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Earth Hour. Yay! I Did Something Good!


Earth Hour. A universal show of awareness concerning the apocalyptic menace of the coming global-warming catastrophe.

All those who participated, raise their hands!

Now all those who participated and went right back to their normal routines, raise their hands!

Let me get this straight: ONE hour out of 8760 per year, people turn off their lights, feel really good about themselves, then it's back to using eeeeevil electricity.

If this is not a monumental example meaningless liberalism at its highest level of hypocrisy, than it comes pretty damn close.

Don't we all participate in about 8 hours of lights-out pretty much every night? At least those of us that actually prosper enough as a society to have electricity?

How many of these "feel gooders" rushed to get their dishwashing done and their clothes cleaned and dried just in time so they could participate in this empty gesture?

"Look! I did something good for the planet! I feel extra special about myself! I can now use all the lights in my 3 story house and not feel a bit of guilt!"

What bunk.

Let's see how these nuts would do without electricity for a day. Or how these lit-up tourist attractions would fare without it for a week. They'd all be crying in their soured milk like a bunch of stone-aged mental cases.

Our esteemed press can provide world-wide coverage of this token crap, but God forbid they cover the thousands of Americans participating in the "Tea Parties" showing real outrage toward the socialization of our government.

Gimme a friggin' break.


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Comments (7)

Here's the list of what we ... (Below threshold)

Here's the list of what we did for Earth Hour
1 load of clothes washed and put in the drier and a second load into the wahser.

Baked a batch of cookies

Ran the dishwasher

microwaved some popcorn

Turned on all the lights

three tvs

the PlayStation

Live Blogged the whole busy hour

We actually had a power out... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

We actually had a power outage here in SW Florida during the "Earth Hour". We honestly thought Obama was behind it too.

They powered off large buil... (Below threshold)

They powered off large buildings.
When do you draw the most power when you power up large equipment, so at the end of Earth hour I bet they used 10-30% more power than if they left the lights on.

California already had some... (Below threshold)

California already had something similar to "Earth Hour". They were called 'rolling blackouts', and the residents of that state did not enthusiastically embrace those as something to feel good about 'saving the planet'.

I should be good to go for ... (Below threshold)

I should be good to go for a while, i guess. The ice storm in the Ozarks in 2007 cut our power for 18 days. That should cover my "Earth Hours" for the rest of my life.

"All those who particip... (Below threshold)

"All those who participated, raise their hands!"

Conspicuously absent?

Al "The Goracle," Gore whose been reported to have ignored the entire thing as he burned the Ummm, "Midnight Oil of the Incandescent kind."


Here is a worthy response t... (Below threshold)

Here is a worthy response to Earth Hour:







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