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Busted Bunker

The economic recession has claimed another high profile casualty as The Greenbrier announced today that the luxury resort has filed for bankruptcy protection. The news of another hotel bankruptcy is not the stuff of headlines anymore but the Greenbrier's insolvency has an interesting twist.

History Channel fans may remember that the Greenbrier was home to the famous Bunker (also known as the United States Government Relocation Facility), the underground facility that was built in 1959 to protect Congress and other critical arms of government in the event of nuclear attack. The underground complex was a well guarded secret until a 1992 Washington Post story (cleverly titled "The Last Resort") revealed the real purpose of the hideaway.

As Dealbreaker dryly notes, it's arguable whether protecting Congress from such an attack is still a good idea:

Complete with medical facility, meeting rooms, generators, cafeteria, long-term living quarters and the like, the underground bunker was designed to keep Congress alive and able to continue running the country into the ground long after a devastating nuclear attack (the ultimate sign of a failure in leadership). [Emphasis mine]

Click this link to see some photos of the facility.


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Guess the ostentatious disp... (Below threshold)

Guess the ostentatious display of wealth is now considered gauche. Except, of course, in Hollywood.

Any enemies are probably wa... (Below threshold)

Any enemies are probably waiting for congress to finish us off first.






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