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Good Times

What makes me satisfied?

Strange question to ask oneself. Especially in times of defeatist despair.

I could just say a nice cup of coffee or a good movie, but that's too benign.

I think bigger, more important issues fill the bill.

My wife makes me happy. Thought she can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with her, through good and bad. Ups and downs we have, but we always seem to make it through, like the rising and ebb of a tide. It comes in waves.

My 2 dogs and four cats. When I feel pissed, I can always think of them and they immediately bring me a smile.

Spending time by myself out in nature. There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying going on a lonely hike through Island Beach State Park, especially now, when nobody is around to inadvertently bother me with their loud voices and inconsiderate presence. I find it amazing just how people can not care if someone else is around to bother.

I am an avid birder. Just watching the regular species flit around is interesting enough, but seeing a bird for the first time , at least for me, is exhilarating.

Playing drums never gets old. I've been playing since I was 13. Had a bit of formal training in my teen years, but the most rewarding aspect has been teaching and forcing myself to develop my own style. Nothing can match the feeling of overcoming a once impossible part, and being able to master it, knowing I overcame it through my own willpower.

Geek alert: A good video game. One which draws you in so you can't wait to get home to continue it.

Spending time outdoors improving my yard. A certain satisfaction comes from expending energy in the pursuit of do-it-yourself projects.

Last, but not least, blogging. Sometimes I'm good and proud of what I've written, sometimes not, but just the endeavor itself is rewarding. It's not something I've been at for a along time, but I find it addictive. And fun.

Anyway, for lack of something better to write today, here is my meager contribution.

I encourage you to list things that make you fell happy. Cause I think we could use to divulge a bit more of the things that we enjoy doing.


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Comments (16)

Feeling happy?... (Below threshold)

Feeling happy?

Just waking up each morning.

certain people in my life m... (Below threshold)
sketcher Author Profile Page:

certain people in my life make me happy,my children especially.I wish my partner in life could feel the same way that you do about your wife. You should be happy to have that.

1.) getting off work.... (Below threshold)

1.) getting off work.

2.) getting laid.

3.) leaving negatives for Hyperbolist.

4.)seeing Obama fail.

Not necessarily in this order. ha ha

Good for us to think of pos... (Below threshold)

Good for us to think of positive things when our leader is so negative.

Here's my Happy List!

My faith
My husband- almost been married 21 years
My four children
My farm and the animals

Today's happy thought when my husband and I went to put air in our tires a man dressed very nice in a Porche, came over and assisted my husband. My husband and I were checking the air, but my husband is disabled and when we pulled up, I saw this man look to our windshield(military sticker on it) and then to my husband....this man is proud of his country and said so to us. He helped to say thanks to my husband, who was not injured in the while he served in the Army, but when he was a law enforcement officer. It made no difference to this man, who just wanted to say thanks.

That is my happy thought. I love this land and still can find many others that do so too. So no matter what those on the Left do, we still are close enough to those who settled this land to know that THIS is the time to stand tall.

Happiness is a short... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Happiness is a short-term feeling. Joy is a long-term feeling. I prefer joy.

For me, joy is the result of behaving like the sheep in Christ's parable of the sheep and goats (Matthew 25:31-46).

-My faith-My husband... (Below threshold)

-My faith
-My husband
-Our three children
-Learning new things
-Red Sox baseball
-A calm and peaceful home
-A good book

My wife and best friend for... (Below threshold)

My wife and best friend for 34 years.
My son.
My grandson.
My Boston Terriers.
I also recently had knee replacement. My wife thought it would be a great idea to get me PS3/blue ray to see me through the recovery. Now I am a "gamer."
Good people make me happy. ww

I forgot to add jamming wit... (Below threshold)

I forgot to add jamming with my friends on acoustic guitars. ww

Heh. Good people ... (Below threshold)

Heh. Good people have that knack, don't they, WW?

"What makes me satisfied?"-... (Below threshold)

"What makes me satisfied?"-sm

1) A moderate meal (60% of what I think I can eat, which turns to be 100% after 15 minutes) followed by a green salad topped with Italian dressing, washed down with tea.

2) A session of oil painting using only turpentine and the subject "turning out" not-to-dim but with a marked three dimensionality. Thus no glare from any angle due to copal or linseed oil. Plus it's ready quicker! $$$

What I LIKE (a MUCH better word)?

1) A discovery of a MIND-BLOWING book (which I recommend heartily!).


...and yes, I've wiki'd it. They no likee! Me no blame theem! Si!

2) Stupendous music. (And I'm a musician of sorts meself. But I know when to "sit down".)



Playing with the grandsons.... (Below threshold)

Playing with the grandsons. Spending the day at the range and still being able to hit a 6" X ring at 600 yards. Quiet evenings at home with the wife. Long walks with the dog. He doesn't talk much and either do I.

Counting one's blessings is... (Below threshold)

Counting one's blessings is always satisfying. Recently, I started making a list of things I would like to learn to do or places to go, etc.(kind of like a "bucket list")to help me stay motivated in life...keep life exciting. Some ideas of mine are trite others more meaningful. Here's a few...

1) learn to shoot a basketball correctly (not 2-handed)
2) visit all of the 50 states in America (I've been to 40.
3) write 2 books I have been thinking about for a very long time (non-fiction)
4)run in a mini-marathon
5) produce a family cookbook
6) learn to lay tile in attractive patterns
7) start my own blog
8) visit Africa, Italy & Greece
etc., etc.

To crush my enemies, to see... (Below threshold)

To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Occasionally, a plate of chilli-cheese fries.

Much joy comes my way when ... (Below threshold)
Paden Cash:

Much joy comes my way when I discover a blogger recklessly unafraid to use spell check before posting.

Good Health (the best gift ... (Below threshold)

Good Health (the best gift from God)
Good Family
Good Friends
Good Books
Good Food
Nice Home

About two months ago I real... (Below threshold)

About two months ago I realized that the Obama administration was going to be even worse than what we imagined, so I decided that I wasn't going to waste another year of my life waiting for the right time to buy a horse. At fifty-one, and having not had a horse in over thirty years, friends and family were surprised to say the least.

She's a beautiful bay paso fino, a very willing companion, and she removes all worries by focusing my mind on the beauty around me, and the sheer pleasure of riding.

When I hear that the stock market plummeted or the lastest TOTUS embarrassment, I look for my boots and head to the barn.

Teddy R was right, the best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.

He had to deal with democrats, too.






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