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The Beautiful, Horrible Decline of Detroit

I've written about Detroit's decline several times before here, here, and here.

In its heyday, it was a bustling, vibrant city. Now, it's a shell of its former self. Take a look at these images two French photographers took. As I went through them one by one, I could picture in my mind the rooms and buildings as they might have looked when they were at the height of their use. People coming and going, the din of conversation, the sounds of productivity.

John J. Miller at The Corner said it reminded him of "a movie set for a film about the post-apocalypse. Where's Will Smith with his machine gun and his dog? Where are the zombies?" John then says "nothing lasts forever." That's entirely true; however, Detroit's political leaders the past few decades didn't enact any policies that might have encouraged rebuilding, so there it sits, desolate, lonely, and wasting away.


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Is this any suprise?... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Is this any suprise?

10 Most Poverty Stricken US Cities have had Democratic Mayors-Councils since The Great Society September 18, 2008


Has a map showing 10 most crime ridden cities. All run by democrats.


10 poorest cities. at least 8 out of 10 run by democrats.

But...but....but....Kim, De... (Below threshold)

But...but....but....Kim, Detroit is "a worker's paradise", the Democrats have said so. Look at all the taxes, look at all the money spent. Why, just like the national economy, Detroit will turn around real soon...just you wait...any time now....real soon.....gonna happen.....just a little more sacrifice. And Day now.......

Clearly this is just anothe... (Below threshold)

Clearly this is just another right wing conspiracy to make liberal policys look bad!

Civilizations die from suic... (Below threshold)

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

-Arnold J. Toynbee

Detroit's condition has eve... (Below threshold)

Detroit's condition has everything to do with liberals and Democrats, but little of it is from the democrat economic policies. Economics don't even have a chance to playout.

Suffice to say Political Correctness prevents anyone, especially politicians of any allegiance or creed, from taking the front on correcting Detroit.

And seriously, Detroits been like it was for 30 years. No city economic policy has that much sway against the surrounding relative wealth of the region. Otherwise San Francisco would just be an empty field by now.

So using Detroit as a foil against big government will only compound the inability to fix the city.

Who wants to fix it? just ... (Below threshold)

Who wants to fix it? just condemn it.

Oops sorry, the dems alread... (Below threshold)

Oops sorry, the dems already have been there done that.

As I looked at these pics M... (Below threshold)

As I looked at these pics Ms. Conyers screech calling the other councilman "Shrek" kept playing over and over in my head.....

What? No "Its Boooooosh's f... (Below threshold)

What? No "Its Boooooosh's fault?" Has the Wizbang audience grown up and moved on? Huh.

The problem with city decay, like gangrene, if not excised, will eat the healthy until the whole organism dies. Leadership would see this and act against the decay. Unfortunately Detroit leadership seems to be stuck on "Its all somebody else's fault, somebody else needs to fix it" blame game. Rudy Giuliani was onto something with the "broken glass" theorem, where decay breeds decay, fight the decay by going after the petty criminals, go after the building owners to clean them up, and ultimately raze (excise) abandoned and condemned buildings. Here we have leadership stuck in the "glorious past", unable to clean up the decay because "it will comeback, someday, just you wait and see", all the while the city crumbles around them. Leadership would ACT. Detroit appears to have none.

I hope nobody here is surpr... (Below threshold)

I hope nobody here is surprised by this. For the past several decades, Detroit has been governed by liberals and "progressives". People live among the high crime and deteriorating conditions and they think, eh, that's just big city life, what can you do, as if such things are inevitable. But such things are not inevitable and have come about because the governing principles that have consistently been applied over the years. If a different set of governing principles had been in operation, Detroit would not be the hellhole it is today.

Detroit needs a reversal. Detroit needs its own Rudy Giuliani.

I've seen at least one smal... (Below threshold)
James H:

I've seen at least one small southern city in similar straits. But there, the culprit wasn't conservatism or liberalism so much as provincialism and short-sightedness. These two qualities, I have found, cut across partisan lines.






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