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Doe a Deer, a Female Deer

A little lighthearted fun this Sunday afternoon courtesy of Brutally Honest. Enjoy:


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What an amazing contrast to... (Below threshold)

What an amazing contrast to this sad episode from two years ago, when The Washington Post cajoled virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell into playing the part of a "street musician" in a busy DC Metro station ...

Michael,Thanks so ... (Below threshold)


Thanks so much for referring us to that WaPo article. What a story! A sad commentary on our times indeed. Wouldn't we like to think we might do better, perhaps behave more like the small children who knew quality when they heard it. Too bad they were unable to overpower their moms in the dragging contest and turn them on to what's really important.

Anyone how you become a par... (Below threshold)
Donna B:

Anyone how you become a part of such grand fun? Thanks.

Such a delight to watch any... (Below threshold)

Such a delight to watch any day of the week.






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