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Rep. John Conyers Suggests Probe of Acorn


From The Washington Times:

In an startling partisan shift, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. on Thursday proposed holding hearings on claims the liberal activist group ACORN engaged in a pattern of crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style "protection" racket.

Mr. Conyers, Michigan Democrat and fierce partisan, suggested a congressional probe after scathing testimony about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) during a hearing on various voting issues related to the 2008 presidential election.

Mr. Conyers called the accusations "a pretty serious matter."

"I think that it would be something that would be worth our time," he said during Thursday's hearing. "We've never had one person representing ACORN before the committee. ... I think in all fairness we ought to really examine it."

I really don't know what this means exactly, but this is such a gift horse that I'm not about to question it. John Conyers is a senior member of the House with a lot of tenure. When he wants something done, it usually happens. Perhaps all of the efforts by right-wing bloggers to expose the illegitimate and corrupt practices of ACORN are finally paying off. Or maybe Rep. Conyers has finally figured out that a lot of Americans -- enough to turn Congress back over to the Republicans, anyway -- really do care what Congress does, and are angered by the level of corruption and impropriety that has been associated with Democrats during the past two years, especially after they promised America the most ethical Congress in history. An investigation of ACORN is of utmost importance right now, since the White House has announced that they intend to make ACORN a major player in the 2010 Census.

Here's what piqued Rep. Conyers' interest:

The testimony by Pittsburgh lawyer Heather Heidelbaugh accused the nonprofit group of violating tax, campaign-finance and other laws by, among other things, sharing with the Barack Obama campaign a list of the Democrat's maxed-out campaign donors so ACORN could use it to solicit them for a get-out-the-vote drive.

She also testified that the Democrat-allied group provided liberal causes with protest-for-hire services and coerced donations from targets of demonstrations through a shakedown it called the "muscle for the money" program.

Naturally ACORN is denying all accusations of wrongdoing, and other Democrats spoke up in defense of ACORN after Rep. Conyers made his statements. Still, Congressional hearings into the corruption at ACORN will be an important step toward weakening the current partisan stranglehold placed on our government by the Democratic Party. No organization, even if they are involved with pet progressive causes like low-income housing and voter registration, should be afforded a pass simply because they are deep in the pockets of the Democratic party.


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Comments (17)

Any hearing will be a sham.... (Below threshold)

Any hearing will be a sham. In the end the dems will find acorn innocent of all charges. It will be nothing more than a show to give creedence to acorn.

I'm VERY skeptical. Conyer... (Below threshold)

I'm VERY skeptical. Conyers has been a leading advocate of impeachment hearings for Bush, yet refused to initiate proceedings, basically, because there weren't going to be enough votes or support to do so. So it was pretty much a continued exercise in grandstanding.

What makes him think that a majority Democrat Congress who benefited in the last election from ACORN practices will garner enough support for this? Or is it just more grandstanding?

I'll believe it when I see it.

It is nothing more than a s... (Below threshold)

It is nothing more than a smokescreen so that when the "investigation" provides a glowing report no one would dare question their involvement with the census.

Considering they haven't done full investigations on Rangel, Dodd, Frank, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, this is just more grandstanding.

Remember, the Democrats have to deflect attention to slip things by the American people...like the AIG bonus fiasco...

tom, Oyster, and John -... (Below threshold)

tom, Oyster, and John -

I agree; however, I hope that hearings (assuming that they happen) will give ACORN enough negative press so that the White House is pressured to reconsider ACORN as a major participant in the census. And if the White House still uses ACORN, we can use the criminal accusations against the group as leverage against the Democrats during the 2010 elections.

Hah! Here's the 'script'.<... (Below threshold)

Hah! Here's the 'script'.
Conyers: This investigation will commence.
ACORN: We're innocent.
Conyers: So voted. Lunch time.

Jesse Jackson was the trail... (Below threshold)

Jesse Jackson was the trailblazer on the "muscle for money" coercion/extorsion scam when he conned Toyota into about a $70 million payoff to keep a discrimination suit from proceeding in southern Illinois.

ACORN is a complete RICO case which used to be called "racketeering," but is now being run out of Rahm-bo's office next to Obama's Oval crime cockpit.

I am not so sure I would ju... (Below threshold)

I am not so sure I would just write this off.

Conyers may be honest (gasp).

He may also see the writing on the wall - people are so angry as to toss any and all long time office holders out on their behinds.

The fact that he has said anything at all, I would count as a tentative positive sign.

Come onDo you actu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Come on

Do you actually trust Conyers?

Any hearing would be a sham.

ACORN would be given any "proof of wrongdoing" in advance so they could refute it. ANything they couldnt refute would not be introduced.

If hearings occured it would only be to give them legitamacy.

I have a slight feeling (I feel like the tin foil hat brigade left now) that Obama deliberatley let the AIG bonuses go in so they could create a fuss about them. I wouldnt put anything past them to forward their agenda.

I've never seen any public ... (Below threshold)

I've never seen any public statement by John Conyers that would persuade me that he is anything but a f*cking idiot. He has the mental capacity of a sack of rocks and the speaking skills of Bobby Rush.

He makes Maxine Waters look brilliant.

Despicable man, worthy of his basement office.

rmI didn't exactly s... (Below threshold)

I didn't exactly say I trust him - I can have hope can't I? Hope and change???
Maybe not, but that is the way I tend to live my life - give him a chance, then judge.

I did not however, vote for hope and change, because I had seen enough to judge.

I am willing to give him th... (Below threshold)

I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as well, because he's been around long enough to question the overall behavior of the administration. It is, however, really hard not to be skeptical about what the headline's really about. When the "popular" news circuit tells me something that would otherwise make sense, I have to wonder what else I should be paying attention to.

*jaw dropping open*<... (Below threshold)

*jaw dropping open*

Lets start the hearings and... (Below threshold)

Lets start the hearings and see what transpires? Somehow I think its intended to give cover for Obama.

Where are all those defends... (Below threshold)

Where are all those defends of ACORN when it was first suggested they might be involved in the next census?

"Never! Can't BE! Not possible," they all cried in unison.

Well nitwits, ACORN applied to be part of the census, what say you now?

You're all right and wrong!... (Below threshold)
Michael K.:

You're all right and wrong! (I believe.)

Here in Michigan, the two Conyers thugs, John and Monica wield a lot of power in the Detroit area. Monica is now head of the Detroit City Council since our venerable former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned. That woman is both an open racist and insane. John Conyers isn't any better.

I don't believe for a single second that Conyers will EVER find ACORN guilty of any charges, but he will use the threat of this investigation to take charge of their illicit activity in their district and use it to his own benefit.

"I agree; however, I hop... (Below threshold)

"I agree; however, I hope that hearings (assuming that they happen)..."

Assuming? That was exactly my point. Where's he going to get the support to even initiate hearings? Judging from the makeup of our Congress and Senate I wouldn't even tentatively "assume" anything but the opposite. Lord knows I hope I'm wrong, but you see where 'hope' has gotten us so far. Mostly because any hearings involving ACORN would generate bad press for them. The simple act of accusing is negative. And then there are all those pesky little facts that would get out to everyone who hasn't been paying attention.

I think they'll avoid this like the plague. Part of the reason they couldn't get enough support to bring up hearings on Bush is many of them were complicit in what they planned to charge him with. It will be thus with ACORN. AND it will open up the old wounds of Obama's involvement with them in the past.

Like I said, I'll believe it when I see it.

Comyers is a nutcase and th... (Below threshold)

Comyers is a nutcase and the Democrat leadership knows it. He may make noises about holding hearings, he may even have hearings, but the only people there are going to be his fellow travelers on the fringe left that subscribe to his flavor of insanity.

This is nothing more than him trying to bring attention to himself.






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