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Obama has even Ruined the Easter Egg Roll

I saw this at Instapundit last night and chuckled because the Obama administration is proving itself to be the anti-King Midas: everything it touches it ruins, even the traditional Easter Egg Roll.

The Obama administration decided to put requests for Easter Egg Roll tickets on the Internet, and it's been a complete flop. Most people couldn't get their requests in before the site timed out. On top of that, they allowed the tickets to be requested too far in advance, so the law of supply and demand have kicked in. Moe Lane explains:

What happens when you've got a scenario where you have:
  • A resource for which there's a higher demand than supply;
  • Sufficient time to make people without that resource aware that you have it;
  • And a national communications channel that anybody can access?
Well, if you're NBC News, or anybody else with a triple-digit IQ, you immediately reply "You have a scenario where people start scalping the tickets." Which is happening even as we speak; a block of six went for a thousand bucks on E-Bay. That number's just going to go up, by the way. But don't worry: the Washington Post assures us that a "spokeswoman for the White House said it was working with Internet sites to prevent ticket sales." Which means that the White House hadn't actually thought about the possibility beforehand. So... a local tradition of using a first-come, first-served distribution system that actually worked got thrown overboard in favor of an untested, fatally flawed, unfair system that is now encouraging people across the country to engage in ticket scalping - which is, by the way, illegal. And now there are a bunch of little kids who are going to be sad because their parents didn't have the money to make sure that they got to go to the White House Easter Egg roll.

There was a reason why those who wanted to participate in the Easter Egg Roll were required to line up outside the White House to get tickets, and it wasn't because previous administrations were technologically challenged. It was the fairest means to distribute the free tickets.

You can see how poorly the website idea played out at this forum for DC moms and dads.


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Comments (27)

Face it, the list of things... (Below threshold)

Face it, the list of things the Obama regime CAN'T screw up is pretty darn small!

But if there IS anything on that list they will, I'm sure, get around to it!

Why hold it in the first pl... (Below threshold)
James H:

Why hold it in the first place?

"Most intelligent and effec... (Below threshold)

"Most intelligent and effective administration, ever". You betcha!

The incompetence becomes more and more glaring each day.

I am sure Easter Egg ticket... (Below threshold)

I am sure Easter Egg tickets were never scalped over the old system.


There are two reasons why O... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

There are two reasons why Obama is ruining the Easter Egg Roll.

1. Because it's a vestige of a pagan Spring ritual and doesn't have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter.

2. It's a huge cost we can't indulge in now anyway.

The September 2009 Economic Meltdown taught us what is really important -- tax cuts. Sorry, but we just can't afford pre-September 2009-thinking anymore. :(

^typo: 2009 = 2008^... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

^typo: 2009 = 2008^

Um... not to point out the ... (Below threshold)

Um... not to point out the ENORMOUSLY OBVIOUS Adrian Browne....

But EVERYTHING, (including the thought you just had) is pre September 2009 thinking.

Got Flux Capacitor?

(too bad I didn't get that ... (Below threshold)

(too bad I didn't get that in 3 minutes earlier) :(

just as the anti-bushies we... (Below threshold)

just as the anti-bushies were quick to blame bush for things he had little, if any, direct involvement in, so too is the anti-Obama crowd jumping at the chance to dump all over Obama.

Yeah, I'm sure Obama himself set up the internet site as opposed to the relatively non-political permanent staff of the White House.

And there has always been demand in excess of supply. part of the reason given for putting sign up online was to save people from having to wait in line 5+ hours for tickets.

with all the substantive things one can blame on Obama, why lump this in with them? aside of course, from getting a rise out of the obama haters?

Face it, Obamas just a rott... (Below threshold)

Face it, Obamas just a rotten egg.

I've said it once an... (Below threshold)

I've said it once and I'll say it again....Obama is an idiot!!!

100%, Grade-A Idiot!!!

Looks like the yolks on him... (Below threshold)

Looks like the yolks on him!

"I've said it once and I... (Below threshold)

"I've said it once and I'll say it again....Obama is an idiot!!!
100%, Grade-A Idiot!!!"

Make that 100% Grade-A Large idiot! Heh.

Adrian,Not really a ... (Below threshold)

Not really a typo. The way this administration is handling the economy I figure you're quite prescient in predicting the final meltdown for September of 2009 - OK, give or take a month.

The inexperienced and incom... (Below threshold)

The inexperienced and incompetent administration of the boy King Mudas strikes again. Everything they touch is turning into mud, big and small. Financial systems, capital markets, relationships with allies, government regulations, individual liberties, societal fairness, etc. This little snafu is just more of the same.

Steve Sturm, Poi... (Below threshold)

Steve Sturm,

Pointing out the gaffes, and mistakes being
made by Obama and/or his staff is not hatred.
It's disagreeing with disagreeable situations
happening in this country.

Steve - Just because someth... (Below threshold)

Steve - Just because something works, that's not necessarily a reason to change it. And on-line ticketing becomes very much a crap-shoot if you don't have a good enough process/server arrangement... and it sounds like they didn't.

Free tickets going for a grand on EBay. Not surprising, is it?

What a surprise. The whole damn administration seems to be continually blind-sided by both simple and complex things. But over on the Blue, they're seen as wonderfully competent.

The Presidency isn't a place for OJT of semi-competent candidates. Given Obama's record of 'competence' in his political history, I believe we'll be seeing MUCH more of this in times to come.

At the risk of being crude,... (Below threshold)

At the risk of being crude,
This administration could F*&K up a wet dream.

Oh And For Steve, this is a symptom of poor management. Poor Processes and Poor Leadership. And as the last Great Democrat President used to say, "The Buck Stops Here"

I wonder if they have easte... (Below threshold)

I wonder if they have easter egg hunts in Kenya? It might be like a family thing y'know.

The MSM created him ... (Below threshold)

The MSM created him as God, the Libs worship him as such. The rest of us are just holding him to that standard.

This is simply one more exa... (Below threshold)
Tim in TX:

This is simply one more example of the fatal flaw in progressive ideology - their models of the world simply don't work. At all.

This didn't happen because no one put thought into it - it happened because they did, but their internalized models of how things work have no provision for the sort of mindset that would result in nailing down a block of tickets and scalping them, nor the incentives their systems provided for doing so.

You see this over and over again; look at the long string of foreign policy blunders and insults streaming from Obama, Hillary, Biden, etc. Partisan bickering aside, these people are not stupid or uneducated; but their internal models of the world are fatally flawed, because those models fail to contain the understanding that they do not know everything.

Just look at how they reacted to the famous Rumsfeld quote about known and unknown unknowns; that statement is profoundly true, but depending on how you see the world it appears either profoundly obvious or profoundly idiotic. Failing to grasp the principle creates an attitude most often mistaken for arrogance.

The very root of the problem is that people think that since they have a degree, or degrees, and are supposedly (not always in fact) highly educated in some field or other, that they have at least a minimum proficiency in ALL subjects. They simply don't know what they don't know, and so we get all manner of heartfelt, sincere, vigorously defended, and completely idiotic positions. Combine this with the tendency to equate motives/righteousness with being right, and you have the smug moral clarity of the modern progressive. They're right, and anyone who doesn't agree is obviously evil, stupid, or both.

Of course, the most insidious result of this process is that they get so hung up on how they think a process should work - in the name of what they consider to be fair, of course - that they never actually learn how it does work, and lose sight of the end results entirely, no matter how horrid. Socialism and Communism are textbook examples of such. Gun control takes a close second.

I once read something about a statement, decribed (roughly) the sort of ridiculous error that cannot have been made without the benefit of higher education. This is tragically true; I've seen the same problem time and time again from college professors. They'll go on and on about subjects outside their field that they don't know a damn thing about, completely oblivious. I'm talking about utterly ridiculous stuff. Surprisingly, the majority of them in my experience are intellectually honest enough to reconsider things if you correct them - but what college student even cares these days, let alone dares to correct the person who is going to grade their work? Worse yet, how many of them even think to question in the first place?

a browne - "2. It's a h... (Below threshold)

a browne - "2. It's a huge cost we can't indulge in now anyway."

Soooo, what was the cost prior to this?

Got a provable number rather than your typical hot air.

The Clintons screwed up the... (Below threshold) This is the Change we need!... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

This is the Change we need!


Steve, WHAT permanent non-p... (Below threshold)

Steve, WHAT permanent non-political staff? Are you referring to people in the Travel Office, maybe? Oops, that was non-political BEFORE the Clintons. Maybe you were thinking of housekeeping.....?
By the way, as one who has been to several White House Egg Rolls, it's true that the Clintons politicized it, though in a different way. They had propaganda booths instead of all the normal stuff that kids like, i.e. lifesize cartoon characters.
As far as selling tickets, Obama can chalk up another tasteless first. (If you want to know what other tasteless firsts there have been, how about sliming a former President?)

panamahat,The perm... (Below threshold)


The permanent non-political staff would be the employees of the National Park Service who operate the White House and grounds and are responsible for many of the activities that take place there.

The only thing OBAMA deserv... (Below threshold)

The only thing OBAMA deserves from the easter bunny is a basket full of rotten eggs






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