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MEP Daniel Hannan on Morning Joe

MEP Daniel Hannan appeared on Morning Joe today. It was a really interesting exchange and Mr. Hannan continues to impress me.

America needs someone with principles like Daniel Hannan's. Sadly there is no one right now to offer conservative leadership. Barack Obama effortlessly seizes power unlike any president before and fires GM's CEO, and the GOP yawns. Wake up, Republicans! Where's our Daniel Hannan?


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Im doubly impressed!!... (Below threshold)

Im doubly impressed!!

I'm looking forward to the ... (Below threshold)

I'm looking forward to the dopes in Congress, that are supposed to be Conservative, for their budget proposal Wednesday. By the impotent press conference they held last week to announce their non-announcement it could be a disappointing performance. Rush voiced today what I have thought since Obamalala took office. And that is, we have a bunch of whimps as so-called leaders in the Republican Party

This is now rising fast on ... (Below threshold)

This is now rising fast on YouTube and was the speech that preceded Daniel Hannan's:

Our Daniel Hannan i... (Below threshold)

Our Daniel Hannan is currently occupied administering Alaska.

"Sadly there is no one righ... (Below threshold)

"Sadly there is no one right now to offer conservative leadership."

What about Joe the Plumber? Caribou Barbie? One of the Fox Newsmodels?

# 4:Sadly, I think... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

# 4:

Sadly, I think you are serious.

Seek help.

Where, Bruce? From Washing... (Below threshold)

Where, Bruce? From Washington? LOL!

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!" should send a cold shudder down the spines of businessmen everywhere.

THEY seem to be the ones who need the help, and badly, too. They botch the little stuff (like DVDs and 'reset buttons') so we're supposed to let them play with trillions with full confidence they'll do the right things?

I think Washington counts money the way a little kid would - "One, two three... many... who cares, Daddy (you and I, the taxpayer) has more!" They throw it away, then come to us and grab our wallets and take what they want.

And who inside the beltway will dare say no - or even ask "WTF is it THIS time?!?" when more and more is demanded? No - I take that back, they're actually STARTING to go "WTF?" against some of the spending - and I expect more and more on both sides are going to be going "We just can't keep going like this."

Because we can't.

Hannan should get a Certifi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Hannan should get a Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii so he could run for President here!

#6--Quite serious.... (Below threshold)

#6--Quite serious.

Apparently this lady terrifies those unsure of themselves, with little or no core values such as she consistently displays.

Pity, that.

True P. Bunyan, just like O... (Below threshold)

True P. Bunyan, just like Obama should get a certificate of live birth from Afghanistan or wherever He was born and resign immediately.

"I'm from the government... (Below threshold)

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!" should send a cold shudder down the spines of businessmen everywhere.

Businessmen? How about everyone. Consumers, workers, sick people, poor people. The government is simply incompetent to perform any business function.






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