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633,000 jobs lost last month under the Obama economy.

A $3.6 trillion budget to be debated.

A national debt of $10.9 trillion.

Bailouts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, governmental takeovers of private institutions.

Our Republican leaders must be hard at work trying to figure out how to help this country, right?

So what's the focus of Senator John McCain and Representative Peter King?

Pardoning black 1913 heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson.

Johnson was prosecuted under the Mann Act of 1910, a broad and at times unjustly interpreted act which was supposed to prohibited men having sex with underage women, banning the interstate transportation of females for "immoral purposes".

In a travesty of racial injustice, it was used to prosecute Johnson, who had a white girlfriend, and slept with a white prostitute.

An unjust, racially motivated use of the act, for sure.

However, you would think there to be other, more terrible acts of racism on which to focus one's attention in a historical aspect that could and have been addressed.

It is one thing to note and acknowledge aspects of an unjust history. It is quite another to dote on it.

Representative King, on Fox News proclaimed this to be a "cloud" over America.

He said "the moment has come with Obama," as the first black president to pardon Jack Johnson.

"It speaks to our country," King said, that the "symbolism is there", presumably to show the world some atonement for this act of racism.

This is what our Republican "leaders" are devoting their time to? Fixating on a century-old injustice while all hell breaks loose around us?

Is this an attempt to gain some credibility with the black population? Do these two "leaders" think this is going to mean anything or do anything to change the perception or popularity of the Republican party in the eyes of minorities, as so many have suggested they ought to do for the party's survival?

I don't know if Senator McCain realizes it, but he just got trounced by a black man in the presidential race.

I can think of no more "symbolic" picture as a young black man beating an old white man for President of the United States.

That this is what these two men are focusing on at this pivotal juncture in our nation's history is the true injustice, and they should be ashamed of themselves.



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Comments (12)

John McCain would do well t... (Below threshold)

John McCain would do well to avoid matters of substance, Shawn, as he tends to piss off liberals and conservatives alike when attempting to do his job. Symbolic grandstanding is what the guy is best suited for, and so he should be lauded for finally accepting his limitations as a lawmaker and playing to his own strengths.

If there's an injustice her... (Below threshold)

If there's an injustice here then it needs to be dealt with, but is he still alive? If not, then this is maddening to me.

What I can't understand is why Wall Street and the rest of the markets are reacting like nothing is happening in the jobs side of things and the rest of the economy. And now I see from WSJ that the TARP is being retooled to show that it's actually going to cost us more as tax payers then initially what we were told. ( CBO: TARP May Be More Costly Than First Thought)

Top it off with what the government is seeking control wise in the boardrooms of banks and other businesses and financials should be running scarred. It's Fascism 101.

With all this spending to top things off, gold should be going through the roof and wall street to the floor. Yet right now I'm looking at the DOW and it's down a little on jobless claims, but it's not really reacting and gold is slipping below $900 according to real time widget ExactExactPrice.

It's just mind numbing to me. I can't figure out how so many can just turn a blind eye.

Just more of the same. As ... (Below threshold)

Just more of the same. As in people and companies TODAY, apologizing for slavery WHICH THEY NEVER ENGAGED IN to people WHO WERE NEVER HELD AS SLAVES.

Let's all have a big GROUP HUG. It won't solve a damned thing, but gosh!, we'll all feel better about ourselves!

GarandFan, I like your thin... (Below threshold)

GarandFan, I like your thinking: if we would just ignore everybody who has ever been wronged until they die, then justice will have been served.

Unfulfilled moral obligations can be passed down from generation to generation; and having a duty to make restitution does not necessarily imply that you are personally responsible for that which you are called to make restitution for.

And, just because southern white people squandered the massive material advantage that slavery afforded them, does not mean that they have no inherited obligation of wronging a right, even if only through symbolism and a genuine expression of kindness.

Hyperbolist:Your i... (Below threshold)


Your insulting posts are becoming tiresome.
So is much of your cut and paste posts.
As to your sneer about southern white people,
you are quite over the line.
How about you address the problem of
african slavery where it originated,
and goes on today.
Let's include African tribes who raided neighboring tribes, moving their captives
to the coasts for sale to whomever would pay for them,including arabs.
When the United States taxpayers are forced into reparations for injustices done
hundreds of years ago, let's see the
same reparations from Africans who are
descended from the african slavers.

maggie, I understand that y... (Below threshold)

maggie, I understand that you're the editor, and enjoy the status and all of the trappings that come along with it. However, please don't ever think that your personal opinion could ever make a shred of difference to how I view myself, or any other thing in the world.

I have nothing to learn about the history of slavery, or the debate on reparations, from you. Notice that I never said anything about material reparations, and was speaking only of moral obligation in general. For you to infer that that implies financial restitution is revealing of how litigious you are. As for the "sneer", you can complain about my tone as much as you like, but here is a fact: white southern Americans exploited black slaves; gained significant material advantage; and then squandered it. I have no idea why you would take offence to such a statement, which is so obvious it's bordering on the tautological. And I'm not being condescending (not morally condescending, anyway): I'm of Dutch Canadian heritage, and I'm well aware of abhorrent Dutch colonial actions, not to mention the ongoing national embarrassment that is the ghettoization of our own indigenous peoples.

Hyperbolist;You shou... (Below threshold)

You should reread my post about reparations.
No where did I write the word monetary.
Moving the goal posts doesn't work, nor
My being the comments section editor has nothing to do with the above subject. So move on.
As to the rest of your vapid post, keep on
and I'll treat you like the cheap troll
you are.

Maggie, if you view hyper a... (Below threshold)

Maggie, if you view hyper as a mere nuisance, he doesn't get under your skin. He always gives the cheap shots and lives up to the democrats 3 D's program. ww

Wild Willie,A trol... (Below threshold)

Wild Willie,

A troll by any name is still a cheap troll.

In all fairness to Peter Ki... (Below threshold)
Dennis D:

In all fairness to Peter King he may be running for US Senate against Hillebrand. He needs to court some black votes.

A member of Congress can wo... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

A member of Congress can work on more than one project/task at a time . . . meaning that John McCain and Peter King can work on providing posthumous justice for Jack Johnson while still working on current national issues.

Hell has officially frozen ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hell has officially frozen over. I AGREE WITH MR MALLOW.






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