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President Obama's Dangerous Foreign Policy

President Obama continues his week long European apologia. After failing to get a commitment from any NATO ally for combat troops in Afghanistan this week the President will speechify about his goal of a world without nuclear weapons and call for a revival of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and a new version of START 1:

The call for renewed efforts at global nuclear disarmament is likely to be well received in Europe, where Obama is seeking to use his strong popularity to advance his agenda on issues such as Iran and the war in Afghanistan.

The proliferation speech comes after Obama met on Wednesday with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the sidelines of the Group of 20 economic summit, where the two leaders pledged to pursue a new deal to cut nuclear warheads.

The aim to is agree to a successor to the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START 1), which led to the biggest-ever bilateral cuts in nuclear weapons, but expires in December.

It must be asked just what mandate this President brings with him that will mitigate the institutional resistance of Russian leaders to agree to any proposal? Russian President Medvedev and his godfather, Vladimir Putin, have shown no indication that they are considering any reductions, much less actual elimination of strategic weapons. President Obama can't even get his facts right on this issue:

President Barack Obama on Sunday launched an effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons, calling them ''the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War'' and saying the U.S. has a moral responsibility to lead as the only nation to ever use one.

Pardon me Mr. President, but the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War is Russia, the same Russia that routinely demonstrates a disdain for America's established record of "moral responsibility" in world leadership. It is this moral leadership that has resulted in freedom and liberty in regions of the world that have long suffered from Russian hegemony. Failing to acknowledge this (publicly or privately) is a problem that will only worsen in light of the President's empty rhetoric and lack of any "portfolio" on the matter of force projection and protections of freedom.

The legacy media that learned nothing from foreign policy successes dating back to the Reagan administration focuses instead on Mr. Obama's strategy of leading with the weak hand. Why else would the New York Times devote an entire opinion piece to the President's willingness to shake a policeman's hand in London on the same weekend the North Koreans launch a ballistic missile? There exists a complete disconnect between the realities of a dangerous world and the priorities of an obsequious press that is blind to the inabilities and shallowness of a President that obviously is in well over his head on his first foreign trip.


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Comments (18)

President Obama needs to ma... (Below threshold)

President Obama needs to make his first phone call to Pres George Bush and ask him what he should do now.

"Pardon me Mr. President, b... (Below threshold)

"Pardon me Mr. President, but the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War is Russia"

He was only 8 years old at the time.

Wonder if he's going to sug... (Below threshold)

Wonder if he's going to suggest we unilaterally dismantle all our nukes, just to show the world how serious we are about the possibility of a nuke-free world...

Typical sabotage of Israeli... (Below threshold)

Typical sabotage of Israeli lobby !!

Realistically speaking, nuc... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Realistically speaking, nuclear weapons will never be banned, however both the U.S. and Russians would save hundreds of billions of dollars with less of an arm race and better relations. With oil prices low for the Russians depressing their treasury, and the recession dragging down the U.S., some sort of economic detente slowing the arms race might be likely.

Paul Hooson, you may be rig... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson, you may be right that a slowing of the nuclear arms race would be likely between Russia and the U.S., if there were one.

Just how many new nuclear warheads are being built in either country? Shouldn't we be more worried about N. Korea's?

Nuclear disarmament is so 1980s. I think Russia will go along gleefully in renewing the Start treaty because it has no actual bearing on their plans. Nor does it on ours, so it's wonderful for grandiose headlines and proclamations on both sides.


Enjoy what you ele... (Below threshold)

Enjoy what you elected, 52%.

IF we survive the experience.

Easy Donna B. Paul is stil... (Below threshold)

Easy Donna B. Paul is still living in the past.

"No one has ever s... (Below threshold)
"No one has ever shaken the hand of the policeman before, and like everyone else who has his palm touched by Barack Obama, he was visibly transported and briefly forgot himself."

-NYT opinion piece

Wow... just... wow. In the tank much?!?!

Obama said the Nor... (Below threshold)
Obama said the North Korean action served only to underscore the need for the actions he outlined.

''Rules must be binding,'' he said. ''Violations must be punished. Words must mean something.''

This from the administration that believes the words "War on Terror" won't be used anymore though the actual conflict is so obviously still going strong. What's it called now? The Overseas Contingency Operation?

"Just words", indeed.

Welcome to La La Land! Our ... (Below threshold)

Welcome to La La Land! Our Chief Obamalala has spoken and the world is rejoicing! The problem is, their leaders aren't.
China didn't stop the N. Koreans and it could have. Obamalala could not bring unity at G-20 and the N. Koreans fired a missile up the world's *ss. Look for China to move against Taiwan to control the financial world that they need to go along with the Hong Kong. And the message that sends to the rest of the world is now ripe for the picking by the Chinese. Russia will move against the Ukraine and recover the arsenal they lost when the USSR broke up. They have no delusions about the Chinese desire for world domination and they will consolidate their strangle-hold over energy to Europe. And all under the nose of Europe and the U.S. After all, we are joined at the hip now. What Obamalala wants for us is to be the straggler, with the ever so enlightened Europe, in a three-legged race in the world because we deserve it. We have been arrogant.

Thank God Bush, Cheney and ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Thank God Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld aren't there to fan the flames. Remember, "Bring it on." North Korea does as it pleases, George Bush was in office for 8 years, in that time North Korea developed missile technology (launching 7 missiles on a 4th of July), processed 40 kg of plutonium, tested a nuclear warhead and show Mr. Bush it's middle finger, and what did Mr. Bush do? Nothing, nothing and nothing, nada, after threatening so much he did nothing, useless sanctions at the U.N. just do not cut it, after threatening North Korea each time, they did what they wanted to do anyway, we ended up looking like the dog that barked a lot, got kicked and did not bite. I would counsel President Obama not to bark if he is not going to bite or he will end up looking like George Bush, all hat and no cattle.

"There exists a complete di... (Below threshold)

"There exists a complete disconnect between the realities of a dangerous world and the priorities of an obsequious press that is blind to the inabilities and shallowness of a President that obviously is in well over his head on his first foreign trip."

This "disconnect" is a result of the leftist notion that America is the problem. Their thinking is as follows: if we live in a dangerous world, it is because of America's bullying.


Beyond disarmament, I think... (Below threshold)

Beyond disarmament, I think we should not overlook how Obama had just signed on to the G20 and subjected all companies even remotely involved with financial institutions under an international body. Financial regulations, pay scales, corporate governance, all now dictated by an international group not elected by our citizens.

jc hammer - "and what d... (Below threshold)

jc hammer - "and what did Mr. Bush do? Nothing, nothing and nothing, nada, after threatening so much he did nothing, useless sanctions at the U.N. just do not cut it, after threatening North Korea each time, they did what they wanted to do anyway,"

What did Bush do you ask?

The very same thing that barack hussein obama will do; Call on the ineffectual U.N. and the IAEA to do "something." And not much else.

He may also follow Bush's lead and resume the 6 party talks... put another way obama is Bush The Third.

Certainly nuclear disarmame... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Certainly nuclear disarmament will never happen. Tiny states like Israel, which is only 11 miles wide at one point need their nukes to deter outside aggression. However, the U.S. and Russia may dismantle a few weapons and slow the development of a few more as the global economy strains world military budgets. Russia currently has at least 5,500 armed warheads with a total of about 8,000 that could quickly deployed. And Russia strategic bombers fly very close to American shores in Alaska and other places as well as their submarines playing cat and mouse games with the U.S. Navy. This stuff should stop if Russia really wants better relations with the U.S.

Perhaps Bambi really believ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Perhaps Bambi really believes that reading someone else's pretty words off a teleprompter will change the law of physics and uninvent nuclear weapons. Or maybe he's just giving the euro-weanies what they want to hear. He lies to us, I suspect he's lying to them. But if he is really that kum ba ya naive, the first dirty bomb that goes off in an American city should wake him up.

Not sure why you're getting... (Below threshold)

Not sure why you're getting negative votes, Hooson; you actually made salient and reasonable points. And you did it briefly too.

I'd chalk it up to shock and and repetitive reflex from most commentors.






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