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A Message For Our Congress From MEP Daniel Hannan

Prior to the G20 summit this week MEP Daniel Hannan ripped the hide off British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in this recent speech. Say what you will about the European Parliament system but speeches like this should become the rule rather than the exception in US politics. If you have something of a hangover as a result of the unctuous and disingenuous sermonizing from President Obama last night this YouTube clip might be just the right tonic for you:

The speech is uniquely tailored for delivery to the United States Congress.


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Comments (58)

If only we had such men of ... (Below threshold)

If only we had such men of this kind of backbone in our leadership.

He was obviously using inde... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

He was obviously using index cards, the low-tech version of a teleprompter. Therefore, he must be a snake-oil salesman, right?

Bruce Henry:May... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry:

Mayday! Mayday! Deflect! Deflect! Deflect

The question would be how can.. he ...erm... be.. uh... do.. without... uhm.. a.. I think... uhh.. crutch.

The use of a teleprompter isn't what makes Obama so funny; it's his inability to speak without one.

Well, he didn't have one la... (Below threshold)

Well, he didn't have one last night and he didn't hummm and haw like everybody here always complains about.

So funny that so many among the vocal, marginally relevant minority prefer someone who mangles the English language to someone who pauses too much when using it properly.

"...you've spoken of "Free ... (Below threshold)

"...you've spoken of "Free trade", and Amen to that..."-Hannan

De-industrialization in the name of Service Economy, Nixon thru Bush. How has that worked out for Britain (1918-present)? Oy.

"he used the good years to accumulate debt"-hannan

Pie in the face: Bush.

Perhaps I miss your point, Hugh S.
And who recommended the link (web etiquette)?

Nah, he had one...it was lo... (Below threshold)

Nah, he had one...it was located at the back of the room

Only hyper would think the ... (Below threshold)

Only hyper would think the very rambling answers off topic of the question asked makes Barry a great orator. Like, spending us out of recession especially with healthcare, having to wait a week to figure out if he was outraged about the AIG bonuses, rigging a race question from the "tough" questioner Ann Compton, so obviously set up it was silly. Oh yeah! He is brilliant. He did say he focused only on the economy since becoming president. Except for playing March Madness, hosting superbowl parties while people in Kentucky froze to death, having many parties, much more then average (it is like he can't believe he is president so he has to prove it to himself), Barry has done so much about everything but the economy since swearing in, but hyper and his lefty buddies think he is amazing. BWAAA! ww

hyper - "Well, he didn'... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Well, he didn't have one last night and he didn't hummm and haw like everybody here always complains about."

He didn't? Well lets get all "technical" shall we?

Correct he didn't have one in the truest sense meaning he had no little plexiglass screens on the podium that are part & parcel of any speech given when using a teleprompter.

However, you are either blind in actuality or due to the wearing of the oh so Chic and popular (among some) Partisan Goggles not to have seen the 40 or 50 inch flatscreen placed behind the members of the press and out of the TV cameras view.

Well, out of TV's view until specifically pointed out with pictures and words.

That raises questions, did obama react and remove the plexi screens due to some remarks by a few reporters (more specifically their still and video cameraman) that complained about having them between obama and the press at EVERY press function gas screwed up camera angles for some photogs?

Or did obama use the flatscreen to read from hoping to not get caught doing it and deflect/defuse what has become an issue of great comedy?

Perhaps the The Great Orator, or The Great Reader take your choice, could have for once memorized his opening remarks.

Afterall, they were only approx 5 minutes in length.

I'd be willing to bet one could take any student from the Chicago school system, the system The Great Orator wasted 100 million on with no perceivable results, and they could memorize the 5 minute preamble he either couldn't, or wouldn't do.

As has been stated before, ... (Below threshold)

As has been stated before, if Republicans consistently acted in a principled manner and articulated those positions as well as Hannan did here and does elsewhere, we might be able to push back this huge lurch toward socialism we face today.

Buy Mark Levin's new book. ... (Below threshold)

Buy Mark Levin's new book. ww

Buy Mark Levin's new book. ... (Below threshold)

Buy Mark Levin's new book. ww

10. Posted by WildWillie

Don't let Mark Levin intimidate you, wildwillie.

His gun is made out of soap.

Very smart man explaining h... (Below threshold)

Very smart man explaining how conservatives should shape the issues. A lesson needed. ww

Succinct and direct. Repub... (Below threshold)

Succinct and direct. Republicans would do very well to adopt this as part of their campaign to keep Obama from ruining the free world.

The US media would of course be harshly critical of a conservative speaking this way towards the Chosen One, but it would get air-play.

I heard that earlier on the... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I heard that earlier on the radio today.

Bet Gordon Brown would have forked over a crisp five dollar bill if he would have been allowed to stick his head up his ass, squirm the rest of his body into the obscurity of his own ass, and simply disappear.

"Well He didnt have one ... (Below threshold)

"Well He didnt have one last night and He didnt hummm and haw like everyone on here always complains about."

Im incapable of watching this fool talk..I will defer to My usb cable which has family ties to Obamas prompter and thus get the scoop.

Your -16 says it all.

Can we clone this man and e... (Below threshold)

Can we clone this man and elect him to office in the United States?

Attn: Wizbang contributing ... (Below threshold)

Attn: Wizbang contributing editors:

My score of negative fifteen (-15) has tied myself, yet this posting is only middling of interest, which means that there is a bottleneck of surfers/visitors clambering for some "meat".

Please put down the remote control/ umbrella drink/ processed snack food product and attend to business.

And lest you think I complain of "score", TUT!
The fact is, I'm mildly pissed that hyperbolist has me jaked at -16, wot!

Rememeber (Wizbang)+(-) = (+)+(Earth).

Epilogue: You patriots DO realize that Hannan is a socialist operating voluntarily within an extra-nationalist and socialist body called the Parliament(Council) of Europe for the purpose of legislating laws for the UK with politicians beyond the control of the citizens/subjects of the UK, ie, foreigners?

Uh...just wondering.

Pelosi and Reid are on a sp... (Below threshold)

Pelosi and Reid are on a spending binge. They don't want to be interrupted. I'm sure they'll find a way to throw a couple billion to Obama's programs just to keep him happy. After all, according to their crystal ball, when the economy rebounds, they'll be awash in tax dollars.


Bet Gordon Brown would h... (Below threshold)

Bet Gordon Brown would have forked over a crisp five dollar bill if he would have been allowed to stick his head up his ass, squirm the rest of his body into the obscurity of his own ass, and simply disappear.

Yeah, but how will he be able to watch.....those.....DVDs........?

Oh never mind

Saw this guy on Neil Cavuto... (Below threshold)

Saw this guy on Neil Cavuto today. Straight talk, common sense, no uhh.....yuuuh.....ummmm...well.

Neil asked him how it could be believed that spending more money will result in reversing a recession. He replied that it's like your personal finances. If you run up 4 or 5 credit cards and can't pay your bills you must control spending to regain solvency. It's common sense seen by everyone except today's bankers and politicians.....LOLOL.

I love this man. Where is t... (Below threshold)

I love this man. Where is the US version? Conservatives need to fight back with equal intellect, rhetoric and size of bollocks!

If we are so dead set on hu... (Below threshold)

If we are so dead set on huge deficits and worried about how to get the money into circulation the quickest (it takes a long time to build bridges and such) the most reasonable way to do that would be to halt payroll deductions for a short period. But that might allow professionals and (gasp!) white male construction workers to have a say in how the money was spent. It also would not grow government and allow the Democrats and the O to consolidate more power. I suppose that is why it's off the table.

BryanD:If you don'... (Below threshold)


If you don't like the interactive rating
system used at Wizbang, leave.

WOW! No telepromter.... (Below threshold)

WOW! No telepromter.

bryanD"My score... (Below threshold)


"My score of (ha ha) -15 has tied itself, yet this post is only middling of interest."

Your either:

A.) A glutton for punishment.

B.) Data from star trek.


C.) Obamas teleprompter incognito.

914, you're a poseur. Data ... (Below threshold)

914, you're a poseur. Data couldn't have "middling interest" in anything. Such mushiness is totally extraneous to his emotive horizon.


I wouldnt type Hyper.. Ive ... (Below threshold)

I wouldnt type Hyper.. Ive seen -30s on most of Your meanderings.

What, you mean bryanD's inc... (Below threshold)

What, you mean bryanD's incoherent babbling is regularly given low ratings by normal, sane people? I'm shocked, I say, shocked!

"BryanD:If you don... (Below threshold)


If you don't like the interactive rating
system used at Wizbang, leave."

23. Posted by maggie

I wuv my score! It's like getting cease and desist orders from the devil.

My point concerned the dearth of output from the 20 authors and if there might be need for an ambulance or a tow truck. Or a fork lift.

Now is the time for all good Cheney apologists to come to the aid of Dick Cheney, that's all. The silence is deafening. And don't say shaming isn't efficacious! Have you noticed Jay Tea's marked improvement at Contentions since our recent counseling session together?
Kudos, Jay Tea.

Anyway, Daniel Hannan; effete English cardboard conservative pinko of the teevee users' tax coalition: he great...[cough!]

OregonMuse, your inability ... (Below threshold)

OregonMuse, your inability to understand bryanD's comments doesn't make them nonsensical. It just means you probably wouldn't enjoy Gravity's Rainbow.

And 914, do you seriously think any liberal commenter cares one whit about how their posts are rated on a conservatarian blog? We ain't here to make friends, friendo.
notiz=In return, you won't mind a bit of animosity, friendo

Not at all! Doesn't bother ... (Below threshold)

Not at all! Doesn't bother me one bit.

Well, this is just a guess,... (Below threshold)

Well, this is just a guess, because the comment was dis-vowelled before I got to it, but hyper appears to be comparing bryanD's ravings to a classic work of modern fiction.

Assuming this was hyper's intent, let me explain why this doesn't work: Thomas Pynchon is an actual writer with actual accomplishments and who actually has something interesting to say. BryanD, on the other hand, is a kool-aid chugging, semi-literate troll whose achievements on this blog could be easily surpassed by a colony of cherrystone clams.

You're making the stereotypical pseudo-intellectual mistake of confusing nonsense for depth.

And I don't understand why ... (Below threshold)

And I don't understand why hyper's last comment was given the treatment. I didn't think it was at all objectionable. At least that part which was addressed to me.

Hey, give an editor on a po... (Below threshold)

Hey, give an editor on a power trip the authority to remove anybody's vowels for whatever reason she wishes, and the best I can do is click "Submit" and yell "NO WHAMMIES!" a bunch of times. (I got disemvowelled for telling 914 that liberal commenters probably aren't here to make friends. Haha!)

Not like I care one way or another, but it does make it difficult to have semi-civilized mud-slinging contests when one side gets disemvowelled for being rude, and the other gets to wish cancer upon politicians they dislike with no fear of being censored or banned.

Pynchon is the first writer who came to mind whose style bryanD sometimes reminds me of. Not saying there's a Pulitzer somewhere in these comment threads with his name attached to it, but only that the round-about and obscure way of saying something can come across as confusing and/or nonsensical, and yet somewhere within the bizarre sentence structure and haphazard parenthetizing there exists pearls of humour.

(I got disemvowell... (Below threshold)
(I got disemvowelled for telling 914 that liberal commenters probably aren't here to make friends. Haha!)

Yeah, it sucks to be a minority liberal on a conservative blog, but look at it this way: at least you get to post (sometimes). If you were a conservative commenter on Kos or DU, you would have been banned outright a long time ago.

OM,You don't even ha... (Below threshold)

You don't even have to go that far away. Just cruise over to Wiz Blue.

Bravo, bravo I am thrilled ... (Below threshold)
British Reader:

Bravo, bravo I am thrilled that you are fine judges of character!!

Daniel is also a supporter of President Obama.

So, as I've said before, in a McCainObama final, I'm for Obama. Not that my fondness for the Illinois senator is by any means faute-de-mieux. As a conservative, and as a friend of America, I see huge attractions in an Obama presidency.

A strong and respected United States is in Britain's interest. The very fact of Barack Obama's election would disarm many of America's critics. Not all of them, of course: there are anti-yanqui irreconcileables in Latin America, the Middle East and, obviously, Europe. But many would find it hard to sustain their critique if the American electorate chose a mixed-race candidate who had opposed the Iraq war.


I'm apologize. I realize n... (Below threshold)

I'm apologize. I realize now that I was disemvoweled for using more than my fair share of vowels and thus should be forced to return 90% of my ill-gotten vowels. May Obama forgive me!

Hyperbolist: That... (Below threshold)


That was no power trip, it was just a
small matter of taking the trash out.

maggie: I applaud your atte... (Below threshold)

maggie: I applaud your attempts at humour, even if they're sometimes cringeworthy.

I don't read WizBlue, and I only read Kos diaries that are linked to by bloggers that I respect. There are "trolls" in the comment threads at every blog I visit, so it's not like Wizbang is the only blog that permits dissenting opinions--though that doesn't take away from the fact that it does, and it doesn't make it any less a good thing. And you might think that DKos is the best example of a 'fever swamp', but commenters there aren't half as nuts as the xenophobic wingnuts at Malkin's blog, LGF, or Free Republic.

Oh, and "Hyperapologist"--them is a good grammer! Bitch about me all you want, but don't disrespect my ability to form a proper English sentence.

Hyper, Since you car... (Below threshold)

Since you care less whether you post at
Wizbang or not, do not be shocked if some day
in a cringe worthy attempt at humour of mine, you find yourself unable to read, little lone post here.
There will be no goodbyes.

Now that is a power trip.

Well, he didn't have one la... (Below threshold)

Well, he didn't have one last night and he didn't hummm and haw like everybody here always complains about.

You are right there was no teleprompter at the podium the other night.
If you had watched Fox you would have seen the 60" plasma screen with his speech on it at the back of the room behind the reporters. So what is that?-uh hummmmm- Big ASS TELEPROMPTER!

I apologize. My English ma... (Below threshold)

I apologize. My English may not be good enough for some due to my pathetic Canadian origins. Forgive me...errr...ummmm...errr...Obama!

OH SHIT! THE PRESIDENT PREP... (Below threshold)

OH SHIT! THE PRESIDENT PREPARES HIS SPEECHES IN ADVANCE! Begin the impeachment hearings! He is unfit to govern!

maggie: noted. I will try not to annoy you, let alone mock your sense of humour.

Ha... yeah, stings when som... (Below threshold)

Ha... yeah, stings when someone who probably went to an American public school insults my Canadian upbringing.

Say, you don't work for Fox News, do you moron? I mean, you're obviously not very bright, you're about as funny as a cable TV host whose show is aired at 3 a.m., and you have a great amount of disdain for Canadians. Is that you, Greg Gutfeld?

hyper - And you might t... (Below threshold)

hyper - And you might think that DKos is the best example of a 'fever swamp', but commenters there aren't half as nuts as the xenophobic wingnuts at Malkin's blog, LGF, or Free Republic.

You miss an important point. (OH I'm [not] SHOCKED)

Malkin's blog, LGF, and Free Republic are independent in the sense they have very few if any ties to the Rep Party.

DKos on the other hand via his yearly convention has had nearly every major dem candidate for the WH in 2008 and 2004 speak at the convention.

Can you say that about the three you note, or anything related?

Can you say any of the candidates that spoke at the convention have also denounced the hateful BS at DKos?

WAIT, I'll answer for you... the 3 I have knowledge of, Hillary, Obama and Richardson all took a pass when asked directly if they thought DKos was a place ANY respectable candidate should associate themselves with.

Too much CASH flows into their campaigns for that to happen.

Plus, Hyper - LGF self-poli... (Below threshold)

Plus, Hyper - LGF self-polices. The regulars there come down on the loons hard, and the loons usually don't stay. Now, if you call exposing the excesses of Islam hate speech, then I guess you could call it a hate site. If they criticize anti-semetic assholes, I guess you could call it a hate site.

Have YOU bothered to look at it, to judge for yourself?

Speaking about speeches. He... (Below threshold)

Speaking about speeches. Here is a link to Thad


This is the kind of leadership this country is in dire need of

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter give... (Below threshold)

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter gives the DemocRatz something to think about. The intellectual dishonesty of the left needs to be exposed at every turn.

"BryanD, on the other hand,... (Below threshold)

"BryanD, on the other hand, is a kool-aid chugging, semi-literate troll whose.."-oregonmuse

"Semi-literate"? Woman, you are obviously hysterical.

"Pynchon is the first writer who came to mind whose style bryanD sometimes reminds me of."-hyperbolist

Gravity's Rainbow. I've heard of that (via Wallace, Wallace, Wallenchensky) but have never read it. Twain, Shakespeare, and vivid varietous pornography is the most I can stand in the category of fiction. And some occasional funny stuff...and Poe.
HYPERBOLIST: Thanks for the support. Canada rocks. Redheaded Scotties and cross-eyed Frenchies and everything in between! Zoiks!

Not to mention SCTV!!!!

Plus, "that accent" seems to keep the throat and facial muscles of women and girls...ugh...toned. I.e. fewer Fatties, PTL!

Remember folks, is your com... (Below threshold)

Remember folks, is your comment is not grammatically correct and/or you misspell a word or two, in Hypers world, your comment and ability to have an opinion is impossible. That is how judgemental those canadians can be. ww

Canadians has a capital "C"... (Below threshold)

Canadians has a capital "C", Willie.

Grade: C- (Keep plugging away, you'll get there champ!)

As for Democratic candidates speaking at Kos' grassroots conferences, good for them if they do; and good for them if they don't need to. If they can take advantage of his considerable fundraising clout and beat Republicans in democratic elections, then cool. I like it. And I will say that apart from that awful comment about mercenaries in Iraq, Markos himself is not a terrible person like Michelle Malkin or Charles Johnson, or any of the Freepers. And he's a veteran, and Captain Ed just plays one on the internetz.

No surprise that all of the mainstream Republican candidates know better than to associate with creepy freaks who suck at fundraising.

And yes, I have been to LGF. Fun fact: that blog is named after "Little Gook Fuckers", a racist nickname for Vietnamese people during the war. Johnson is an intelligent xenophobe, which is worse than being a stupid one (like Malkin). Celebrating "Pancake Day" on the anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death shows that website to be run by ghouls. You should not admit to frequenting that blog.

BryanD--fast food costs twice as much up here, which is great, and there's a stigma against letting your children eat a pound of potato chips at public beaches (unlike certain places I've been--lookin' at you, Hilton Head Island, a.k.a. Gross Rich People City). And French Canadian girls are so hot and friendly, it's like somebody done gone and mixed up the best bits of French and Canadian people and voila. How do they eat so much gosh-dang poutine and still look like American Apparel models? (It was on Unsolved Mysteries.) Come for the good exchange rate on the dollar, stay for the absence of far-right conservatives in mainstream politics.

hyper - "And I will say... (Below threshold)

hyper - "And I will say that apart from that awful comment about mercenaries in Iraq, Markos himself is not a terrible person like Michelle Malkin or Charles Johnson, or any of the Freepers. And he's a veteran, and Captain Ed just plays one on the internetz."

First of all, nice but sad try at demeaning Caption Ed.

Please tell me your not so stupid to think he refers to the mil by using that name.

Rather, tell me your just a dick-for-brains and you DO KNOW it refers to being the author of the Captains Quarters blog.

As for Markos, yeah, "swell guy." He only owns and operates a place that is just as hateful, and many would say moreso, than any two right-wing blogs you care to cite.

First of all Hyper, I know ... (Below threshold)

First of all Hyper, I know about capitalization and use it when I think it is deserved. In responding to you, I do not think it is.

Go ahead and practive the lefts three d's: Demean, defame and dismiss anybody with whom you disagree with. Isn't there canadian blogs that you can frequent? Why hang around here where your opinion and involvement are non existent in our lives? We don't need you. ww

Why hang around here whe... (Below threshold)

Why hang around here where your opinion and involvement are non existent in our lives?

Unless you posted that subconsciously, William, methinks you misunderstand one or both of the following words: involvement; and non-existent (note the hyphenation).

BTW hyper - Prove your "Fun... (Below threshold)

BTW hyper - Prove your "Fun fact" that LGF is named after "Little Gook Fuckers"

Oddly, or not so, only left leaning, and far left sites come up in any related search of various combos of the phrase.

<a href="http://home.comcas... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist, How old are you?

You strike me as one who might have just figured out puberty.

You would be better off returning to Canada and leaving grown up talk to the grown ups.

The movement has begun!<br ... (Below threshold)

The movement has begun!
Daniel Hannan for US Congress!






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