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Senator Specter Nixes Card Check

Arguably the least popular Republican (in name only) Senator in the caucus, Arlen Specter today deep sixed the Employee Free Choice Act by announcing that he would not vote for cloture, thus effectively ending the chances for passage of the highly controversial union organizing initiative.

The most humorous part of this story is that Specter betrayed the unions by reversing a prior position on the legislation:

Labor officials are incredibly distraught and, in some cases incredulous, noting the Specter co-sponsored the bill in 2003 and voted for cloture just last year.
( Note the Kerry Maneuver: Specter was apparently for the law before he was against it)

As Jennifer Rubin noted, labor unions are not getting much of a return on their investments:

To say this is a huge and unexpected blow to Big Labor is to understate the enormity of the embarrassment. They spent, by some calculations, close to a billion dollars in local, state, and federal races with card check as their Number One priority.

Specter is facing a difficult primary challenge from Pat Toomey so today's actions should be considered just Phase One of his rehabilitation strategy with conservative constituents, most of whom are not ready to forgive him for his vote in favor of the Obama spending bill.


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Comments (31)

Good to see he finally unde... (Below threshold)

Good to see he finally understands what Cloture is.

Maybe this jerk should be u... (Below threshold)

Maybe this jerk should be up for reelection every 6 months?

This is great news, but it'... (Below threshold)

This is great news, but it's much too late for Arlen to rehabilitate his image for conservatives. He's a coward so my support goes to Toomey.

SPineless SPecter is holdin... (Below threshold)
retired military:

SPineless SPecter is holding out for a bigger payoff.

Screw'em, send him packing.... (Below threshold)

Screw'em, send him packing.

Too late to wake up now Arl... (Below threshold)

Too late to wake up now Arlen. Your ass is toast.

This is one single bullet t... (Below threshold)

This is one single bullet that ain't gonna fly.

This is now a standard Spec... (Below threshold)

This is now a standard Specter pattern...veer sharply left post-election, then do a last-minute about-face when election time approaches. He survived in '04 only due to the (very misguided) support from Bush and Santorum. If Toomey declares for '10, Specter is toast.

Specter is a prick. Unfortu... (Below threshold)

Specter is a prick. Unfortunately his cancer went into remission before it finished its job.

It's not dead either, nothi... (Below threshold)

It's not dead either, nothing about the liberal agenda ever dies, they will just find some new and more creative way to sneak it through, you know like throw in into the conference report of some other large bill that none of these tools read anyway.

...I would be will... (Below threshold)
...I would be willing to reconsider Employees choice legislation when the economy returns to normalcy.

This is the maddening part. He doesn't support it now because it would be bad for the strained economy. But supporting it when it would harm a good economy would be OK?

I got a constituent email f... (Below threshold)
John Davies:

I got a constituent email from him. He said he almost was for it because of declining union membership.

Why should the Congress be concerned about declining union membership?

This must be something like... (Below threshold)

This must be something like gettin' religion when you know you're about to meet your maker.

Heh, his vote on the budget... (Below threshold)

Heh, his vote on the budget is the least of his worries.

He's been a consistent Democrat vote since the Clinton impeachment trial. The only reason he won re-election against Toomey last time was because of support from people that were desperate to maintain control of the Senate no matter who was in the party.

DaveD, There are no atheist... (Below threshold)

DaveD, There are no atheists in the foxholes. Specter is taking heavy fire. He is desperate to save his own skin.

So all of you were against ... (Below threshold)

So all of you were against flip-flopping before you were for it?

The current card check mess... (Below threshold)
Tim in TX:

The current card check mess - with the pursuant BS about federally mandated (or dictated, depending on how you want to put it) labor contracts, is NOT something you want to be visibly voting for so shortly after the WH floats proposals to regulate executive salaries in various industries.

Dictating executive pay AND labor contracts? Lot of people looking around and saying "what the hell is going on?!"

"Dictating executive pay... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Dictating executive pay AND labor contracts? Lot of people looking around and saying "what the hell is going on?!""

Socialist-types and many Dems know what's going on - and they like it.

Free market-types and most Reps know what's going on - and they don't like it.

Frankly, anyone saying 'what the hell is going on?' hasn't been paying attention. Maybe they should put down the Wii and stop watching American Idol so much.

It's too late for Specter. ... (Below threshold)

It's too late for Specter. He still needs to be voted out of the Senate. When he voted for the Porkulus Bill, he sealed the end of his career.

All Democrats and Democrat-lite Senators (Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) need to be kicked out of office in 2010.

Real, POSITIVE change is 100% NO VOTES for all Democrats in 2010. No one should be spared. This will be our revolt against all of these politicians.

And the circular firing squ... (Below threshold)

And the circular firing squad continues.

I call your attention to co... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I call your attention to comment # 9. And the fact that it has so far received 6 positive votes from readers here.

I thought y'all were Christians around here.

BruceI fail to see... (Below threshold)


I fail to see how being a christian or not has anything to do with throwing out an incompetent boob Such as Specter or Obama?

Do you fail to see how wish... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Do you fail to see how wishing cancer had killed someone is un-Christian?

Who said everyone is christ... (Below threshold)

Who said everyone is christian around here?

I did not vote on question #9 but trying to label us all christians just so You can say christians hate sic people and wish they would die just isnt right.

"Do You fail to see how wishing cancer had killed someone is un-christian?"

Again thats neither here nor there because I am not jesus and Im pretty sure neither are You.

Now...onto another subject.

Hey, I like Christians. Rai... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey, I like Christians. Raised as one myself. But I have noticed lots of people on this blog commenting about their faith, using the Bible or Christianity to justify their arguments, etc.

So I was kinda surprised that I was the only one to say how reprehensible that comment was.

I am encouraged that it got more negative votes than positive.

I absolutely would not wish cancer on anyone, would you?

No shit, Bruce. I wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

No shit, Bruce. I wouldn't wish that on anybody, and I don't even believe in the god fairy tale.

And 914 is an idiot.

I agree with all y'all abou... (Below threshold)

I agree with all y'all about the inappropriateness of the comment about Arlen Spector. I just want him defeated in the primary by a REAL Republican. Just like I want that spaghetti-spined weasel Voinovich replaced by someone with honest to goodness stones!

Being a Republican should not be the same as being a big fat doormat. It's time for Republicans to have the courage and strength of their convictions. Here's a clue you sorry chumps - they don't like you. They never did like you. They never will like you. They are Democrats - they don't even like themselves. So get over it and start thinking about what's best for this country - you know, the job you were elected to do, you sorry excuses for "leaders"!

Also, Richard, (commenter #... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Also, Richard, (commenter # 9), just so you know, the type of cancer Specter has, Hodgkin's Disease, is the same kind of cancer that killed my dad. So screw you.

"They are Democrats - they ... (Below threshold)

"They are Democrats - they don't even like themselves."

Not the first time I've read someone saying this about liberals/Democrats. What is the basis for this? Is it because liberal-minded people are prone to introspection, whereas conservatarians are able to suppress their emotions? Confusing, to say the least.

Anyway, Gayle, some Republicans pander to the centre for the same reason that some Democrats--e.g. Evan Bayh--do it: to win votes. A conservative Republican will never again win a Senate seat in labour-friendly Pennsylvania (thanks in no small part to uber-creep Rick Santorum), just as a left-liberal Democrat will never win in South Carolina.

Social conservatives are just like any other special interest group, and thus you can't expect every Republican to prioritize their interests ahead of all others. Does this really bother/alarm you all that much? Would you make the GOP tent even smaller?

"And I dont believe in t... (Below threshold)

"And I dont believe in the God fairy tale."

Do You believe in the tooth fairy Einstein?

No, asswipe. ... (Below threshold)

No, asswipe.






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