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Attend a Tax Day Tea Party

In just over two weeks Americans will gather in cities across the country to rally against the big government tax and spend policies being proposed by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress. Join the movement on tax day, April 15th. Find a tea party near you on the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party website, Facebook page, or at Smart Girl Politics. Attendance has been high at the tea parties held over the past month, but coverage by the mainstream media has been sparse. It will be harder and harder for this movement to be ignored if numbers continue to grow as they have the past few weeks. Make your voice heard by attending a tea party near you.

Update: Mark Tapscott has a piece today about how public support for Obama's budget has dropped as a result of his non-stop media blitz. Or maybe it is because the tea party message is getting through. Unfortunately those in Congress are not listening yet.


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Comments (11)

Congress will start listeni... (Below threshold)

Congress will start listening in 2010, when they get their pink slips.

April 15th...Sacramento, CA... (Below threshold)

April 15th...Sacramento, CA.

BE THERE!!! I will be.

Or be at the State capital of your State, or your nearest big city...or the town square of your burg.

But please, BE THERE!

It's beens aid many, many t... (Below threshold)

It's beens aid many, many times before, but let's start a national campaign to move all election days to April 16. To heck with November.

Too bad some of us have wor... (Below threshold)

Too bad some of us have work obligations that won't allow us to attend. This is where the chronically unemployed and underemployed Democrats have a distinct advantage. Oh well, back to the letter writing.

The tax day tea party in my... (Below threshold)

The tax day tea party in my area, Raleigh, NC, is planned for the evening hours so hopefully that will help turn out some who would not have been able to get off work.

Tea Party gear can be found... (Below threshold)

Tea Party gear can be found at www.shirts4freedom.com

Well that sucks. I went to... (Below threshold)

Well that sucks. I went to the teaparty site and clicked on Florida only to find I have to create a facebook account to visit the Jacksonville group's page.

No thanks.

Otherwise the only means of contact is email.

So how long can the liberal... (Below threshold)

So how long can the liberal news media continue to ignore the growing discontent with the GREAT OBAMASES how long can they hide the fact that many are disgruntled with our second elected dictator they cant ignore it or sweep it under the rug for very long

Oyster,I would recom... (Below threshold)

I would recommend you open a free Facebook page since it only takes a few minutes, but you might get addicted to it as I am and start reconnecting with friends from high school and spending too much time on Facebook and not blogging. Sorry, that is my story.

I'll try to find some other references. I know Smart Girl Politics, Americans for Prosperity and the #don't go sites are keeping track of tea parties. Try Googling Florida tea parties. You might be able to find some that way. I'll post additional links in a later post.

Just ran across this list: ... (Below threshold)

Just ran across this list: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pvKRA1eo9TgK_Yb2t6uySIA

It contains some Florida tea parties and lots of others across the country.

I haven't felt this level o... (Below threshold)

I haven't felt this level of national responsibility since I protested the Vietnam War. I was 16 years old! Now I'm 54 and think that the wonderful America that I grew up loving and admiring is being destroyed by a bunch of charletons! I'll be there!






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