never believed there coul... (Below threshold)

I never believed there could be a worse president than CARTER but Dahli lama Obama is putting Jimmahs misery indexing skills to shame.






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