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Columbus, Ohio Tea Party

My brother lives in Columbus and attended today's Tea Party, so I thought I'd post the photos he took:








Mike ran into John Kasich and got his picture taken with him


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It would have been a better... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

It would have been a better day for all taxpayers if the people would have held congress responsible. President Obama is just continuing President Bush's policy of spending.

Argue the point all you want to, but both parties are spend, spend and spend. One borrows and one taxes, and the taxpayers get screwed.

We, the taxpayers need to get rid of all the so called elected critters, outlaw all lobbyists, and have people in office that work for all taxpayers, not just the rich or the special interest people.

You're spot on about Congre... (Below threshold)

You're spot on about Congress being responsible for this mess, too. For too long Republicans spent like drunken sailors. The Democrats answered by out spending Republicans.

Kim, one of the few times w... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Kim, one of the few times we agree on something, but this tea bag party has done something that neither the GOP or the Dumo's realize.

The taxpayers are very MAD. It doesn't matter which party you belong to, everyone is very MAD. Our founding fathers put a statement in the founding papers that "we the people can change the Government", But how is it going to be changed?

To be honest, trickle down doesn't work, and welfare for all doesn't work. What type of new policies does this country want? Corporations having complete control of how we live, or the people wanting a decent livable wage benefits to help their families?

It is a mess, and we the people need to be first before any company/corporation, yet at the same time the business that employs the workers do need to make a profit. But how big a profit should they make, and is that profit made of the back of the workers? If so, shouldn't the workers also benefit from the profits they made for the company?

Simple questions to a complex problem. Put party ideals aside for a moment, what is best for our country and all Americans?

You have to remember, while... (Below threshold)

You have to remember, while CEO's and Directors of big corporations make huge amounts of money, these companies are publicly owned. The stockholders have the option of selling out if they think that the top dogs take too much money. The answer is definitely NOT for the government to take over our economy the way that they have recently. Trickle down DOES work for the people who are employed by private industry. The problem the Obama mamas have is that if you don't work, or are a welfare type, trickle down has no effect. The truth hurts.

Columbus, OH Tea Party PICS... (Below threshold)
Fayetteville, Arkansas Tea ... (Below threshold)

Fayetteville, Arkansas Tea Party: Probably 1200 in attendance. Awesome experience!!

Need for change -- First Te... (Below threshold)
ErnieGs Author Profile Page:

Need for change -- First Term Limits can be abused by our dishonest politicians. For Example, they kind of trade jobs for a term or two. However, a relative from the state of Michigan said that term limits helped destroy their state.
We must pass Term Limits or vote every Congressman or Congresswoman out of office ASAP. When we consider that CONGRESS has been responsible for every CALAMITY we have faced for the last 40 - 50 years, and a very high per cent age of the Senators have made it their career. As far as the sole blame going to President George Bush, he is responsible for a lot of things; however, CONGRESS writes the rules or the laws and passes it to the president for signature. In our system the president is powerful but CONGRESS is more so.
I believe that our country is and has been sabotaged by the people we elect. For example, they have never forced the issue to audit the Federal Reserve; they control our gold reserves and have shipped most of our gold to Europe....we have no idea how much gold we have. Please support Ron Paul's House Bill that will force the audit of an entity that does not have a boss.

I was there, in fact, that ... (Below threshold)

I was there, in fact, that is me in the pic above with the blue hat/jacket. thats funny.

SOME people must NOT have b... (Below threshold)

SOME people must NOT have been at the rallys. This was NOT about Obama.. this was about big mother government.. the current one.. the former one.. WE are JUST SICK of it all!

Alright db!! A fell... (Below threshold)

Alright db!! A fellow buckeye representing!!

It's me who took your picture.

Small world.

A few comments:1. Ye... (Below threshold)

A few comments:
1. Yes it was supposed to be aboiut ALL Governement, tho obviously a few people wanty to blame a single person(easier than balming 530 or so).

2. Yes "we tha People" ARE mad. Every ne 'Idjit' thinks they have to do the opposite of the old - or at least do the same and CALL it by an opposite name. Happens in Coerporations every year.

3. What WORKS in Economies, is 'Lazier Faire', or HANDS OFF. Leave it alone the market will work it out. For example - If a company is making HUGE profits - someone else will enter that same business. selling at slightly lower prices, and paying slightly more to employees, to 'steal' the buyers. Forcing the first company to raise salaries and lower prices to be competitive, and so on and so on.

Side note: Lazier Faire does NOT just apply to Governements - it also applies to workers. If you want higher wages, go to another company that pays more - if that dosnt exist, then find another line of work that pays more. GM has the same problem that Ohio Coal Mines, and all the river steel mills had. The workers do not understand the incredible difference bewteen sales income, and net profit.

Wish I had not been ill, had planned on being at the Courthouse - glad to see the crowd was as large as it was.

For Tryanny to succeed, good peoploe need only be silent (a praphrase)

Please forgive the errors i... (Below threshold)

Please forgive the errors in spelling etc - I am old, sick, and not fully awake LOL.

I attended the Tea Party! ... (Below threshold)
jayne martin:

I attended the Tea Party! One speaker in particular caught my attention. Alicia Healy. She is running for city council. Visit her website votealiciahealy.com






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