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You Gonna Believe the White House or Your Lying Eyes?

From the Weekly Standard:

Ben Smith appears to be the first reporter to ask the White House why Barack Obama bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, a violation of more than two centuries of tradition and protocol holding that American presidents never bow before royalty. The answer the White House gave Smith: "It wasn't a bow."
Read the full post to find out which liberal blog conceded that Obama bowed and to find out how much attention the bow got from the media.


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If they lie about the littl... (Below threshold)

If they lie about the little things......

But this is not little in my book.

It's the new Newspeak. It's... (Below threshold)

It's the new Newspeak. It's Obamaspeak.
A bow is not a bow. It's a handshake.

Well, he didn't get down on... (Below threshold)

Well, he didn't get down on his knees yet, at least!

I'm with igowisdead. It's ... (Below threshold)

I'm with igowisdead. It's Orwellian Obamaspeak. Just like we're engaged in an "Overseas Contingency Operation" to prevent further "Man-Caused Disasters."

Here I always thought 1984 was just a hypothetical cautionary tale. Now I see more and more, it's quite literal. Scary, that. Eh?

I could not get the link to... (Below threshold)

I could not get the link to work, so I couldn't read the whole article.


The President of the United States should bow in deference to NO other world leader.

It was a show of weakness and atrocious judgement.


It's definitely a bow, but ... (Below threshold)

It's definitely a bow, but I think it might also be a test to see where America's mind set is right now. Michelle Obama kicked up a lot of dust by hugging the queen of England. This is supposedly something you just don't do. Even the queen looked confused in the video at first. She's ambivalent about being touched by someone "lesser" than her, and receiving the outward warmth Michelle projected. It's funny to see in the photos how much the Obamas tower over her.

The media is also conditioning people to accept the world leaders as kin, and to all accept all world belief systems and religions as one. The ultimate result will be the merging of all religions to the ones the elitists want us to bow down to. It's a very subtle technique that will work with most of the world's population.

No, really it wasn't a bow!... (Below threshold)
David B:

No, really it wasn't a bow! He was bending to admire the Kings shoes so he could compliment him on his choice in footwear! LOL

What is even more funny is the reaction from the left wing apologists, "He was bending to place something on a chair, that wasn't a bow!"

To bad there was no chair anywhere close.

Submission Accomplished<... (Below threshold)

Submission Accomplished

Check out the photo on this... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Check out the photo on this page


IT CLEARLY SHOWS OBAMA'S LEFT HAND. So the White House spokesman obviously lied when he said that Obama was using 2 hands to shake the King's Hand.

"It wasn't a bow."... (Below threshold)
"It wasn't a bow."

curtsey ?

I watched the video retired... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I watched the video retired military linked. There's no doubt Obama bowed. I'm sure that's no big deal to the left wing of the left, but the White House has now been caught in a senseless lie. I guess that's just part of the change you can believe in.

There aint no way to hide y... (Below threshold)

There aint no way to hide your lyin eyes.

It depends on the definitio... (Below threshold)

It depends on the definition of 'Bow'.

We should all be thankful t... (Below threshold)

We should all be thankful that Obama didn't drop to his knees and, well, REALLY submit!

In view of the amount of mo... (Below threshold)

In view of the amount of money probably funneled into the Obama campaign by the Saudi king, I believe it would be ungracious not to acknowledge the debt.

How is it that the Smartest... (Below threshold)

How is it that the Smartest Administration with the most talent and true world citizen have not a clue when it comes to langue, protocol and history.

Maybe because these people have never done anything in the real world.

The real issue is they do not even understand the consequences of their actions. They show disrespect to our allies and show contempt for the American People who have elected him.

b.o. is showing contempt to... (Below threshold)

b.o. is showing contempt to the people that DID NOT vote for him.

Correction:b.o. has ... (Below threshold)

b.o. has shown, is showing and will continue showing contempt FOR the people that DID NOT vote for him.

The WH made a mistake. The... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

The WH made a mistake. They denied he made a bow, they indicate that the media left out the letter "L".

Bad media.

Wasn't a bow.... (Below threshold)

Wasn't a bow.

He tripped on the teleprompter cord.

"Submission Accomplished"</... (Below threshold)

"Submission Accomplished"

2010 campaign sticker.

Can not respect a man who b... (Below threshold)

Can not respect a man who bows to anyone but God, (well, maybe his wife, too).

No matter what obama does the media will spin it into "something postive" because they know a lot of people are sheep and will believe anything they print or report.

Incredibly, I'm starting to... (Below threshold)

Incredibly, I'm starting to miss Jimmy Carter.

Bow...genuflect...curtsey..... (Below threshold)


whatever, it all amounts to the same thing

meanwhile we have dozens of politicians flying to Cuba to do the same thing to Castro, Clinton's gone to China to do the same thing, The Teleprompted One We Have Been Waiting For rolled over and exposed his belly to Iran, Putin's probably still just laughing himself hoarse with glee that he doesn't have to deal with McCain...

might as well get used to it

Taller people do have to be... (Below threshold)

Taller people do have to bend down to shake hands, whether with one or two. Maybe so, maybe not and I'd rather it turn out he didn't (for the principle of the thing, not to save him from embarrasment.) In any case, George W Bush walked around holding hands with the same King Abdullah - it became a gay icon for awhile. Nor was GWB known for candor.

Claiming it wasn't a bow is... (Below threshold)

Claiming it wasn't a bow is ridiculous as is claiming he had to been over that far to shake hands. The Queen of England is much shorter and he didn't been that far over for her.

So the left's plan is to 1)... (Below threshold)

So the left's plan is to 1) lie about what President Teleprompter did; and/or 2) make the point that Bush knew more about foreign relations than P.T. and knew that holding hands was a sign of equal respect and followed that route instead of bowing which conveys the sense that one is in a lesser position in, oh, say every culture imaginable? (barring mutual bowing, of course, which we did not see)

Those are your arguments? Lie or admit that Bush had it all over your savior while admitting your own ignorance about foreign customs in order to mock homosexuals? Quality.

Bow to your sensei!... (Below threshold)

Bow to your sensei!

Heh, clever props there. Bu... (Below threshold)

Heh, clever props there. But I just saw the video and studied carefully: Obama is so far from Abdullah when he reaches out, O would have to lean down just to shake hands.

What was he doing Neil? Rea... (Below threshold)

What was he doing Neil? Rearing up to fart? ww






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