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Back for Tax Day Tea Party Day

Yea! Wizbang is back online! If you have links to pictures or information about a Tea Party in your area, feel free to post in the comments section.

Media coverage of the tea parties has been interesting. My favorite comments so far, via Newsbusters:

"The White House says the president is unaware of the tea parties and will hold his own event today," ABC's Dan Harris said on "Good Morning America" on April 15.
Harris's story was the first ABC News report specifically about the tea parties since Rick Santelli's of CNBC's famous rant calling for a Chicago Tea Party back in February. CNBC's Joe Kernen referred to Santelli's impact on spurring the tea parties as a "cultural phenomenon."...

NBC also addressed the tea parties in passing on April 15 "Today." Chuck Todd dismissed the protests as "so-called" tea parties and said "the idea hasn't really caught on."

I didn't see the reports so I don't know the complete context, but that cracked me up. Don't blame Obama or Todd though. How would they know that thousands of people are gathering in hundreds of tea parties across the country, in all 50 states? They probably watch the MSM. Talk about out of touch...

Update: Mid-day update at the Tax Day Tea Party website. Here's an excerpt:

Ohio: Cincinnati: Thousands of people gathered on Fountain Square today. Local12.com video report.

Texas: Austin developing: 1,500 people rally

Iowa: Mason City: Over 150 ... "If I wanted pork, I'd buy a pig." "I'm concerned about the transition from capitalism to socialism," he said. "We're moving fast into socialism." ... Davenport: Karron Schoor of Davenport held a sign that read, "Too much pork. That's our beef." Deficits will crush future generations, she said. "We're talking about trillions and trillions of dollars," he said. "I'd hate to be born today." ... Des Moines: 5,000 expected ... "It's way bigger than taxes," said Joyce Lutz of Des Moines. "We're tired of what's going on." Nearby, another sign warned "2010 elections are coming. Vote 'no' on every incumbent." Lutz concurred. "We want to clean house," the retired bookkeeper said. "We didn't elect them to do all this."

Virginia: Virginia Beach: Hundreds chanting ... "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom" and "U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A," rally participants were toting signs such as "Revolt Against Socialism," "I Will Keep My Freedom, My Guns, My Money. Keep Your Change," and "I Want My Country Back."

Michigan: Livonia: 400 estimated ... "We feel the arrogance in D.C. is at an all-time high. We're hoping this is a rebirth of patriotism, that one person can make a difference." "It's time we stood up and let it be known the government works for us." "We're taxed enough." ... Lansing: The Messenger's Todd Heywood is on the scene and reports that the gathering is enormous. He estimates that there are 4,000 to 7,000 people there and still growing, causing traffic jams in the city. The Ann Arbor protesters met at the Diag, and when the Burton Tower bell tolled at noon, the group began a silent march to the federal building on Liberty Street. During the walk, the protesters drew honks and cheers of support. The group included young and old alike - many holding signs with messages like, "My child is not your ATM" and "Cut taxes not deals."

I'm also getting emails from readers. Remember there are tea parties going on all day long. The one in my area does not start until 6:30 p.m.

Update II: See Michael's report from OKC and Tom Elia's pictures from the Chicago Tea Party.

Update III: I was planning to go to Raleigh Tea Party at 6:30, but have a sick child and weather here is cold and cloudy, so I am watching on television. Melissa Clothier is tweeting pics from the Houston Tea Party.

6:00: Just saw a live report from the first Raleigh tea party which was held beginning at 4:30 at the Federal Courthouse and Post Office where people were dropping off their tax returns to be mailed. There were over 200 there, many with umbrellas. The big rally in Raleigh starts at 6:30 p.m. at the State Capitol. It is not raining now, but is cold and cloudy. The report I saw on our local news, WRAL, was very fair. They even gave viewers a page on their website to go to find the tea party near them.


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Comments (33)

I am in Sacramento. I have... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I am in Sacramento. I have to work until 1:30 pm, but I plan to stop by the capitol to see if the party is still going on. If so I will make the effort to park, and attend.

Follow link to Tea Party ph... (Below threshold)

Follow link to Tea Party photos from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The main stream media's new... (Below threshold)

The main stream media's news outlets reported about the tea parties but said they haven't caught on. Really. Then why report it? They are not only biased buy stupid. ww

I'm confident that the MSM ... (Below threshold)

I'm confident that the MSM will report "a few dozen" Tea Parties took place, with "fewer than 50" attendees each, or something along that line. Is there anything in place (other than pictures and video) to report total attendence at all the gatherings? I'm really curious to see how big that nimber gets.

The local cable news statio... (Below threshold)

The local cable news station ran a story this morning that seemed reasonably straight-forward, basically just talked to the organizer of a local event about what they're doing and let him talk. Also set him up with the 'GOP/corporate initiated events' nonsense and let him smack it out of the park, which was particularly effective since the guy was far from 'slick' and came across like an average joe being interviewed for the first time, which I suspect he is (I don't know who he is, I could be wrong), who did this on his own.

Thanks for the reports. Ke... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks for the reports. Keep'em coming.

Falze, let me know if you find a link to that report.

I wanted more stories about... (Below threshold)

I wanted more stories about pirates.

Since these protests are not aimed at any specific politician or political party I would expect these to happen every year until the US has a balenced budget. If they make it to a second year and demonstrate some staying power then I will take them more seriously. It is pretty easy getting people out on April 15, they have to go to the post office anyway.

Wasn't Santelli's rant mostly directed at bailing out homeowners? Only after the average Joe gets ranted about do people get all upset.

Responses to come...blah, blah, taxes, blah, socialism, blah, blah, debt, welfare, blah, you are afraid, impeach, blah, blah. Let's see.

RogerThat ,Do you ... (Below threshold)

RogerThat ,

Do you have a head count?

I count roughly 50 people at the back of the crowd. Allowing for the umbrellas, they are around 5 or 6 deep. That would put the count at 250-300 minus the space taken up by the pig.

Around here, we can get that many people to show up by advertising an opening for a part-time janitor.

Yeah, I am sure the liberal... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Yeah, I am sure the liberals are right. These are nothing to worry about. It's not like these people are showing up to vote or anything. I am sure all these people will just sit home on election day 2010.

Only 250-300? Hmm, that's only about 220-285 more than showed up for Jane Hamsher's DC anti-tea party rally. I am told that you can get 100 people to show up for a rally in DC at the drop of a hat. Maybe Hamsher should have put out a notice for janitor applications instead.

The White house says the... (Below threshold)

The White house says the President is unaware of the tea parties and plans to hold His own event today" ?

Not surprising coming from a clown who is unaware how many States there are in the United States.

Will see what happens at ou... (Below threshold)

Will see what happens at our West Coast rally at 5 PDT.

Lorie Byrd,When th... (Below threshold)

Lorie Byrd,

When the numbers start to rival the ones Denny's posted by giving away a $5 breakfast, you'll have a movement, otherwise, it ain't much to talk about.

Maybe Hamsher should have d... (Below threshold)

Maybe Hamsher should have dropped a couple of hats...

I apologize for being a bit... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I apologize for being a bit giddy, but this is something I have never seen in my lifetime -- conservatives getting mad enough to show up in the thousands all across the country. Don't worry liberals. As long as you don't consider us a threat we've got it made. In 1994 the pundits, the media, and almost everyone else was caught off guard by the mid-term elections where not one incumbent Republican running for Congress was defeated and there was a 50 plus shift in the House turning the majority over to the GOP for the first time in 40 (?) years. The mood shift of the country was under the radar. This time it is out in the open. I can't help but wonder what that might mean for Election Day 2010. That is an eternity away and anything can happen between now and then, but it is going to be an interesting dynamic to observe.

Keep telling yourself that ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Keep telling yourself that Rance. Whatever gets you through the day.

"Chuck Todd dismissed the p... (Below threshold)

"Chuck Todd dismissed the protests as 'so-called' tea parties and said 'the idea hasn't really caught on.'"

ROFLMAO - we had about 3,000 here in Oklahoma City at noon today.

Just clamp your hands over your ears a little harder and keep singing a little louder, Mainstream Media.

<a href="http://adage.com/a... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Denny's served a little over 2 million free Grand Slams. The article above says that works out to around a 1,000 people served per Denny's restaurant. I don't think there are as many tea party locations as there are Denny's across the country, but there have definitely been quite a few tea parties with attendance over 1,000. In fact,quite a few of the tea parties held over the past month or so reached over 1,000 attendees.

The people who pay taxes pr... (Below threshold)

The people who pay taxes probably are working and really can not make it to these rallies. That's why the "left" rallies (mostly composed of the lowlifes living off the rest of us) are bigger.
I am behind this idea 100%, but I don't think it would do any good. O and company were elected and they think they have carte blanche to do what they want. I am sure they are laughing at us. Damn them and the fools who put them in office.

I'd have gone... but I actu... (Below threshold)

I'd have gone... but I actually have a job, a mortgage, and no spare vacation time.

Lorie, you must know by now... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you must know by now that liberals are for wasteful spending. ww

I apologize for being a ... (Below threshold)

I apologize for being a bit giddy, but this is something I have never seen in my lifetime -- conservatives getting mad enough to show up in the thousands all across the country.

Glad to see you're so excited that conservatives are doing something that the right has ridiculed liberals for doing for decades. Welcome to the party, hippies.

In 1994 ... not one incumbent Republican running for Congress was defeated

True, though four Republican seats were lost to Dems where the incumbents retired. Meanwhile, in 2006, Republicans won zero Dem seats, for the first time in history. Take your victories where you can get them, but don't blow them out of proportion.

The mood shift of the country was under the radar. This time it is out in the open.

Yes, it is.

I can't help but wonder what that might mean for Election Day 2010.

And I wonder what this might mean.

Don't worry liberals. As long as you don't consider us a threat we've got it made.

Oh, I feel so flummoxed!

Greensboro, NC had about 1,... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

Greensboro, NC had about 1,000 at a noon rally in the courthouse square. Great rally. Fired up speaker, a "lifelong Democrat" who got the crowd going with "Enough is enough!"

Left Greensboro and headed for Winston-Salem. Got there as it was breaking up. Reports had crowd anywhere from 800-2000. Until I see the pictures I'm betting on 800-1000. Another fired up crowd. The remnants of the crowd were hanging out, waving sides to downtown drivers and getting lots of honks in return.

I heard that POTUS was "unaware of the tea parties." That makes him either profoundly ignorant or a liar.

There has been quite a larg... (Below threshold)
Kt D:

There has been quite a large amount of controversy all day long about whether or not these tea parties are absolutely partisan and even if they were possibly initiated by the Republican party. But, really, these men and women are just regular American citizens, congregating in a grassroots manner, to protest what they see as unfair taxes. Certainly, if anything, these tea parties are perfect examples of people exercising their 1st Amendment rights to free speech. I watched an interesting video showing a few different viewpoints and news sources at newsy.com today. It's worth looking at:


Word has it in LIBERAL Madi... (Below threshold)
Lynne Sobczak:

Word has it in LIBERAL Madison Wisconsin there were over 6,000 at the tea party. Wonder if the media will even acknowledge it.

Conservatives, your "protes... (Below threshold)

Conservatives, your "protests" are so laughable to the point of being utterly pathetic. How many people showed up at one of your "tea parties," at say, New York City or DC??? WELL????

Here's a million plus in Rome protesting your illegal, evil war based on lies:


Now that's what you call a protest, conservatives!!!

I found a website with some... (Below threshold)

I found a website with some updated numbers of attendees. My apologies if someone already posted it and I missed it. A favorite snippet:

Alabama: Mobile: Hundreds gather - Many carried homemade signs some of which read: "It's easy to spend other people's money," "#1 Threat to our economy is politicians. Fire Congress 2010," "born free, but taxed to death," and "Government, you created this welfare state for voters. Dismantle it now. God Bless America."


It still amazes me how oblivious so many people are to how unjust the Feds have been since they took control of our money in 1913. There will definitely be a revolt under way in the next 5 to 10 years. The money changers in the shadows will be overthrown.

Get a life Herman Munster.<... (Below threshold)

Get a life Herman Munster.

assuming my other post migh... (Below threshold)

assuming my other post might show up...eventually...

search 'capital news 9 albany' and you'll get a link to the story from Albany at the top with a video and everything...they got THOUSANDS in Albany...yes, liberal Albany of very liberal NY. I thought they might get a couple dozen.

overaggressive filter...grr

Wow. Nothing says "Herman"... (Below threshold)

Wow. Nothing says "Herman" like a communist web site reporting on something from 6 years ago.

Fifteen hundred to two thou... (Below threshold)

Fifteen hundred to two thousand people turned up at the Orlando Tea Party (maybe more - I left early). Most of them were people who never protested anything in their life. These are ad hoc protests - folks who put this together in a matter of days to weeks, with pretty much zero funding.

The large number of people who turned up for the European protests are mostly folks who protest as a way of life. It's like a Star Trek convention for hippies, with almost a year of planning, and (literally) millions of dollars in support from various left-wing causes, led by International ANSWER.

The other big contrast is the crowd. Despite lots of precautions, every major "peace" protest ends up having to arrange for heavy law enforcement coverage, or has a noticeable outbreak of violence and/or vandalism. The biggest issue for the Tea Party protests has been parking, or people making fun of the Ron Paul supporters who show up. They had five or six police officers at the Orlando protest, and they were relaxed and taking it easy...

I was at the Tea Party in P... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

I was at the Tea Party in Providence, RI...a state that is as blue as blue can be...and local TV said the crowd numbered at least 2000! It was a diverse, friendly, and bipartisan group peacefully demonstrating and saying enough is enough.

I haven't been home very lo... (Below threshold)

I haven't been home very long, just enough
time to get my feet up. The Tea Party in
Shrevesport/Bossier City was a rousing good time.
I'll have get to the numbers on how many
were there, the parking lot at the complex filled and over flowed into a large vacant piece of land. Lots of good pictures too!

I also went to the Orlando ... (Below threshold)

I also went to the Orlando Tea Party. I have pics posted at my site.

There were all kinds of people there and it was well covered by the media, though I did notice a few outlets couldn't resist putting in a sentence or two to minimize it.

I noticed the crazy Ron Paul supporters. They were rambling something about contrails and poison. Guess the breeze blew off their tinfoil hats.






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