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Did Obama Bow Down to the Saudi King?

That is certainly what it looks like, and it's a mistake not just because it violate protocol but because of the symbolism it sends. No US president is supposed to bow down to a foreign head of state because it indicates submission, and the American president does not submit to anyone. But here is Obama, bowing to King Abdullah.

bowing to Saudi King.jpg

In the video, you'll see at around the 52 second mark King Abdullah see Obama approaching and hold out his hand. As Obama reaches to shake the king's hand, the upper portion of his body begins to bow. Some commenters at other sites wonder if he's kissing his ring. No, he's not. Obama's head does not bow down far enough and you can see their hands shaking. But the symbolism is clear enough.

Many Obama supporters probably view this as no big deal. It may not be a big deal to them, particularly since they think Obama can't do anything wrong. But it is a big deal, especially in many parts of the world that are anti-American. I think it's a safe bet that anti-American Muslims all over the world are thrilled with the symbolism of the bow: the American president prostrating himself before a Muslim leader.

Doug Ross: at least he didn't kiss his feet.

Well, the summit isn't over yet.

Lorie adds: Remember all those on the left so upset that we did not recognize Iraq's sovereignty? Isn't this an example of President Obama signaling weakness of American sovereignty, albeit just symbolically?

Update: Ed Morrissey has ranked Obama's bow to the Saudi king as the worst of the Obamateurisms thus far, and he put together a video comparing Obama's greeting of the Queen of England and the King of Saudi Arabia.

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Comments (103)

It's a shameful disgrace, i... (Below threshold)

It's a shameful disgrace, is what it is.

He was an empty suit before, now he's beyond being an embarassment. I lay even odds that within 2 weeks we'll hear about Iran ramping up their nuke program, or something similar.

It emboldens our enemies you useless twit!!!

Wanna bet this is spalttere... (Below threshold)

Wanna bet this is spalttered all over the arab world by tomorrow am? They'll make this into posters and billboards with captions about King Abdullah defeating the Great Satan, or the GS leader bows to all muslims, etc.

Nice work president Dumbass.

Here's another first for Ob... (Below threshold)

Here's another first for Obamalala. First President ashamed to be an American.

This just gets worse every ... (Below threshold)

This just gets worse every day. Whether the left ever understands what this means or not, trouble's coming on the heels of symbolism like this. And it won't be small trouble.

Maybe he should have kissed... (Below threshold)

Maybe he should have kissed his ass also.
Bloody Prat!

Couldn't leave it at one co... (Below threshold)

Couldn't leave it at one comment.
This guy is a complete BUFFOON!
Idiot! (sigh) etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

This was no accident.... (Below threshold)

This was no accident.

First of all, thank you, Ki... (Below threshold)

First of all, thank you, Kim, for ladling out the Wingnuttery straight and neat. This must be how a laxative feels for Wizbang! As a Raisin Bran afficianado, I can only guess.

About Obama's *courtly bow*: that's what it is and that's what it was.

True; it is rare at Wal-Mart. Please save your money and apply for a passport. The *courtly bow* is not rare. Many a freshly nubile daughter has been won by such courteous (and EASY!) deference to one's ELDERS*. Twitter Michelle and put a bug in her ear, heh!

*Did you note the word "elders"?
also_Kim P. announces:

"Others blogging:
The Anchoress
Jules Crittenden
Hot Air
The Jawa Report
The American Pundit
Blue Star Chronicles
Obi's Sister"....

Don't show weakness by advertising your investment in the circling of wingnut wagons. The Anchoress is delusional, Hot Air is an obese man-slave, Jules C. & JAWA Report are neocon trashcans, and I've never heard of the rest. Conclusion: don't link to pro-war gays and lesbians. It's like washing down toothpaste with milk. Echhh!

Bryan, you idiot... a *cour... (Below threshold)

Bryan, you idiot... a *courtly bow* is still a bow from our Head of State to an arab potentate.

Are you really THAT stupid?!?!

All I have to say is that b... (Below threshold)

All I have to say is that between Obama, Biden and Clinton the gaffes never end.

He is the biggest fool to have ever held the office, bar none sadly.

<a href="http://www.hermes-... (Below threshold)
"Bryan, you idiot... a *cou... (Below threshold)

"Bryan, you idiot... a *courtly bow* is still a bow from our Head of State to an arab potentate."-exsubnuke

Are you implying that Obama is worshipping King Abdullah?

(This I gotta hear!)

(Thx again, Kim!)

<a href="http://z.about.com... (Below threshold)
"Courtly bow" might be hand... (Below threshold)

"Courtly bow" might be handy part of backpacker's social repertoire toward parents of farmer's daughter in Cossack-land.


Wow. You guys are desperat... (Below threshold)

Wow. You guys are desperately reaching for any straw you can grasp. You come off as someone who's fallen down a well and nobody can hear their cries. I for one love watching you guys screetch and writhe. You threw yourselves so feverishly and so long-sufferingly behind a truly horrible American president that you must be torn apart inside every day watching a competent man do the job.

President Obama's approval rating is 65% and the Dow's up another 200 points today. So go suck a lemon, jerks.

I seem to remember a highly... (Below threshold)

I seem to remember a highly publicized photo of former President Bush and King Abdullah holding hands as they strolled around the Rose Garden.

Just because our president ... (Below threshold)

Just because our president greets another leader with respect makes him a Muslim? Give me a break. This country needs to stop being so damn paranoid.

The King of Saudi Arabia is... (Below threshold)

The King of Saudi Arabia is Protector of the muslim's Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. If Obama bowed down to him, it becomes clear that in spite of what he says, he quite obviously really is a muslim.

Hmm. So what about holding... (Below threshold)

Hmm. So what about holding hands like two lovers taking a stroll in the park? Does that make former President Bush a super-Muslim?

In the world of diplomacy, ... (Below threshold)

In the world of diplomacy, symbolism is everything. (Anyone else recall the endless wrangling about the table shape and size when they were setting up talks to end the Viet Nam war?)

The State Department should be briefing Obama on the customs and courtesies normal and expected between heads of state. They should also be doing a better job 'advising' on the gifts Obama is giving. They're either falling down on the job, or Obama is quite willing to disregard their advice and damn the diplomatic consequences, or they're setting him up as a diplomatic fool and he's playing right along.

There's times I haven't cared much for what diplomats seem to accomplish - all they really seem to do is bugger the situation up until the military has to intervene - but it's a good thing to have an established set of customs to fall back on so everyone knows the part they're supposed to play and avoid embarrasment.

Obama seems to be just winging it, and like it or not he's representing America when he does this. A symbolic act like the bow - no, that's not the image we should be presenting.

Ryan"Wow. You guys... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Wow. You guys are desperately reaching for any straw you can grasp."

You mean like the "Hidden reciever under Bush's jacket during the debates"?

Come on now. We saw stuff like this for the past 8 years.

Once again the left proves that they can dish it out but when it comes to taking it they run around screaming like little girls.

Well said, JLawson, but wha... (Below threshold)

Well said, JLawson, but what about HOLDING HANDS for god's sake?

Read once for years all our... (Below threshold)

Read once for years all our presidents (carter, bushes, clinton etc.) have been in the saudi's back pocket.
Unfortunately, figuratively they have bowed to the saudi's and now obama bows literally.
obama is living up to exactly what I thought he was.

"You mean like the "Hidden ... (Below threshold)

"You mean like the "Hidden reciever under Bush's jacket during the debates"?

Come on now. We saw stuff like this for the past 8 years."

You're absolutely right, RM. And it's just as retarded when you guys do it.

To the author of the post: Are you still looking over your shoulder at the ATM for scary black guys with knives ready to carve a "B" in your cheek? I remember how you were ALL OVER that one. ;)

Ryan -Generally, c... (Below threshold)

Ryan -

Generally, customs over in Saudi are different - holding hands is something friends do in both public and private. (Men and women, however, are not allowed to do so. They're wierd when it comes to that - what can I say?) As I recall, the handholding was done in private conversations at the White House.

This was done very much in public at a diplomatic function. It may not make much of a difference to the average joe here in the US, but it WILL in diplomatic circles.

Thanks for the link!... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link!

Ryan - To add to J... (Below threshold)

Ryan -

To add to JLawson's comment, the hand-holding and the kiss between Bush and the Saudi king were informal, private gestures, indicative of intimacy and friendship. A bow is a formal, public acknowledgment of superiority.

I don't see any kind of conspiracy here, just a President who's in way over his head and very nervous about all the criticism he is receiving with respect to his (and Michelle's) reception of foreign dignitaries (the Queen hug, cheesy gifts, snubbing Gordon Brown, etc.). The man is simply not familiar with how heads of state greet one another. He slipped up, then he realized it, choked, and tried to play it off.

Did President Obama give a ... (Below threshold)

Did President Obama give a 'courtly' bow to the Queen of England?

Ryan - Re the ATM ... (Below threshold)

Ryan -

Re the ATM story - that bears no relation to this, and a lot of the folks (including myself) were saying to wait for more details.

THIS was well documented. Nice, clear, well-lit. Are you going to try claiming that someone tripped Obama right before the picture was snapped? Or do you think he's going to claim it himself, once he realizes how it appeared?

Obama is just bowing to his... (Below threshold)

Obama is just bowing to his masters, the ones who paid for his Harvard education. Not hard to understand.

Obama was in Great Britain,... (Below threshold)

Obama was in Great Britain, not Saudi Arabia. The two were at a conference as guests of another country. They were supposed to be heads of state...as equals!

Obama showed his weakness by bowing to a foreign head of state. But this is just another sign of his weakness towards Islamic despots and radicals.

"Ich verpasse den backrubs.... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"Ich verpasse den backrubs."
~Angela Merkel

And I bet Abdullah got a be... (Below threshold)

And I bet Abdullah got a better gift that an Ipod loaded with Barry's Greatest Hits.

Once again the lef... (Below threshold)
James H:
Once again the left proves that they can dish it out but when it comes to taking it they run around screaming like little girls.

Or rather that both sides are rife with nutbars who eplode at slightest provocation ...

I can't believe you people ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe you people on the left are so stupid you don't understand that the American president does not bow to another head of state, much less DEEPLY bow to a Saudi King who does not bow in return.

You guys are willfully blind. Anything O does is okay with you because he's The One. In a few years, when you're standing in line for shoes, we'll see how that works for you.

The king of Saudi Arabia is... (Below threshold)

The king of Saudi Arabia is MORE then just a king, he is THE religious authority in traditional Islam, the guardian of the holy places of Mecca and Medina and the holy relics (the KAABA for one, and their holy black rock). He is THE nominal leader of the traditionalists (Sunni) Muslims.
This bow shows a religious deference, Obama is obviously showing respect to his religious leadership.
The Manchurian...err...Muslim candidate?

he is his master... (Below threshold)

he is his master

Um, here's Bush accepting a... (Below threshold)

Um, here's Bush accepting a medal, prostrate, before King Abdullah: http://alchemytoday.com/2009/04/03/obamas-bow-is-bushs-bow/

Seriously who cares?

Rivenburg: the Saudi king i... (Below threshold)

Rivenburg: the Saudi king is not the leader of Sunni Islam, but of Wahaabist Islam, a particular sect thereof. So you obviously have no idea what you're talking about, not that it matters one way or another.

Bush and Poppy Bush spent so much time licking Saudi ass that conservatarian outrage at Obama's too-deferential manner toward this Abdullah asshole is just too funny. That the leaders of the free world include this piece of shit or any other Saudi pieces of shit in their discourse moving forward ought to be a great source of embarrassment for any decent person who lives in a G20 nation. The legally codified treatment of women in that country smacks of apartheid.

A deep bow means submission... (Below threshold)
George Washington:

A deep bow means submission, there is no other way to interpret it. This administration's is hell bent to make the U.S. into a Banana Republic. I don't care what party you belong to, we are Americans first!! We should be looking out for our liberty, sovereignty, and protect the Constitution all the way to our last breath. We are losing our country to the New World Order, if this happens, we can all kiss our liberty and borders bye bye. Lets quit comparing the last eight years of Bush, that's not productive and takes the focus off of the real problem...Fascism.

and protect the Constitu... (Below threshold)

and protect the Constitution all the way to our last breath.

With warrantless wiretapping!



(Fun to play wingnut word association.)

My fellow Americans all you... (Below threshold)

My fellow Americans all you had to do was read his books to understand how much of an empty suit he is. I have news for you. You have been fooled. I feel bad for America

Well, sucks to be us, Ron. ... (Below threshold)

Well, sucks to be us, Ron. It's gonna suck for a considerable period of time, too. We're looking at $6+ trillion in debt being added with more to come, we're looking at a lot of 'well meaning' garbage FUBARing the economy - we're looking at debt we're unlikely to EVER pay off...

But it's all good because the progressives are in charge! They haven't a clue, but they mean well!

(We're so screwed.)

Hey Hyperbolist! Wingnut, ... (Below threshold)
George Washington:

Hey Hyperbolist! Wingnut, ow...that hurt soooo bad! I hope that you come around to a higher understanding. Myself and my brothers in arms protected your liberties while serving in the military for ten years! If you choose to live in the past, that is your prerogative. If we choose to inject party affiliation into this fight, that will only divide our efforts to protect our liberties. I don't care what happened in the Bush administration, I care about the business at hand. I have been to fascist third world countries, trust me, we don't want to go there. By the way, I have no party affiliation, there are very few politicians that I feel represent the people or stand behind the Constitution.

Where was your outrage when... (Below threshold)

Where was your outrage when GW walked 'round the White House arm-in-arm with the oldest Saudi price?

Actually...I was pissed.</p... (Below threshold)
George Washington:

Actually...I was pissed.

How can Obama possibly be a... (Below threshold)

How can Obama possibly be a Muslim when Islam clearly states that no human, Man or women, king or queen is worthy of a bow, but God.... JEEZ the ignorance here is at an all time high!!

nancy - "How can Obama ... (Below threshold)

nancy - "How can Obama possibly be a Muslim when Islam clearly states that no human, Man or women, king or queen is worthy of a bow, but God.... JEEZ the ignorance here is at an all time high!!"

Funny, "nancy" doesn't appear to be a Muslim name, from where do you claim superior knowledge?

My name has no "Muslim connotation" either however, after years spent in the Middle East I can say with all confidence a bow between two or more meeting parties in most if not all places is customary just as a hand shake is in the Western world.

Furthermore, and considering some here are gnashing their collective teeth over Bush kissing a Saudi cheek, that act is customary as well.

And BTW nancy, the teaching... (Below threshold)

And BTW nancy, the teachings of the Koran also state no alcohol should be consumed.

Yet the 5km causeway between Dahran SA and Bahrain has miles long traffic jams each Wednesday (start of their weekend) with Saudis heading to the island nation to partake of the countries many hotels offering drink specials and "parties 'til dawn."

Not to mention consort with and in many cases bed down with the many Filipinos that work there as hotel wait-staff, band members and dance troops.

So, your point is?

he is bow for king abdullah... (Below threshold)
mariam ksa:

he is bow for king abdullah to Demand for money
This is the start of the fall of America.

Hi allBowing or no... (Below threshold)

Hi all

Bowing or not bowing is not the issue here
Obama showing (again) that he is big by his wise actions
its just a nice gesture

We dont hate america or americans in the contrary we have always admired
the united states and it has always been setting the example for other countries .. except in the last few years

and its time for the states to assume its true role led by Obama
and for all people to live in piece

Obama bowed deeply and reve... (Below threshold)
robby abu-dobby:

Obama bowed deeply and reverently stooping before the great Islamic King. He may have kissed the King's hand he is los enough and reaching for his hand. Obama the closet Sunni Muslim kissed the godfather's hand. The godfather now owns Obama's skinny ass.

I think it is ridiculous th... (Below threshold)

I think it is ridiculous that this is being perceived as a 'bow'. It is MORE THAN obvious that it is in fact NOT A BOW. While I would agree the timing of President Obama's lean over could be construed as a bow, it certainly was not. You can tell that he was possibly brushing something from his suit pant, or jacket...it almost seems as if he reaches down for something. With traffic in front of the shot, you cannot tell for sure. What is disgrace that people are so quick to expect the worst!

this is king Abdullah......... (Below threshold)

this is king Abdullah.......
Obama and everybody els must bow down for him

i was born and raised in eg... (Below threshold)

i was born and raised in egypt and i understand arab customs and traditions. Mr obama's gesture is an undisputed sign of submission and declaration that he, and the united states are inferior to the saudi king.. shame on him...

Who's your daddy Barack? T... (Below threshold)

Who's your daddy Barack? That's right the Saudi King is your daddy, now bend over and pick up the soap like the good little US President be-atch that you are Barack.

I am so ashamed for America... (Below threshold)

I am so ashamed for America. Obama is bringing us down. This is awful. I can't believe it. With Obama as president, may God protect us all.

Obama you are realy our gr... (Below threshold)

Obama you are realy our great Leader that your respecting other nations leader , bowing is kind of respect.

May god lead him to Islam<b... (Below threshold)
A Muslim:

May god lead him to Islam

Appearance is everything an... (Below threshold)

Appearance is everything and Obama just declared his fealty to a Saudi royal.

He will have a 1 term presidency, if it even lasts that long.

There is a fundamental diff... (Below threshold)

There is a fundamental difference between the Queen of England and the King of Saudi Arabia.

You see, Americans stood up to England, threw all her tea in a harbor, and declared independence.

Conversely, America is too weak and dependent upon Saudi oil, like a pandering crack whore, all to fuel SUVs and a wasteful, greedy, selfish standard of living paid for by loans from China.

So, just as Bush bowed down before the Pope (head of state, Vatican), and learned to be a Saudi bitch, holding hands and kissing the King, so too, Obama has learned to bow down before the King of our standard of living, at the expense of, but so long confused with our way of life.

Just remember, every time you fill your tank, you bend Obama's knee and finance the likes of the 19 Saudis of 9/11. Carter tried to lead us but we were to fat and lazy to follow.

So, altogether now, let's blame the liberals and the environmentalist. After all, Bush had like a 97% approval rating with plenty of sheep and chickens willing to suck his dick, so it must be the left's fault.

P.S. I love America, it's so many Americans I can't stand.

First . Islam forbiden that... (Below threshold)
dr m0o0n:

First . Islam forbiden that anyone bow to human being just for allah (god) in pray only.
second . I think Obama bow just because KIng Abdullah older man and he is the head country of Islam.
third . May god lead him to Islam
Amen ( i mean Obama ).

belive me all Islam is greatest relegon.

recon - "Carter tried t... (Below threshold)

recon - "Carter tried to lead us but we were to fat and lazy to follow."

That statement disqualifies any discussion over the possibility of you having the slightest bit of common sense, or knowledge of history.

marc: I'll match my resume ... (Below threshold)

marc: I'll match my resume with yours any day of the week. Perhaps you were one of those too fat and lazy to turn down your thermostat, wear a sweater and support our weaning from the Saudi tit, thus saving over 3,000 lives on 9/11,, 4,000 service personal, 30,000 bodies, countless billions of dollars and on and on and on? You know, one of those people who laughed at Carter for telling us what we all (including Bush) now know?

I was there.

He is probably thanking him... (Below threshold)
joe from chi:

He is probably thanking him for all the campaign contributions!

Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations


I THINK MOST OF YOU GUYS AR... (Below threshold)


no comments

nai - you're beyond funny, ... (Below threshold)

nai - you're beyond funny, I mean really calling someone ignorant after posting discombobulated trash such as this: "ABOUT THE ECONOMY AND HOW TO REVIVE A DIED ONE IF YOU WOULD KNOW EVER."

Hint, look up "tense," and while your at it look up the correct use of "s" when using "ignorants" in the context/form you did.


recon - "I was there."<... (Below threshold)

recon - "I was there."

Somehow I doubt that, or have forgotten what it was like.

I distinctly remember long lines for gas, inflation rates in the double digits, unemployment in the double digits, interest rates of 20 plus percent and the nitwit carter imposing price controls.

And BTW, screw your resume.

stupid people of USA ... <b... (Below threshold)

stupid people of USA ...
what your president did is a way of respecting an old man and its commonly used in saudi arabia ...

marc:I remember th... (Below threshold)


I remember those things, but unlike you I remember *why* they happened and how things would be now if fat lazy, parasitic, cost-externalizers like you were actually the bootstrappers you think you are.

But your continued arguement with someone who, in your own ignorant opinon: "disqualifies any discussion over the possibility of [...] having the slightest bit of common sense, or knowledge of history" just demonstrates how fundamentally stupid and hypocritical you are.

Here, let me take my crank out of your mouth and have you explain again your opinion about my name. You were mumbling something about "marc"???
notiz=Mouthing porno will get you whacked everytime.

You trolls always make the ... (Below threshold)

You trolls always make the fatal assumption
you are the only ones who get smacked.
If you cannot contain yourself with a
modicum of civility, you can continue to
expect a reckoning of consequences.

I know this won't make it t... (Below threshold)

I know this won't make it to the board. It's not intended to. It's intended for you, moderator. You talk about civility. But again, your analysis is subjective and wrong.

I see the loons are out in ... (Below threshold)

I see the loons are out in full force. I know it sucks to be a Conservative these days. But why make it worse? You have to give respect in order to gain respect, something Americans seem to have forgotten.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, their growth rate in 2.9% per year. This is faster than the total world population which increases about 2.3% annually. Less than one third of the world's population is white. So pull your heads out of your asses for a moment and drink in the fact that, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant is no longer the dominant religious sect in the world but from the comments on this board you never would have guessed.

This country needs as much goodwill as it can gander.

AND Michelle Malkin is a self-hating bigot who probably dances around in a blonde wig and blue contact lenses when no one is watching, falling down on her knees every night praying to God that she will wake up white.

Alexander whiteso wh... (Below threshold)

Alexander white
so what if he did bend. does that mean the US collapse. Ediots think of the bigger picture or wait everyone of us thinks that he is a fucken genius right. you guys have not been there, and still take like philosiphers!!

Obama does not need to bow ... (Below threshold)

Obama does not need to bow to the Saudi King because both of them are equivalent (as a head of State).

Why this hatred? May have b... (Below threshold)

Why this hatred? May have bowed out of respect and appreciation for King Abdullah Mayamlh of human services are all human beings

King Abdullah and all Muslims should be respected like any other religion
You must not Tsthino a modern state because the U.S. and all its people from the homelands of others, why this Immodesty??

America has never been more... (Below threshold)

America has never been more divided since the Civil War and Obama is leading the way to its destruction at the blind eye of most and with the snickering support of far left liberals, European socialists and hardcore Muslims that want to wipe Israel off the map. What's the only way to destroy the last remaining superpower? From within?

this is why i'm having a ha... (Below threshold)

this is why i'm having a hard time being a proud American. not because of Obama, because how everyone in this country blows thing way out of proportion.

he bowed! so what? at least he didn't put this country in to one of the worst resection since the great depression. do you remember what Bush did for the first 6 months of his presidency? nothing! he didn't do a dame thing! so now from what Bush put the US into (and after he walked away with some fat pockets for him and all his contributers) Obama has to go around asking for a bail out. everything that we have ever done for another country has been for are own gain, other countries know this, so now that we are the ones with are hands out why would they want to help us?

so yeah Obama bowing to a King Abdullah is a huge deal. you people are retarded and are the reason why when i travel i don't tell people i'm an American.

Obama bowing is going to be the fall of America? Bush already did that! now Obama only has one leg to stand on from the get go and has to try and pull thing back together.

you guys keep worrying about him bowing. i'm going to keep worrying about the state are country is in from are form leader and see what i can do to help!

you are the same people that think one person is going to change the country. why don't you stop pointing out stupid shit and see what you can do to help. so far it looks like most of you are the problem. retards!

i've watched this video ove... (Below threshold)

i've watched this video over and over. it doesn't look like a bow. it looks like he's checking something out on the floor, as are the other people standing around. they're all looking down at the floor at the same time. like he dropped something, or saw something on the floor that should be picked up. dunno. but it's not a bow.

if it IS, i'll be the first to throw stones.

i think we'll hear a reply from the white house staff this week that will clarify.

I don't understand why some... (Below threshold)

I don't understand why some people feel disappointed from Obama just because he show respect to other people. Bowing does not mean make some body down. It means only respect. Saudi and the US government have a very strong relationship and they respect each other a lot. Why it is a big deal to show respect to people that we have a strong relationship with?. I am sure that King Abdullah respect Obama a lot.

Obama showed his weakness b... (Below threshold)

Obama showed his weakness by bowing to a foreign head of state. He is showing his true colors little by little just like he did when he was interviewed on ABC News and it starts off;
(Obama) "John McCain has not talked about my Muslim Faith"
then corrected
(interviewer) "Christian Faith"
(Obama) "... my Christian Faith"
What a P.O.S! Look it up and you be the judge.

You people are fucking scar... (Below threshold)

You people are fucking scary!!!

Those of you that mention P... (Below threshold)

Those of you that mention President Bush holding hands with King Abdullah, in the Middle East this is a sign of respect and friendship. A head of state bowing to another head of state is a sign of subjugation. There is a big difference between the two. Pres. Obama has made several diplomacy gaffes that reflect poorly on all Americans.

This is insane!!!! Bowing i... (Below threshold)
William Mandell:

This is insane!!!! Bowing is a sign of submission. We a r e soooooo s c r e w e d !

Spineless freaking lib-er-a... (Below threshold)

Spineless freaking lib-er-als. Is this is what you voted for?

Wow, just when you think it... (Below threshold)

Wow, just when you think it can't get any worse, he gives the U.S. the finger and bows down to the terrorists. IMPEACH HIM NOW!

Some say these are gaffes. ... (Below threshold)

Some say these are gaffes. I think not. I believe (not to sound like a conspiracy theorist), that his has been planned precisely. It went into effect too quickly and smoothly. He pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and he has got to go! I believe there is much more trouble on the horizon. Do we have the stomach for a leader of this nature? I don't think so!

I am 16 years old, and read... (Below threshold)

I am 16 years old, and reading some of these comments makes me embarrassed to belong to this nation. Are you serious? Obama leaning over respectfully to acnowledge the presence of another world leader means he's now a Muslim-sympathizing, flag-burning, America-hating idiot, huh? what scares me so much is how many of you out there actually support this rubbish.

Give me a break.

So WHAT? Big deal. focust o... (Below threshold)

So WHAT? Big deal. focust on saving some money for the good of USA. It is time to join the whole world rather than live in an isolated one. Let us first be friends and then with out power and influence do good, say good and think good. You sometime have to bow down gently to a snake to capture and handle it gracefully.

The Saudi family has been r... (Below threshold)

The Saudi family has been rumored to have been the major contributor to Obamas Harvard tuition. Of course he bowed. It was a sign of gratitude and acknowledgement of a debt owed.

I see on this thread that s... (Below threshold)

I see on this thread that some are calling the grovel by Obama a "courtly bow". Spin it ladies and gents, just spin it!

He failed to show the same courtesy to the Queen of England.

Why is that? Ask yourself some very important questions here, if you have the guts. If you think, and dig a little deeper in your brain, perhaps you will come up with the correct answer.

The Saudi's financed 09/11, where 3000+ Americans were killed, and the leader of the free world bows and scrapes to these murdering idiots and you DEFEND HIM!

You are just as bad as he is! You wouldn't last five minutes in Saudi Arabia. They would have your head on a platter and you would be wondering what you did wrong as the axe falls.

I agree with 16 year old Ry... (Below threshold)

I agree with 16 year old Ryan. I am shocked at the ignorance of most of the posters here. You cannot seriously believe Barack Obama is a Muslim and so what if he was? We have an economic crisis in this country, a botched war in Iraq (including no bid contracts to Haliburton), and general mistrust of us by most of the world, all brought about by the Bush/Chaney debacle of the last eight years and you people can only comment that Obama is a Muslim because he showed respect to the Saudi king and the Saudi Family paid for his college education? Are you kidding? Now that is embarrassing. Obama has accomplished more for this country in a few months than Bush did in eight years.

Mr. President: What ... (Below threshold)
one patriot of many:

Mr. President:
What in the heck do you think you're doing? You've pissed off the Brits. You've told the rest of the world we are responsible for many of the world's ills, that we're sorry, and that we now confess our sins and want to make nice. Now you travel to the G20 -- representing the American nation -- you bow to the king of Saudi Arabia (for your information, he's referred to as "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques" in the Arab world) and, in effect, make the American people look like an ass before the world. The United States of America has nothing to be ashamed of. American service personnel (supported by the Brits and many of our allies) have spilt more blood saving the rest of the world from bad guys that want us, and our way of life, dead. I suggest you do the job you were hired to do: learn world affairs and protocol, fire your handlers, support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and be President. If you can't do that, quit and let Mr. Biden take over. I trully believe the world is playing you like a fiddle...they're laughing at you and us. And the bad guys are waiting in the isles to give us another 911. Do you want that kind of a legacy on your hands, on your watch? I want to believe you are a better man than that! I'm not saying we should gloat. What I am saying is that we have every right to stand tall...we've earned that right. If it offends the rest of the world, they'll just have to be offended.

Well I don't think anything... (Below threshold)
nyla allen:

Well I don't think anything is wrong with it because President Obama is just trying to show respect to the man because he just can't go over to someone else's country and just act all big and bad. Like yeah I'm the man. No! He didn't do that. So everyone that has had a problem with that can go to H*** and burn for all we care. Because the man didn't do anything wrong;unlike some of these dumb people out here. Maybe someone needs to teach you manners. Dumb A!!!

My god! Who are we even kid... (Below threshold)

My god! Who are we even kidding? Why are we even questioning if he bowed or not. Come on, we all have brains don't we? TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!!!

Obama is to be comme... (Below threshold)
Yasser A. Tamimi:

Obama is to be commended for his positive attitude towards different global issues. Saluting a king of speacial attributes and showing respect to him (and to the Islamic nation he symbilizes) is indeed a very wise gesture made by a great person. This gesture of respect is indeed a step towards refuting the myths about the arogance of Amereican foreign policy and its double standards in addressing Muslims and Arab' issues.

No harm done. A great perso... (Below threshold)
Yasser A. Tamimi:

No harm done. A great person is simply saluting a king of speacial attributes. He is in a sense a symbol of Arab and the Islamic nation. This is in harmony with Obama's positive attitude and attempts of building trust with the Islamic word for the benefit and interest of the United States.

It seems like President Oba... (Below threshold)
Anwar Ben Messaoud:

It seems like President Obama is doing a Bo Bo Bo... Boeing policy with the Muslim World. Quite rapid though, but efficient or not no one knows, and only the next future can answer the world of what is behind this ambiguous Bow.

Too bad he didn't show the ... (Below threshold)

Too bad he didn't show the same deference and respect for our true allies, the Queen of England.

The Saudi's financed 09/11. I just wonder how many on this thread (if they had close loved ones killed in the Twin Towers, Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania) would be singing Obama's praise for his groveling?

It seems there are a good many hard-hearted people in this country who cannot actually feel the pain of their fallen neighbors; no compassion is visible until they experience it first hand with their own loved ones. How soon we forget. If we do not learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat the past. What if the next attack takes your dearest loved one? Will it be okay then to see Obama grovel at the feet of the Saudi's? Does your own racism dictate your words? These are thinking questions, so I would not actually hope to get a real response, just someone tell me they wished I would go to hell. That's a low class person and one who has no feelings for others.

Supposition: Obama is subs... (Below threshold)

Supposition: Obama is subservient to the Arab King

Evidence: A Bow.

Conclusion: Are you fucking kidding? What else you got? He's a Muslim? NOt that again....grow up.

A bit of a worry when Obama... (Below threshold)

A bit of a worry when Obama doesn't know who his real friends are

I don't think it quite look... (Below threshold)

I don't think it quite looked like a bow, more like curtsy

Michelle Obama hugged the q... (Below threshold)

Michelle Obama hugged the queen , Barack Obama bow down to the king of Saudi
This is their first official visit
More will come, cross your fingers dear America
This is their first official visit
More will come, cross your fingers dear America
This is their first official visit
More will come, cross your fingers dear America
This is their first official visit
More will come, cross your fingers dear America
This is their first official visit
More will come, cross your fingers dear America






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