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MSU Spartans Defeat UConn, Advance to NCAA Championships

Our state of Michigan could use some happiness right now, and the MSU Spartans gave us a lot of it tonight. They defeated UConn pretty handily and now advance to face either University of North Carolina or Villanova in the NCAA championship.

Update: It will be the Spartans versus Tarheels Monday night.


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Comments (9)

Half the state of Michigan ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Half the state of Michigan anyway. The half that are University of Michigan fans are grinding their teeth that the hated and despised Spartans are one step away from a National Championship.

Good for you Spartan fans, ... (Below threshold)

Good for you Spartan fans, from a die-hard Hoosier!

I am with you all the way.

...as long as the happiness... (Below threshold)

...as long as the happiness stops at the Ann Arbor city limits.

Go Tarheels!... (Below threshold)

Go Tarheels!

Diehard Wolvering football ... (Below threshold)

Diehard Wolvering football fan says hat's off to Sparty. Between them and the Red Wings...that's about the only bright spots left in this damn state.

We got out of Wicked in tim... (Below threshold)

We got out of Wicked in time to catch the last 11 minutes on a widescreen in a closed bar at the Marriott in Portland.

Talk about Go Green!!!

Good going! Uplifting!... (Below threshold)
Christina Viering:

Good going! Uplifting!

Got the popcorn, got the be... (Below threshold)

Got the popcorn, got the beer.

Go Green, Go White.

Gotta love Bird and Magic getting the Game Ball. Since Magic won that one, I hope its a sign.

Uh Ohh.I think Izz... (Below threshold)

Uh Ohh.

I think Izzo needs more than a Stimulus Plan now.






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