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"Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the scariest folks since Bela Lugosi"

Kathleen Stewart sings Stimulus Remix: It Ain't Your Money to Spend. It's fun, upbeat, and very clever.

Hat tip: K-Lo


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I'd like to hear covers by ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to hear covers by any and all popular artists that feel the same way. Put them on the internet for free download. Maybe even a few radio stations would pick them up. Sadly there may not be many just yet. But I bet most of the ones that earn more than $250k might feel that way.

Of course Obama will sign t... (Below threshold)

Of course Obama will sign that pork laden piece of crap since it's "old business". "Old Business" isn't like "new business" were he will supposedly "oppose" earmarks. So this is Hope and Change You Can Believe In?


Pardon me if I'm ha... (Below threshold)

Pardon me if I'm having trouble with fun and upbeat just now, okay?

Not too bad of production o... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Not too bad of production on the song. I like funny songs, although my personal tastes lean more towards the hard punk stuff. I make political music videos as well. Here's the link to my own song, THE BOMBS START TO DROP, that I recorded with some video content for the 2008 election. Dig the special guitar and keyboard effects. http://progressivevalues.blogspot.com/2008/09/bombs-start-to-drop-music-video-by-paul.html

But in my view no one does better satire and parody songs than Bob Rivers, Seattle area DJ, Check him out.

"Here's the link to my ... (Below threshold)

"Here's the link to my own song, THE BOMBS START TO DROP,"

No thanks.

If I desire to puke I'll just down a peanut butter and sardine sandwich.

Actually I think Mark Levin... (Below threshold)

Actually I think Mark Levins rendition of Kumbaya is better.

Well Marc, maybe someday wh... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Well Marc, maybe someday when when you grow up to be a man you'll learn how to play some instruments, write some songs and engineer some recordings. That's something for you to look forward when you're no longer a small child.

In my own case, I've done shows with Frank Zappa's band and other well known national performers. I've had write ups and reviews in all the major Portland area newspapers. Comic Gilbert Gottfried and I have exchanged Emails. I think I know a thing or two about music,satire and comedy songs. How's your life going so far, Marc?

Paul, no matter how hard yo... (Below threshold)

Paul, no matter how hard you try, you can not be more scary than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

lord love me, I jus... (Below threshold)

lord love me, I just watched your video, Paul.

You certainly ARE a special little snowflake.

hooson - "Well Marc, ma... (Below threshold)

hooson - "Well Marc, maybe someday when when you grow up to be a man you'll learn how to play some instruments, write some songs and engineer some recordings."

Someday you'll learn being a egotistical windbag on the internet isn't the best way to portray oneself.

P.S. Since when is a "man" defined as one who learns to "play instruments, write some songs and engineer some recordings?"

Feckless nitwit.






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