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Journey to the Center of Obama's Mind

Richard Epstein, one of Obama's colleagues at University of Chicago law school and former neighbor in Hyde Park, spoke with Peter Robinson about his experiences working with Barack Obama. The big nugget of information that you can come away with about the president is that you don't want to play poker with him. He's a control freak who maintains vigilant control over his environment, his feelings, and his presentation to the world. Epstein explains this is why Obama will not make even the briefest of remarks without a teleprompter, in spite of his reputation as a great orator.


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Interesting interview. I a... (Below threshold)

Interesting interview. I also think that it is very telling that Epstein says that Obama is strongly dogmatic in his beliefs and will not bend on his left-wing agenda.

Cold, humorless and ruthless - this is the real Obama.

This "moderate, unifier" stuff is all a lie - a David Axelrod created image that doesn't really exist.

The reason he won't talk wi... (Below threshold)

The reason he won't talk without a teleprompter is because he stammers and stutters and sounds like an idiot without it.

He stammers, stutters and s... (Below threshold)

He stammers, stutters and sounds like an idiot with a prompter as well.

I guess he is just an idiot.

Epstein may be in the wrong... (Below threshold)

Epstein may be in the wrong profession.
If he can completely analyze someone's personality after "one or two conversations", he should obviously be in psychiatry.

Rance -Colleague, ... (Below threshold)

Rance -

Colleague, neighbor, played poker with Obama - seems to me he probably spent a fair amount of time with him.

The 'control freak' thing is kind of worrisome, though. How much resistance to his 'control' will be tolerated?

Whoops - listening to it, h... (Below threshold)

Whoops - listening to it, he didn't play poker with Obama. My bad!

Question is - what created ... (Below threshold)

Question is - what created his reputation as an orator? Sure, he's a good reader...though it's annoying to watch his head snap back and forth between 'prompters and ignore everyone in-between.

Obomber as 'orator':


Yeah, we wouldn't want anyo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we wouldn't want anyone as president who had a disposition to stay the course no matter what happened. I mean, that would become a point of riducule if I am not mistaken.

Ya mean to say Obama is an ... (Below threshold)

Ya mean to say Obama is an empty suit? What a surprise.

I wonder how he won 3/3 deb... (Below threshold)

I wonder how he won 3/3 debates then? Either way, if this is all you got - (and based on the number of posts, it is) great.

"Journey to the center o... (Below threshold)

"Journey to the center of Obamas mind"

Do You mean to tell us the teleprompter is making money giving guided tours of Obamas small offiscated diabolically bereft of substance gray matter?

Its a small world after all, its a small world after all

Is that true!!!!!!!!!he is ... (Below threshold)

Is that true!!!!!!!!!he is just an idiot.....

Meh. Say what you want. It ... (Below threshold)

Meh. Say what you want. It makes no difference to the rest of us who live in a world unfettered by hatred for Obama.

The Bush administration was bankrupt of ideas and corrupt to the core. His disasterous policies have lead us to this economy.

Four years from now, when we're clearly in the midst of a good recovery and alot of good has been done in the world, you dead-enders will still be squawking about how bad a President he is.

The rest of us will be as we are now - embarrassed by your ignorance and hatred. Take a hike, fools.
notiz=Take a hike yourself, tool

If you want to undertand Ob... (Below threshold)

If you want to undertand Obama, focus on one thing: POWER.

Verbal - "The Bush admi... (Below threshold)

Verbal - "The Bush administration was bankrupt of ideas and corrupt to the core. His disasterous [sic] policies have lead us to this economy."

You mean like his immigration policy that was offered and mirrored what the dems desired? (and was soundly booed off the legislative map because of public outcry from dems and reps alike.)

You mean like the No Child Left Behind Act that had Ted Kennedy's stamp of approval all over it?

There are more like instances but I'm sure you neither care or sadly - understand.

Meh. Say what you want. ... (Below threshold)

Meh. Say what you want. It makes no difference to the rest of us who live in a world unfettered by hatred for Obama.

Unfettered by rational thought and intellect, as well. For disastrous policies, grow a brain and read up on CRA - congratulate Dodd and Frank for their lack of oversight on Fannie and Freddie.

Sounds like you're already living in your private candy-land of unicorns, skittles and rainbows. My guess as to your assertion of recovery is that you're already on the gummint dole, and are looking forward to more largesse.

"I wonder how He won 3/3... (Below threshold)

"I wonder how He won 3/3 debates than"

1.) He was debating an idiot that he outidioted.

2. He is supposedly non white.

3. He had his own teleprompter to answer its own programming You idiot.

I wonder how he won 3/3 ... (Below threshold)

I wonder how he won 3/3 debates then?

Debates? There were no debates. There were song and dance shows, and Barry is great at those.

It would be hard to find a ... (Below threshold)

It would be hard to find a post and (most) comments more devoid of intellectual rigor, moral probity, and simple sense than this one. Nothing illustrates the squalor of the current repuglican ethos than the 'ideas" contained in this post.

What mind?... (Below threshold)

What mind?

........ (Below threshold)







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