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It's Amazing how Suddenly Things can Change

When talk of a bad economy benefited Obama's campaign, he body slammed John McCain for daring to say the economy's fundamentals were strong. Now that this incessant talk of doom and gloom has hurt him and his big government plans, he jumped on the trickle of good economic news in an effort to buoy his agenda. I have an Op/Ed in today's DC Examiner in which I discuss Obama's recent shift in tone and rhetoric regarding the economy:

President Obama's sudden shift from "dark days are ahead" to "things aren't that bad" is more jarring than comforting. It creates more questions than answers. What does "not as bad as we think" mean?

Is there no longer a looming catastrophe? If not, since the vast majority of the $790 billion stimulus bill has not been implemented yet, can some of it be rolled back to reduce unnecessary debt on future generations? Will the Democrats' second stimulus bill be abandoned?

Coincidentally, the president's optimism comes just as complaints about his handling of the economy reached a crescendo. Warren Buffet, a high profile and much needed supporter, said the economy had "fallen off a cliff" and criticized the president for using the crisis to promote his pet projects.

Howard Fineman wrote in a recent Newsweek article that the Washington establishment is beginning to have concerns that perhaps the president does not have what it takes to tame this economic beast. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Obama received failing grades from economists for their mishandling of the economy.

While Obama focused much of his attention on health care reform, education reform, energy, cap and trade, and other pet causes, critics pointed out that his economic plan and mortgage relief plan still had not been created, let alone implemented. Meanwhile, many important positions in the Treasury Department remain unfilled.

With criticism coming at him from all directions, the president needed something positive to deflect it.

He got it with some good economic news: Retail sales numbers in February were better than expected. Bank of America and Citigroup both reported profits the last two months. And there is talk that the mark-to-market rule will be clarified.

Check out the entire article here.

Be sure to head over to Katie Favazza's place and watch her great video in which she highlights Obama mocking John McCain for his "our economy's fundamentals are strong" statement during the campaign. Yet, when it's politically expedient for President Obama, he hijacks the argument and uses it as his own.


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The Obama administration se... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The Obama administration seems to be driven by poll numbers. That's both good and bad. It's good that Obama is sensitive to public opinion, but it also means unpopular policies won't be pursued even if they are the right policies. It also means that pollsters can manipulate the Obama administration by manipulating the polls.

Only time will tell if Obama has some core values he's willing to buck public opinion on, but given what we have seen so far, that doesn't include fiscal austerity needed to reduce government spending.

Meanwhile, many importan... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, many important positions in the Treasury Department remain unfilled.

According to Meet the Press yesterday, they are ALL unfilled apart from Geithner (and how reassuring he's been to the markets). They put up the Treasury website page where they're supposed to list the key personnel - it was blank after Geithner.

Romer got destroyed on MtP...if it wasn't obvious to her before just how clearly she'd sold her soul to work for Obama, Gregory made it clear yesterday as he asked her question after question that she had to refuse to answer or ignore because she would have had to admit they had no plans or that the correct answer would have been the opposite of what they're doing. He could have spent her entire segment (and I wish he had) continuing to ask the same first question (he asked it 3 times before moving on) about the hypocrisy shown between Candidate Obama and President Candidate Obama on the economy's fundamentals. He finally stopped when it was obvious to her and all the viewers what the right answer was. Then he asked her (twice) what "plan b" was if the economy doesn't turn around. Again, he left that question after she blathered on both times without answering the question and it was obvious to her and the viewers that the answer is "we don't have one". I thought her head might explode...maybe that's what all the giggling was about - pressure relief.

Some in the press and the l... (Below threshold)

Some in the press and the left, which is the same thing, are just now voicing concerns that Obamalala is a lightweight with no clue. Where have you been guys? Thanks for the the 20/20 hindsight. Obamalala's stimulus working is based on a rosey assumption the the economy will grow 4% a year for the next several years. That can't happen here with the taxation and regulation that always stifles growth. Obamalala is like a little spoiled boy lost in the woods. "Gee, these trees didn't look so big from outside the forest."

Kim, Thanks for linking to ... (Below threshold)

Kim, Thanks for linking to my blog! I wish I could take credit for the video, but it's not mine.

Great column today!

Once again, expiration date... (Below threshold)

Once again, expiration dates and Obama's utterances come to mind.

Adding to the overall gloom... (Below threshold)

Adding to the overall gloomy picture is a study of 1,428 healthy individuals in which the researchers found high BMI correlated with reduced brain gray matter in men. They found no relationship between BMI and gray matter in women, and go onto to speculate the higher levels of visceral fat in men (compared to women with similar BMI) could be the mediator of the reduced gray matter in high BMI men.

Hussein owes his election t... (Below threshold)

Hussein owes his election to a MSM which spent half of its time cheerleading and the rest covering up, burying and ignoring. Of course there were hundreds of hours dedicated to attacking and discrediting the Messiahs detractors--that is, those who dared tell the truth. Hussein depends upon these fellow America hating leftists to keep the public uninformed and devoted to hope, change and utter nonsense. But it appears he may be losing a bit of credibility. Just a bit, mind you. And he can't continue his plan of destruction and Marxist takeover without the media running interference. So now, magically, things have gotten better. Until the MSM is fully back on board that is. The doom will then begin all over again.

Yaaaaaaaaaaawn.And... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:


And the Republican political tactic is simply to be contrarian.

What else is new?

"Meanwhile, many importa... (Below threshold)

"Meanwhile, many important positions in the Treasury Department remain unfilled."

I think they're having a hard time finding people who haven't cheated on their taxes, hired illegals to cut their grass and watch their kids or are under investigation or indictment.

The fact that Obama exploit... (Below threshold)

The fact that Obama exploited the economic crisis for political gain in the first place says that he should be removed from office.

I heard Warren Buffet say, (paraphrasing) "I don't think anyone thought about taking the attack on Pearl Harbor and using it for political gain." This comes from a Democrat who gave big money to help Obama get elected.

Anyone who can't put the best interests of the entire country above his own and his own political party's interests, does not deserve to be President of the United States. Obama needs to be removed from office or, at a minimum, somehow marginalized to be just a figurehead for the rest of his term.

And your comment relates to... (Below threshold)

And your comment relates to the post subject how exactly, Brownie the Troll? At least do a dance for us and mention Cheney or Rush Limbaugh or something. If you can't add anything intelligent, try relevant. Failing that, at least be entertaining, it's the least we should expect from trolls.

"And the Republican politic... (Below threshold)

"And the Republican political tactic is simply to be contrarian"

Adrian, folks like yourself should be concerned that the contrarian view could become the majority view.

And the Republican polit... (Below threshold)

And the Republican political tactic is simply to be contrarian.

Perhaps. But, how does that confront Obama's total ineptitude regarding the economy. He's a buffoon and all you can do is attempt a diversion? How does that help?

And the Republican politica... (Below threshold)

And the Republican political tactic is simply to be contrarian.

When the facts are not in your favor, change the subject. Or just ignore the Republican proposals. After all, if you ignore them, they didn't happen.

It's not fair to blame Obam... (Below threshold)

It's not fair to blame Obama for the contradictory statements. It's not his fault. He's just repeating what the teleprompter told him to say.

I can see it now... the great debate..
Obama, the candidate, vs. Obama, the President: Two Teleprompters Face-Off!

Welcome back, Adrian. Look... (Below threshold)

Welcome back, Adrian. Looks like you've recovered from that beating you took over Card Check. There's still time to acknowledge that you were wrong and apologize for being such an obtuse ass about it.


I think this on Kos, explai... (Below threshold)

I think this on Kos, explains things pretty well.

Just so we're clear, here's a helpful guide to the rules of market watching, as they relate to partisan politics:

When the market went down on Bush's watch before the 2008 elections, this was Bill Clinton's fault.

When the market went down on Bush's watch between November 2008 and January 2009, this was Barack Obama's fault.

When the market went down during Obama's first seven weeks in office, this was definitely Barack Obama's fault.

And when the market rallies on Obama's watch during the second week in March, George W. Bush deserves at least some of the credit.

Gee...b. hussein taking oth... (Below threshold)

Gee...b. hussein taking others' words as his own...this is news? Those dopey liberal creeps elected a goddamn parrot.

I don't think poll watching... (Below threshold)

I don't think poll watching has much to do with Obama's change of tone.
Before he needed fear to sell the stimulus package; so he used it.
Now he needs optimism to sell his health care and cap and trade plans.
Simple as that.
The logical conclusion from the president's rhetoric is that an economy in crisis and in danger of collapsing mere weeks ago is now going to grow so strong that it can support trillions in new spending and taxes. Of course, logic really does not have much to do with any of Obama's rhetoric.

So, you mischaracterize wha... (Below threshold)

So, you mischaracterize what he said about the state of the economy, then you mischaracterize what he said about the recovery, then your "outraged" when your inaccurate mischaracterizations don't match up?

For a group so upset about a president who uses a teleprompter in his speeches (just like every other president), you would think you people could accurately quote at least once in a while.

Keep it up, you are the best support system the democrat party could dream of. If they had to do it on their own, they would screw it up as a party. You fools are driving people in drives; just to get away from the partisan nonsense. Thanks again!

I don't think poll watch... (Below threshold)

I don't think poll watching has much to do with Obama's change of tone.
Before he needed fear to sell the stimulus package; so he used it.
Now he needs optimism to sell his health care and cap and trade plans.
Simple as that.

STaylor: You're right! I agree. The manipulation and deception continues.

For a group so upset abo... (Below threshold)

For a group so upset about a president who uses a teleprompter

Speaking for myself, I'm not upset. In fact, I think it's hilarious that the someone who's "so articulate" cannot speak in public with out being told precisely what to say. I think it.. uhm.. err.. uhh... hum... indicates the degree to which he's in "over his pay grade", to borrow a phrase.

Obama is in over his paygra... (Below threshold)

Obama is in over his paygrade. What a disgrace that he is in the white house with that awful wife. What a fraud. Everyone who voted for him is a moron. For the first time in my life I am NOT proud of my country.

DumbBum"You foo... (Below threshold)


"You fools are driving people in drives; just to get away from the partisan nonsense."Thanks again!

If You think Obama the teleprompting clown is having a successful presidency than You are welcome.

"For a group so upset about a president who uses a teleprompter (just like every other president)"

But unlike every other president this joke cannot speak without one.

Drumbum - "For a group ... (Below threshold)

Drumbum - "For a group so upset about a president who uses a teleprompter in his speeches (just like every other president)"

Name one president other than Barack Hussein Obama that has used one EVERYWHERE so he doesn't look like a blithering idiot?

BTW, for someone whining about lack of, or out of context Obama quotes, you damn sure didn't waste much energy providing any to correct the record.

I have the sound turned off... (Below threshold)

I have the sound turned off when Obamalala starts talking. It's like watching the crowd on the other side of the court in a tennis match.






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