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Holy Crap in the State of Washington

The State of Washington Department of Ecology, as pointed out by my local Seattle bloggers at Sound Politics is in deep doo-doo. This department is charged with environmental enforcement in the Evergreen State. Their job is to track down those nasty corporate polluters, carbon spewers, and other nefarious exploiters of the environment and bring them to justice. It appears they have been hot on the trail of someone who was dumping something into a pristine creek in southern Washington. After aggressive pursuit for 13 years they finally met the enemy: their local Department of Ecology field office in Vancouver, WA. From the Seattle Times we read:

Thirteen years after Washington state's environmental agency found a creek severely polluted, the contamination has been traced back to the agency's regional office.

City workers discovered this week that a sewer line from the building housing the regional offices of the state Department of Ecology ... was mistakenly connected to a storm water runoff system, rather than a municipal sewer main.

As a result, sewage from the building has been entering Burnt Bridge Creek and eventually Vancouver Lake for an unknown number of years.

Workers in the leased offices were stunned when they got the word Wednesday, The Columbian newspaper reported.

"As a person who loves her area and the environment, it was like, 'Holy crap, let's get this taken care of,'" said Laura Sauermilch, a spill response specialist.

Holy Crap indeed.


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Comments (9)

What a Fine Day it will be ... (Below threshold)

What a Fine Day it will be when they penalize themselves!

According to the local pape... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

According to the local papers, the property was developed about 30 yrs ago. Some of the local idiots want to punish someone, but they don't know who to pick out. It is in a way, a big joke.

Aggressive Pursuit for 13 y... (Below threshold)

Aggressive Pursuit for 13 years, eh?

Good thing they didn't go over the speed limit, then... or send someone who'd think about following the storm drain up until they found the source!

Sour milk, indeed.... (Below threshold)

Sour milk, indeed.

Given their demonstrated sp... (Below threshold)

Given their demonstrated speed, should take another 10 years before the line is fixed.

Ahh, one pipe, another pipe... (Below threshold)

Ahh, one pipe, another pipe, right pipe, wrong pipe, close enough for government work.

Would a "holy crap" suffice... (Below threshold)

Would a "holy crap" suffice for me as a penalty if I were caught in such an act?????

Yeah... they've been coming... (Below threshold)

Yeah... they've been coming after my town with a heavy fist, so I enjoy them getting their comeuppance with this.

Send in Joe the Plumber, he... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Send in Joe the Plumber, he can fix it.






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