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One shot

This story sounds almost too good to be true.

Unni Haskell, a 62-year-old native of Norway who moved to St. Petersburg last year from Stamford, Conn., took two months of golf lessons and decided she was ready to hit the course.

She stuck her tee in the ground, teed up a Top Flite range ball and took aim on the 100-yard first hole at Cypress Links, a nine-hole, par-3 course in St. Petersburg. Haskell swung as hard as she could with her purple Wilson ProStaff 12 degree driver. The shot went about 75 yards, avoided the bunker on the left, bounced onto the green and rolled in the hole.

First hole of her life. First swing on a course. Hole-in-one.

I played many rounds of golf mostly between 1973 and 1989(or before I got married). The closest I came to an ace was about 18 inches from the hole on a cow pasture of a par 3 course in Ohio.

Watch out. If there was a female equivalent of the Champions Tour, Ms. Haskell could be on the way to making a fortune.


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That's pretty darn cool! I ... (Below threshold)

That's pretty darn cool! I hope she had lots of witnesses.

And who was the instructor?

right after that you should... (Below threshold)

right after that you should quit playing. You end life being -2.

15 years ago I played a 175... (Below threshold)

15 years ago I played a 175 yard par 3 that had a mound in front of half of the green, so I could only see the very top of the flag. I hit the ball well, and found it on the lip of the cup directly behind the flag. I wish I could have seen how it ended up there...

Closest I ever came, of course...

Sounds like one I did.... (Below threshold)

Sounds like one I did.

At a campout, another adult brought a throwing hatchet. Put up a backstop log slice and put an ace of spades on the middle of the log. He told us how to throw the axe.

So, I walked up to the line, took one throw, split the ace. Turned and walked away, as I can never repeat, nor do anything but go downhill in that sport.

And who was the in... (Below threshold)
And who was the instructor?
My bet is Kim Jong-Il.






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