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Put down that Mars bar

One physician in the United Kingdom is proposing a tax on chocolates.

Chocolate should be taxed like alcohol and tobacco, to help rein in a growing obesity problem, a British medical conference was told Thursday.

People generally understimate the health dangers of chocolate, family doctor David Walker told the British Medical Association conference, leading a debate on the issue.

"I believe that chocolate is a major player in obesity and obesity-related conditions. What I'm trying to get across is that chocolate is sneaking under the radar of unhealthy foods," he said.

"I would say the government taxing chocolate would not solve the obesity crisis but it might slow the rate of increase of the obesity graph."

Critics say the idea of taxing chocolate would simply not work.

"Introducing regressive taxes on the foods that consumers love would result only in lighter wallets, not smaller waists," Julian Hunt of the Food and Drink Federation told the BBC.

Taxing sweets is liable to cause a revolution in Great Britain. Half the population would storm parliament.

Did you ever hear the joke. A man finds a Genie in the bottle. The Genie grants 3 wishes, after the first two are done, the man asks to made irresistible to all women. What does the Genie do?

Turn him into a giant box of chocolates.

In all seriousness, would this new tax proposal gain traction? Perhaps, because Prince Charles voiced his displeasure with McDonald's not all that long ago. Save us from the food police.


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Comments (9)

The silly thing is certain ... (Below threshold)

The silly thing is certain chocolate is good for you. Stay away from the Whitman's Sampler but dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa is fine. Just don't wolf down a bunch of it because it's dense calories.

Governor "Coupe" Deval Patr... (Below threshold)

Governor "Coupe" Deval Patrick (aka mini-Obama) is proposing the same thing here in Taxachusetts.

This guy is so much like Obama. He was like the dry run for the Obama campaign.
- Historical first black governor or MA.
- Slogan: "Together we can!"
- "Just words?" Both used essentially the same campaign speech.
- Doesn't have a clue.
- Raising taxes and tolls on anything that moves, even trying to audit businesses in NH to collect sales taxes from MA customers.
- proposing the highest gas tax in the nation.
- wants to embed tracking chips in the inspection stickers of all MA cars to track your mileage.
- His disapproval rating has climbed to the 50% range in deep blue MA. A hopeful sign if Obama keeps following the Devaluators blueprint.
- Will almost certainly be a one termer. Election is next year. I know some real libs who supported him and contributed to his campaign. Even they admit regret for ever supporting him.

A candy tax? That's interes... (Below threshold)

A candy tax? That's interesting. People still smoke and drink even though the taxes on those items are pretty high. It's just a money manking grab. It's not to attempt to reduce the obesity rate.

A fat tax, IMO, should not ... (Below threshold)
James H:

A fat tax, IMO, should not be used to lower obesity at all. Rather, it should be SPECIFICALLY USED to pay for state health-care programs in those states that offer comprehensive health care. Think of it as equivalent to your health insurer increasing your premiums if you're overweight.

Nothing like a bit of soci... (Below threshold)

Nothing like a bit of social engineering.

But it's for the CHILDREN, don'tcha know.

Guido: - "Will almost certa... (Below threshold)

Guido: - "Will almost certainly be a one termer. Election is next year. I know some real libs who supported him and contributed to his campaign. Even they admit regret for ever supporting him."

Sorry, but this is the 'People's Republic of Massachusetts' we are talking about. Unless one of Mao Tse Kennedy's brood wants the job, Patrick will have no primary opposition, and the Democrats will use their machine to re-elect him; even if he got drunk and ran his car off a bridge, drowning a young woman.

God save us from the do-goo... (Below threshold)

God save us from the do-gooders, for they are never satisfied.

I agree with this tax on Ru... (Below threshold)

I agree with this tax on Rush Fatbaugh. LOL!

Sorry it took me so long to post my funny joke. It's hard to post while earning crack money on my back.

They have already proven th... (Below threshold)

They have already proven that chocolate especialy DARK CHOCOLATE Its just another attempt by the food police to control how we eat and drink SCREW THE WHEAT GERM INHALING HEALTH FREAKS SCREW THEM ALL






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