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Indianapolis Mayor Robbed in Detroit

The Mayor of Indianapolis was in Detroit to see the NCAA tournament when he was robbed as he walked backed to his hotel. That was a mistake:

Ballard had been walking to his hotel after watching a NCAA Final Four basketball tournament game when he stopped to help a man apparently having a seizure, a police report said.

Vane said while the mayor was attempting to aid the man, at least two additional men approached and surrounded Ballard.

Police told WRTV the men, including the individual who had appeared to been having a seizure, fled the scene.

"Almost immediately, Mayor Ballard realized that his phone had been taken," Vane said in a news release.

He's lucky only his cell phone was taken.


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Comments (10)

His Honor is lucky they did... (Below threshold)

His Honor is lucky they didn't cap his ass just for grins. Detroit, "the workers paradise".

Strike 1: Being in Detroit ... (Below threshold)

Strike 1: Being in Detroit for ANY reason
Strike 2: Walking alone in ANY major city
Strike 3: Being unaware of your surrouding at ANY time!

that sure looks like 3 strikes to me! GarandFan is right...Hizzoner Da Mayor is lucky to not be toe-tagged right now!

Wasnt Hope and Change gonna... (Below threshold)

Wasnt Hope and Change gonna make everything all better?

How come 10 worst cities in US(Crime, poverty, etc) are all DEM?

"How come the 10 worst city... (Below threshold)
Bow Before Me Obama:

"How come the 10 worst citys in US (crime,poverty, etc) are all Dem?"

Cause dem DEMs are so damned DUM.

The Spartans are being mugg... (Below threshold)

The Spartans are being mugged at Ford Field.

Most interesting the fact t... (Below threshold)

Most interesting the fact that Greg is retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel... Greg, Detroit is not Kuwait and not Indy neither! Prabably, First Gulf War was safer place for mayor, isn't it?

How come 10 worst cities... (Below threshold)

How come 10 worst cities in US(Crime, poverty, etc) are all DEM?

Good point, GianiD. Further to that, how come most of the worst states for literacy, teen pregnancy, STD infection, and infant mortality are Republican?

GianiD, either you failed your senior year social geography course, or (more likely) you never took one and are using words and concepts that exceed your understanding. Either way, you have no business discussing demographic trends.

Hyperbolist" ho... (Below threshold)


" how come most of the worst states for literacy,teen pregnancy,STD infection and infant mortality are Republican?"

In your fantasy world you would know what you were talking about. absent of proof you can just lie.

Seriously Hyper, care to ba... (Below threshold)

Seriously Hyper, care to back that up with something resembling evidence?

I suppose this mayor will w... (Below threshold)

I suppose this mayor will want even more stupid gun control laws is he party of that jerk MICHEAL BLOOMBURGS stupid MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS






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