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Ron Silver Dead at 62

I had no idea he was sick. He battled esophageal cancer the past two years and died overnight.

Roger L. Simon posted an article about his friendship with Ron at Pajamas Media. Here's a portion

We had a close relationship that came from a strange confluence of events. Perhaps the best movie that either of us worked on was the same one. - Enemies, A Love Story. But that wasn't the real reason - it was politics. We had stayed friends after Enemies, as movie folks sometimes do when they have worked on something together that was successful, critically or commercially. We discussed other projects, but our relationship was fairly superficial then and gradually we drifted apart during the nineties.

Then 9/11 came and Ron and I were thrown together once again. We were 9/11 Democrats. We talked on the phone about our journey and the alienation we were feeling from some our friends, but we didn't come face-to-face until the Republican Convention of 2004. I was a blogger there and feeling rather weird - an old leftie gone right - but there was Ron, far more out than I was, speaking to the entire convention. And he was brilliant. The man could speak in public as well as almost any politician and he had more intellectual background than almost all of them too. He swept the convention audience off their feet.

Ron and I renewed our friendship in the corridors of Madison Square Garden that year and that friendship became faster than it ever was. I think I knew better than most what he was going through in the political sphere, had some sense of his feelings when confronting his peers in the entertainment industry. He gave me tremendous strength. I hope I give him back even a hundredth of what he gave me.

Read it all.


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Comments (4)

That's too bad! Ron Silver ... (Below threshold)

That's too bad! Ron Silver was a good actor and a class act.

Shock, I admired his convic... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Shock, I admired his conviction surrounded by the loons in LA LA land.

I am so very sad by these n... (Below threshold)
paula duffy:

I am so very sad by these news,I had no idea he was sick,Great Talent,and well respected actor many of us admired.I too have been battling cancer last 16 months,I can well relate to all of this :(
Bless his heart we will misss you

I really liked this actor a... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I really liked this actor a lot. One of my favorite shows of Silver's was the short-lived controversial SKIN series on FOX, in which Ron Silver played a good bad guy who ran an adult entertainment empire and was pursued by a valueless and corrupt prosecutor wanting to seek higher office and destroy Silver's character to make a name for himself.

The show featured a storyline strangely lifted from Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET as well. In fact, the motorcycle gang drama on FX, SONS OF ANARCHY, also features a storyline strongly lifted from Shakespeare as well. Unfortunately, much of the public never seemed to appreciate SKIN despite this excellent Shakespearian influenced storyline. Ron Silver was the best possible actor to play lead in this show. Silver carefully crafted his acting to portraying a complex guy who was morally complicated, yet strangely more ethical than his adversary. It was fine TV. Silver will be greatly missed by me.






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