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Life in Florida XXIII

Some news from around the Sunshine State

Today's Darwin candidate- Man inured after using hammer on bullets

East Side West Side- Former city manager who had sex change is a finalist for Lake Worth job.

Going outside to play- Son pleasures himself in Mom's front yard

How's that for change- St. Petersburg woman who painted Obama slogans on her car lost job, faces repossession

A brush with the law- Man beats wife with paint roller.

They aren't lawn clippings- Marion County police trying to discover who threw out almost 65 pounds of marijuana.


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For the "lawn clippings" I ... (Below threshold)

For the "lawn clippings" I suggest having a stakeout at the local 7-11. The munchies will hit, and so those with $80 worth of junk food would be my first tip.

fyi- I couldn't open the link for some reason so I just had fun with how easy the case could be, if someone you know, stole the pot!

Is there something about Fl... (Below threshold)

Is there something about Florida that seems to attract the lower end of the gene pool?

And here all this time I thought California was screwed up.

"Is there something about F... (Below threshold)

"Is there something about Florida that seems to attract the lower end of the gene pool?"-gf

Nights are warmer and cops are scarcer, so it's easier to live on the beach in Florida.






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