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Comedy Gold

Funniest thing I have read in a while -- Micky Kaus posts emails from lefties on JournoList. The Olbermann diss is especially funny. I am glad to know that at least some on the left know the guy is really out there. I wonder if anyone will earn a "Worst" award on Countdown as a result.

Update: One of the emails I found amusing:

From: Jesse Singal Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 14:41:15 -0400 Local: Tues, Mar 24 2009 2:41 pm Subject: Re: [JournoList] Re: BREAKING: Marty Peretz is a Crazy-Ass Racist Everyone I know who likes Olbermann also acknowledge that he is egomaniacal and has a penchant for hysterical drama. The main difference, which is glaringly left out by anyone who conflates him with the Savages and O'Reillys of the world, is that Olbermann doesn't tend to, you know, lie about stuff regularly.
Calling Olbermann "egomaniacal" with a "penchant for hysterical drama" is a given. What is funny is saying he speaks the truth. Hysterical.


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Olbie wouldn't know 'truth'... (Below threshold)

Olbie wouldn't know 'truth' if it walked up and bit him on the ass.

that was a painfull read. i... (Below threshold)

that was a painfull read. it truely amazes me sometimes that these people are so blind, narrow minded, and hateful, yet they are the people who's agenda drives our news.

the saddest part is that they don't even realized how ignorant and hateful they are about people who don't think like they do.

yet they lable us hateful. i just don't get how anyone could be that hypocritical all of the time. don't they know what they are doing?

"Dont they know what the... (Below threshold)

"Dont they know what their doing?"

No, they are totally clueless and thus very dangerous in positions of power.

I thought this was somewhat... (Below threshold)

I thought this was somewhat revealing...

"under Peter B. (no idea whether this extends to Frank, though
I imagine so) using the term "illegals" was verboten"

A definite ill wind is blow... (Below threshold)

A definite ill wind is blowing through our youth. They can hear someone say something backed by a video clip of the actual event, some charts, or whatever - and then they turn on a comedy news show like Jon Stewart or Olbermaniac, who simply says 'they're lying'...and they believe that, especially if told in an insulting/humorous way. It might be a cliche - but I blame the schools. I don't want to date myself too much, but I was in HS around 20 years ago, and while I don't recall a specific 'critical thinking' program in place, there was a definite emphasis in many classes on being able to think critically - take in facts, form hypotheses (take a guess), try it out, compare to your guess, and generate a rational explanation for why it worked or failed. It could be math, science, even english classes where you analyze a piece of literature ("I think the author is saying such and such and I'm basing it on what this character says here and this character, etc etc"). I would be flummoxed if any but the better school systems or the better teachers are doing anything of the kind anymore. All we hear about is 'teaching to the test'. In other words, we're doing such a lousy job educating kids, particularly at the lowest levels (which, of course, the Democrats want to expand and make more widespread), that by the time they reach the point where they should be thinking critically and have a basic, though not fully matured, BS detector in place, instead we're still teaching them (maybe) how to read and comprehend basic english, do simple math, etc. because they didn't get it earlier. Whenever I hear 'teaching to the test' I want to shake the person and yell at them 'the tests are BASIC SKILLS TESTS! maybe if the kids already had BASIC SKILLS you wouldn't be wasting time on BASIC SKILLS and could be doing the more creative, interesting stuff!' Couple that with the orgy of entertainment that young adults (OK, 'everyone') exist in nowadays, and there's just no room for critical thinking and there is just no way many of these people can even distinguish between a reasoned argument backed with facts and a guy that is just cracking fart jokes. Not so long ago it was comic fodder to have the stereotypical white-haired sciencey guy solve some equation on a blackboard and then have the jokester say something to effect of 'yeah, but can you do this?' and throw a pie in the other guy's face. It was funny, but at the same time you knew that if you needed an equation solved you wanted the stuffy science guy, not the guy with the pies. That's what made it funny, seeing the dipstick think he was smart because he could throw a pie at someone smarter than them, even though we could tell that he wasn't - it was only children that didn't know any better that were really laughing at the pie itself. Now people of an age that should know better are more likely to believe the guy with the pies when he says that the expert is lying...as long as they then make a fart joke and hit the expert with a pie. It would be a shame, the way schools fail kids, if it weren't intentional...wasting time on how they feel about their grade instead of explaining what they did wrong (yes, 'wrong') and how to avoid repeating the mistake (yes, 'mistake') and why they're going to kill the planet if they don't make their parents install a programmable thermostat instead of teaching them to read a short story and explain what it's about or sit down and explain why their solution didn't turn clear.

Just trying to explain Thes... (Below threshold)

Just trying to explain Thesis Composition (thesis statement, avenues of approach, etc.) to some of the graduate-level and above professional young people I have worked with is illuminating. And scary.






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