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Weekend Music Mash-up

It's been a pretty heavy week, and I think we all probably need a break. So I've decided to post a mash-up of good stuff from YouTube.

1. Glen Campbell - "Guess I'm Dumb" (1965)

Here's a young Glen Campbell showing off his incredible voice on a song written by Brian Wilson and Russ Titelman. "Guess I'm Dumb" is considered by many to be a "lost" track from the Beach Boys' legendary Pet Sounds album. The story goes that Wilson wrote "Guess I'm Dumb" for Campbell as a "thank-you" for touring with the Beach Boys for a year, but Campbell struggled to learn the song's challenging melody. He nailed it, though, and at 2:24 you can hear someone, possibly Brian Wilson (who produced this song) whisper "Awesome!"

2. Roy Orbison - "Walk On" (1968)

Speaking of incredible voices, here is the incomparable Roy Orbison, who probably could have become an opera singer, had he so chosen. I couldn't embed this video, so you will have to go here to watch it. But it's well worth your time, and it's also a great example of one of my favorite bits of pop music irony -- the somewhat-less-than-handsome male lead singer who's loved by a drop-dead gorgeous female. Enjoy it.

3. Angelo DeBarre, Bireli Lagrene, and Stochelo Rosenberg - "There Will Never Be Another You"

You're about to watch the top three "manouche" guitarists in Europe perform one of the great jazz standards. The manouche, or gypsy, style of guitar playing originated with the legendary Django Reinhardt. It is heavily jazz influenced and purely acoustic, and is generally played by groups consisting only of guitars, a string bass, and a violin. But even as an unaccompanied trio, DeBarre, Lagrene, and Rosenberg play with an amazing combination of energy, finesse, and sheer musical enjoyment.

4. Stevie Riks as The Traveling Wilburys - "The End of the Line"

British comedian Stevie Riks has made a successful career out of lampooning UK pop and rock stars. In this video he mimics the entire Traveling Wilburys band (George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison) on one of their biggest hits. I dare you to make it all the way through this video without laughing out loud at least once. And with all that's going on these days, we can use a good laugh.

If you enjoyed these videos, leave a comment. I'd enjoy doing this regularly if WizBang readers approve ...


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Comments (9)

Great videos and btw, I did... (Below threshold)

Great videos and btw, I didn't make it 60 seconds without laughing during the Riks video. That great Campbell video really shows off both his abilities and the abilities of Wilson. Thanks, what a great Saturday post.

Dude! All right!... (Below threshold)

Dude! All right!

Great post,May I add... (Below threshold)

Great post,
May I add one?

Bravo, thanks for the effor... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Bravo, thanks for the effort, I enjoyed each one.

Cool, never seen a Moody Bl... (Below threshold)

Cool, never seen a Moody Blues video before. My dad has all of their albums on vinyl, I used to listen to them when I was a little kid.


He should love this then.<b... (Below threshold)

He should love this then.

I love it. Please continue.... (Below threshold)

I love it. Please continue.

Dude,That Travelin... (Below threshold)


That Travelin Wilburys was spot on and hilarious! Great job, keep it coming.

Yes, more please! All poli... (Below threshold)

Yes, more please! All politics all the time gets depressing after awhile, we are going to need some lighter moments to get through the next four years............






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