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Speaker Pelosi Tries her Hand at Comedy

You have to give Speaker Pelosi credit for challenging herself. She's decided to try her hand at comedy, and her routine is hysterical, a real show stopper:

"There seems to -- some people think there seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan, and that I don't give the Republicans their opportunity. That simply is not true. They know in this recovery package that we had, we ask them what they wanted. They wanted certain things in there."

"I didn't come here to be partisan, I didn't come here to be bipartisan," Pelosi said at the time. "I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan, to work for the American people, to do what is in their interest."

Mrs. Pelosi has gift with this comedy thing. Forget being Speaker of the House; she needs to take her act on the road. She'd be a sensation.


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The really hysterical part ... (Below threshold)

The really hysterical part is SHE BELIEVES IT!

Remember way back when, oh a couple of months ago, Nancy gave a speech just before the 1st TARP bill was put to a vote in the HOuse. Seeing "bipartisanship" (AKA cover your ass), She came out with the most partisan shit you ever heard from a progressive. Then she ACTED SURPRISED when the Republicans voted enbloc against the proposal. In essence saying "Shove it up your ass!"

I'd call her a douche bag, but a douche bag at least has a purpose.

Well, she does have that go... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Well, she does have that goofy "deer caught in the headlights" too much botox look going for her. And Kristen Wig on SNL does a pretty good send-up of her as well.

But a serious comic really needs a deeper commitment than just some goofy look. Gilbert Gottfried quit school at the age of 15 to pursue comedy full time for example. And Jay Leno was working cheap strip clubs telling jokes at a young age while working as a mechanic to pay the bills. That's why politicians who tell jokes part time usually fall real flat compared to the pros. John Kerry is a good example of that. John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were the only two of the most witty politicians I can think of, with plenty of memorable one-liners.

Paul"John Kerry is... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"John Kerry is a good example of that"

Come on Paul. John Kerry and Al Gore together have as much personality as paint drying. It has nothing to do with being a politician. It has everything to do with being John Kerry.

She would be funnier with a... (Below threshold)

She would be funnier with a bag on Her head. And easier on the eyes.

Yep. still waiting for ol' ... (Below threshold)

Yep. still waiting for ol' John (he served i Vietnam, ya know) to release ALL his military records. Then we'll know for sure why he got an honorable discharge "as recommended by a board of review". Funny, my discharge and those of others I know have honorable discharges but there's nothing on there about 'a board of review'.

I'm also waiting for Chris Dodd to release his CountryWide financial papers.

Think I'll have much longer to wait?

"Yep. still waiting for ol'... (Below threshold)

"Yep. still waiting for ol' John (he served i Vietnam, ya know) to release ALL his military records. Then we'll know for sure why he got an honorable discharge "as recommended by a board of review"."-garand

John "briefcase beret" Kerry is a pud. The face that Easter Island rejected.

Yet he's still one-up on U.S.A.Bush, who, after getting a draft deferment, began a terminal case of hookie-itis from the Texas Air Nat'l Guard. And once U.S.A.Bush was too embarrassed to eventually show his face at TANG to fulfill his obligation, he was streamlined in to a *new beginning* at the Alabama Air National Guard. But, en route to Alabama, U.S.A.Bush decided to make an early exit off the highway and go home.

The next decade in the life of U.S.A.Bush was lived in a bottle, without a military discharge at all, since he deserted his post.

Jimmah Carter's amnesty bill might have saved U.S.A.Bush from a stint in Fort Leavenworth.

They had a hockey game last... (Below threshold)

They had a hockey game last week, with Congressmen playing against journalists. Kerry was one of the players, and they interviewed him after the game.

He was actually smiling, and looked real for the first time. He had a personality.

It was weird. If he'd shown that sort of humanity during his Presidential campaign, he might have won.

"But a serious comic rea... (Below threshold)

"But a serious comic really needs a deeper commitment than just some goofy look...." mumble mumble mumble.

Paul, Kim wasn't serious.

Now that I read my comment ... (Below threshold)

Now that I read my comment it seems it could be misconstrued as insulting Kim. What I mean is - Paul, Kim wasn't being serious about Pelosi "actually" pursuing a career in comedy.

"Yet he's still one-up on U... (Below threshold)

"Yet he's still one-up on U.S.A.Bush..."

Well, 50+ days into the Obama era and bryanD just can't let go of his Chimpy McHaliburtonBusHitler luvvin.

Dude...time to move on. Especially on THAT meme...

Her material is great. Her ... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Her material is great. Her delivery is awful.

Perhaps, bryanD, you can th... (Below threshold)

Perhaps, bryanD, you can then explain why Bush got an honorable discharge that has NO notation of being "approved by a review board".

Or did he somehow get it because "of a vast right-wing conspiracy"?

Her plastic surgeon is grea... (Below threshold)

Her plastic surgeon is great. Her face god awful.

"Take our Speaker of the Ho... (Below threshold)

"Take our Speaker of the House, Please!"

Oyster, I certainly know Ki... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Oyster, I certainly know Kim wasn't serious here. Yet I still recall John Kerry's terrible attempt to make a joke about Iraq that backfired. You really have to leave comedy to the pros. Politicians aren't really up to their level.

bryanD - So, how's that new... (Below threshold)

bryanD - So, how's that new chickenhawk-in-chief and newly elected warmonger doing now that he's settled into the WH?

Pelosi is not a partisan.</... (Below threshold)

Pelosi is not a partisan.

In fact, several of the military pilots that ferry her and her family around the country are known republicans, and it doesnt bother her a bit.

How the press doesn't ridic... (Below threshold)

How the press doesn't ridicule her like they did Palin is beyond belief. She is truly an embarassment to her party. I cringe every time I see her on TV but like any good train wreck, I listen/watch her speak. Then I smile because she is the Republican meal ticket back into power... well, that is if they can get their shit together and push forward an solid agenda.

"In fact, several of th... (Below threshold)

"In fact, several of the military pilots that ferry her and her family around the country are known republicans, and it doesnt bother her a bit."

Assuming that's not meant to be satire - name them. By rank and location.

Nancy Pelosi needs to go! ... (Below threshold)

Nancy Pelosi needs to go!

I don't live in California, so I can't vote directly to get her out of office. But, I can prevent sending another Democrat from my district to be her flunkie and help keep her in power as Democratic Majority Lezder.

If all of us vote straight Republican, we can end the Democratic majority in Congress and cut Nancy down to size.

Could you imagine waking up... (Below threshold)

Could you imagine waking up next to that...that...THING every morning? I just threw up in my mouth a little...






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