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Time to Party Tomorrow

In my column at Townhall I list a few reasons to attend a Tax Day Tea Party in your area this week. Here is Doug Powers' reason for attending:

For me, these tea parties are about putting an end to waste. Not the waste of money (though obviously that's a major concern), but rather the tragic waste of American ingenuity, innovation, creativity and philanthropy.

Think about the monumental efforts in both time and intellect that are wasted in order to satisfy insane government demands.

I attend the tea parties as a way of showing that it saddens me to know that people who might have otherwise cured a horrible disease, designed grand buildings, created art and music, invented a car that runs on kumquats that people actually want to buy, expanded their businesses, explored the farthest reaches of the universe or had more time to devote to charity are now spending most of their energy trying to figure out a way to write off their lawnmowers as dependents.

It's a waste, and it's an insult to those who helped build this great nation, and to those who have died defending it.

Read my column for links to information about a tea party near you.


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Comments (10)

Think about the monument... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Think about the monumental efforts in both time and intellect that are wasted in order to satisfy insane government demands.

These tea tax protests that seem very heavily libertarian tinged ... believe businesses should not be under attack by the United States government, especially during a tough economy and you oppose increased government control of the private sector... believe the way to promote and encourage strong businesses and entrepreneurial spirit is to attack CEOs for taking bonuses the government and so on.

However, I notice that now that the SEC is no longer under "the see no evil", go easy on enforcement, Ayn Rand apostle, Orange County Republican, Christopher Cox, but under new management, it is now starting to look into the 'entrepreneurial spirit' of some of these Wall Street executives who authorized these enormous bonuses without telling their shareholders.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing whether Bank of America broke the law by not telling shareholders about Merrill Lynch's plan to pay out $3.6bn in bonuses before they voted for a government-backed merger of the two banks.

Merrill paid the bonuses in December, days before it was acquired by BofA and a month before bonuses were normally dispensed.

The incident has stirred controversy because Merrill was racking up record losses of $27.5bn for the year when it paid the bonuses, and Ken Lewis, BofA chief executive, eventually asked for $20bn in taxpayers' money to complete the takeover.

It was bad enough when our ... (Below threshold)

It was bad enough when our tax dollars just went to pay bureaucrats and build government buildings, but now most public funds go to redistribution of income, and a lot of that redistribution is to businesses which have failed. Government imposes insane regulations on the car companies (e.g., CAFE mileage standards) and then ends up paying billions to bail out those same companies. Unfortunately, there is no way to show what good use those dollars would have been put to if they had not been confiscated by the tax collector.

Crickmore,Get a dict... (Below threshold)

Get a dictionary. Learn what entrepreneur means.

Steve Crickmore: "However, ... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore: "However, I notice that now that the SEC is no longer under "the see no evil", go easy on enforcement..."

You mean like during the dot-com boom years during the Clinton Administraton?

I think the best reason to ... (Below threshold)

I think the best reason to attend a Tea Party is because Tea Parties have scared the liberals absolutely sh*tless. They are the most powerful political phenomenon since Sarah Palin, and liberals honestly have no idea how to counter them.

So far, all they have been able to do is coordinate a barrage of ridicule, conspiracy theories, and outright lies and then trumpet this propaganda throughout the liberal blogosphere.

Come to think of it, that sounds just like their initial response to Sarah Palin, doesn't it? Reality check: that kind of hateful backlash didn't work against Palin, and it won't stop the Tea Party movement.

The next four years are going to be very interesting indeed.

Be careful tomorrow. Homela... (Below threshold)

Be careful tomorrow. Homeland Security will be out in force trying to arrest "right wing extremists" like us. I think they call them the brown shirts.

They are the most powerf... (Below threshold)

They are the most powerful political phenomenon since Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was so powerful, she singlehandedly torpedoed John McCain's chances of ever becoming President and sullied the Republican brand even more than it was already.

...that kind of hateful backlash didn't work against Palin...

She lost the election and McCain wouldn't let her near the podium to give a concession speech. But for Michael Laprarie, that's a victory for Palin and not the people who laughed at her throughout the campaign.

FG,Wear your tin f... (Below threshold)


Wear your tin foil hat. They won't be able to see you.

entrepreneur - someone ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

entrepreneur - someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

'A common misperception about entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurs are wild risk-takers. Entrepreneurs do take risks, but only calculated ones. One of the abilities of successful entrepreneurs share is the ability to evaluate risk.'

Seems to me it is the shareholders of public companies who take the ultimate risks, since so many private investment banks like Goldman Sachs became public companies and neatly transferred the risk to the shareholders.

At least in the Clinton era dot.com bubble all the i.t. companies lost mainly their own money. That didn't happen in the subprime bubble.

Wow! Hyper, you really, rea... (Below threshold)

Wow! Hyper, you really, really hate Sarah. It is a shame to spend time hating someone. It only hurts you.

Sarah is the reason so many people turned out to vote for McCain. If you recall, many republicans especially conservatives are not big McCain fans because he is a RINO. Leave party politics to the citizens in our country and you go on and kill some baby seals. ww






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