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Obama Shreds The Constitution

President Obama promised during the campaign that he would not use presidential signing statements to alter the will of Congress, a procedure President Bush's critics likened to shredding the constitution. In what has become the identifying characteristic of his young administration, Obama walked away from another campaign promise today by using signing statements in an attempt to change the omnibus spending bill he signed yesterday.

As with every Obama campaign promise reversal, there is the ubiquitous invocation of crisis decision making:

"We can't have Congress bogged down at this critical juncture in our economic recovery," Mr. Obama said. "But I also view this as a departure point for more far-reaching change."

The Equivocator in Chief is setting new standards for hypocrisy every day.


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Comments (15)

Obama: "Quick, I need anot... (Below threshold)

Obama: "Quick, I need another bus!"

It's OK now.He is,... (Below threshold)

It's OK now.

He is, after all, "The Won".

<a href="http://patriotpost... (Below threshold)

I was a pretty ardent W sup... (Below threshold)

I was a pretty ardent W supporter, particularly on national security/terror/Iraq/Gitmo...and my support for those policies/actions has not wavered. I disagreed with much of his domestic policy activity, as too much of it was Democrat Lite, not conservative.

However, I never had a sense of betrayal. He pretty much governed as he said he would. (Note to lefty trolls reading this: Yes, he said he wasn't into "nation building." But his change was dictated by a catastrophic terrorist attack (an act of war) on the U.S. Yes...it DID "change everything," in his opinion and mine.

"Get two! And make sure th... (Below threshold)

"Get two! And make sure they're stretch!"

Let's see - he couldn't touch the earmarks in the spending bill he signed today. Why? Because... um. No real reason I could see - he certainly could have told Congress to clean the thing out.

Politically, however, it would have pissed off a lot of the Democrats. He could have gotten some much-needed credibility, however, by pointing out that there were Republican earmarks also, and though it was 'right and proper' to pull those, it wouldn't be appropriate without pulling the Democrat earmarks also. Presto - earmarks gone, credibility bolstered, money saved to throw down other rat-holes.

But it wouldn't have made the earmarkers happy. "WTF you pullin' my earmarks, man?!" - and suddenly all his good Democratic 'friends' are unavailable when he calls...

Right now, he's weak politically, and he doesn't DARE alienate any of them. He's finding out that about all he can do is what they let him do - and the real power is likely in Pelosi's hands... for now.

Yep, he's 'present' and hat... (Below threshold)

Yep, he's 'present' and hatin' it.

He claimed he was 'Ready to... (Below threshold)

He claimed he was 'Ready to Lead', but he meant he was 'Ready to be Lead'. He chickened out on his earmark pledge, he backed a 'stimulus' bill filled with pork, he waives his 'strenuous' anti-lobbyist requirements over and over again, he is a walking disaster.

Where is this so-called 'leadership'? He can't even make a simple speech without depending upon his teleprompters.

WORM alert (from the campai... (Below threshold)

WORM alert (from the campaign run, What Obama Really Meant): He voted present.

I have a project for you, try to find the earmarks for Illinois in there.

Step 2:

For fairness, find who had the most earmarks on the (R) side.

Did you see the clip of Lin... (Below threshold)

Did you see the clip of Lindsey Graham (sp) on the Daily Show last night? He's opposed to earmarks, except the ones that involve building shit in South Carolina.

What an a-hole.

Forget the axis of evil, fo... (Below threshold)

Forget the axis of evil, folks! We have the agents of evil right here in our midst - Obama, Pelosi and Reid. You can't trust anything that they say, ever.

Did you actually read the a... (Below threshold)

Did you actually read the article you linked? There is no alteration to "the will of Congress," the signing statement made a few objections a matter of public record.

Manufactured outrage is the bastion of the desperate.

Smearmarks are all these as... (Below threshold)

Smearmarks are all these assclowns amount to..

wohho - "Did you actual... (Below threshold)

wohho - "Did you actually read the article you linked?"

Why yes I did. Including the part that states: "declaring five provisions in the spending bill to be unconstitutional and nonbinding, including one aimed at preventing punishment of whistleblowers."

If that's not changing the "will of Congress" I don't see what would be.

That aside, since when is obama a SC Justice that can declare something "unconstitutional?"

"Obama shreds the consti... (Below threshold)

"Obama shreds the constitution."

And thats just for starters.

Why else do liberals have a... (Below threshold)

Why else do liberals have always rejected the constitution that what BILL CLINTON did when he was our dictator






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