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An Observation

Here's a small prediction:

Tonight (Weds.) Bill O'Reilly, in response to a comment by Dick Morris, made a statement that if the economy starts to rebound, Obama will be "in tall cotton". (Or something worded to that effect.)

Let's see how long it takes the loons on the left to brand that a racist statement.

Starts in 3. 2. 1...


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And then he'll express shoc... (Below threshold)

And then he'll express shock that Obama didn't go to Iraq and ask for "ice tea, m-fer."

Really though, I can't imagine why anyone would brand O'Reilly a racist.

And if O'Reilly keeps his j... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

And if O'Reilly keeps his job he'll be in a field of clover. You can't use the word cotton in the same sentence with Obama, not even to say what kind of T-shirts he likes. You can't use the scientific term "black hole" either as it's considered racist if used in a derogatory way to describe anything any African American has anything to do with. You also have to be careful how you us the words, dark, chimp, ape, jungle, tar, nappy, and disagree in the same sentence with Obama.

Obama probably doesn't have... (Below threshold)

Obama probably doesn't have a clue where cotton comes from. Probably believes O'Reilly meant a large oversized T-shirt.

Ha ha ha...It not like he s... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha...It not like he said field of watermelons or something...ha ha ha

Mac Lorry

You may use the word chimp or monkey as long as its framed as a reference to Boooshh.

"Let's see how long it take... (Below threshold)

"Let's see how long it takes the loons on the left to brand that a racist statement."

Hmmm...still waiting.

This is the first I've hear... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This is the first I've heard of it.

Persecution complex much?

Still waiting...... (Below threshold)

Still waiting...

Yeah, we're still waiting b... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we're still waiting because the liberal bloggers didn't go after that, and won't. It's NBD, so why should they? O'Reilly and Beck and Limbaugh have enough really wrong with them, we don't have to sweat the silly little stuff. But every time we'd have a countdown on our blogs for "when will [Republican official soandso] apologize to Rush Limbaugh for criticizing him" - in a few days, said sad ReRushlickin' official would indeed apologize to Rush! That's a countdown you can depend on ...






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