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My Question Re Fox and the Tea Parties

How is Fox News' promotion and coverage of the Tea Party protests any different than NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/MSNBC's promotion and over-the-top coverage of global warming events, environmental events like Earth Day, etc.? Conservatives put up with that propaganda coming from the liberal media 24/7, but when Fox chooses to aggressively cover a nationwide protest of thousands of Americans in hundreds of cities across all 50 states, that is condemned. Do liberals realize how incredibly thin skinned they are? Do they not at least see the irony there?


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"Do liberals realize how in... (Below threshold)

"Do liberals realize how incredibly thin skinned they are? Do they not at least see the irony there?" No, being objective means that once in a while you have to disagree with the echo chamber. Bad news is lots of conservatives do the same things the liberals do.

It makes perfect sense for ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

It makes perfect sense for the media to cover this issue.

Also, I agree with the first commenter, who brings up the fact that plenty of conservatives do the very same things that liberals do. The subjects change, but many of the actions look pretty similar. Sorry, but that's how I see it.

In my opinion, since there are lots of Americans up in arms and organizing to protest, the news media should be covering the issue. That just makes sense. Of course people are within their rights to disagree, since that's what this whole political process is all about.

However, on both sides of the political aisle there has been plenty of hypocrisy. Conservatives complained about much of the grassroots political protests that liberals supported the last several years--going so far as calling them traitors and such. And now we have liberals trying to call out conservatives for organizing and voicing their opinions.

Sometimes the whole circus is pretty lame.

About the whole tea party protest thing, however, I think it's good that people are out there voicing their opinions. And even people who disagree should be supportive of that right.

Irony? So t... (Below threshold)


So thick you can chew it.

Conservatives comp... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:
Conservatives complained about much of the grassroots political protests that liberals supported the last several years--going so far as calling them traitors and such.

ryan a, this is a lie.

...but when Fox ch... (Below threshold)
...but when Fox chooses to aggressively cover promote a nationwide protest...

Fixed it for ya.

I agree that there is hypoc... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I agree that there is hypocrisy on both sides, but I had no problem with opposing the war. My problem came with some who were openly hoping for our defeat on the battlefield, calling for troops to shoot their officers, promoting talk of assassinating Bush/Cheney, etc. So far I have seen nothing at any of these tea parties that comes anywhere even close to that kind of behavior. I don't doubt that there are loonies on the right, but we have not embraced ours as those on the left did over the past eight years.

Lorie, who was ask... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


who was asking for "our defeat on the battlefield," or for "our troops to shoot their officers," etc.?

Examples, please.

Oh, wait, there are none, because you are pulling that shit out of your ass.

jp2- In the post I referred... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

jp2- In the post I referred to "Fox News' promotion and coverage" of the events. Maybe you missed that part of the post. That does not answer the question about how Fox's promotion and coverage is different than the aggressive promotion and coverage of global warming and other environmental events by the MSM?

Believe it or not, these were not all Republicans protesting today. There were libertarians, independents and (shock) even some Democrats. These were not partisan events. They were not even "right wing" events. They were for people who favor small government, low taxes and responsible spending, and who oppose government bailouts and government control of private companies (salaries, car warranties and all).

There are over 15,000 in Atlanta at this very moment. These are not all right wing extremist kooks, but I really do hope you all continue to think that -- all the way through election day 2010.

Hmm. A little testy Bruce?... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Hmm. A little testy Bruce? No worries. I'll forgive your rudeness because I realize this has to be a really tough day for you.

You know there were many pictures of the "shoot your officers" signs from some of the anti-war protests and there were plenty of comments not only from slimeballs at DU and dKos hoping for defeat in Iraq, but some that came pretty close to that from Democrat lawmakers. I am not going to take time away from watching the 15,000 people in Atlanta celebrate to pull examples for you when I know good and well you have access to a keyboard and Google. Look them up yourself. They really aren't that hard to find.

Ha! I just noticed that Br... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Ha! I just noticed that Bruce Henry omitted one part of my sentence. He left off the "promoting talk of assassinating Bush/Cheney" claim from those he says I pulled out of my posterior. So Bruce, does that mean you are admitting that one without even doing the Google search?

I'll repeat it, I have not seen anything close to the vile and hatred I saw from those on the left (who talked about assassinating Bush and Cheney) at these tea parties. We are showing the nation that you don't have to be hateful (or smelly) to be a protester.

b henry - "who was aski... (Below threshold)

b henry - "who was asking for "our defeat on the battlefield," or for "our troops to shoot their officers," etc.?"

Who's extracting what from where henry?

How about your comment that is feces flecked as they come.

LOOK (Twice), before you leap.

Oopsy! You're getting good at that aren't you?

Pssst!..... b henry: Would ... (Below threshold)

Pssst!..... b henry: Would a TV docudrama about killing Bush count?

My what a cloistered world you live in. You really should get out more.

Bruce has never visited the... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Bruce has never visited the Kos Kiddies or Dem Underground, FiredogLake?

Somehow I doubt it and the calls from these trolls for a US defeat, cheering the death of American troops, and the repeated calls for the defeat of the US were on every page and worse.

So tell us Bruce that this never occurred.

It was all a repeat of the Left's efforts in Vietnam.

Thomas Jackson, MeThinks he... (Below threshold)

Thomas Jackson, MeThinks henry has spent the last 8 years in a Tibetan Monastery.

Or, he's an accomplished liar.

I would say threatening to ... (Below threshold)

I would say threatening to cut off military funding with troops on the field of battle qualifys as "asking for our defeat on the battlefield"? Even if it was only because Bush trashed Gore the fat slob and Kerry the golddigging plastic faced fake GI Joe in 2000/2004 elections.

Let us not forget Michale M... (Below threshold)

Let us not forget Michale Moore's infamous quote about the insurgents.
Check out Zombie time if you want to to see how the left feels about the military.

Liberals don't do irony. No... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Liberals don't do irony. No one takes themselves as seriously as our lefty friends. They have no sense of humor and laugh only at obscenity, profanity or really childish slapstick.

"Do liberals realize how in... (Below threshold)

"Do liberals realize how incredibly thin skinned they are? Do they not at least see the irony there?"

Lori, no irony, just Democratic "nuance". Besides, if the MSM doesn't report it, it didn't happen. For example, Cindy Sheehan plus 100 protesters at the side of the road = MAJOR COVERAGE. Tea Party's across the ENTIRE NATION, never happened. Like I said, "nuance".

Astoria, Oregon. Populatio... (Below threshold)

Astoria, Oregon. Population of the entire county about 35,000 if you count the tourists and the sea lions. Several hundred turned up, all ages, all political registrations, all peaceful. The only Kooks were two fellows screaming from their trucks for us to "Love it or Leave it." I thanked them for their comedy interlude and suggested they try their luck on Leno or Letterman. We had a crowd the spilled over from the Post Office to the County Court House, some speeches and retired to a local restaurant/bar that seats about 250 for big events. Yep. Just a few right wing Kooks, Paul.

How about this, Bruce? <bl... (Below threshold)

How about this, Bruce?

FrontPage Magazine

If there's one slogan that's come to represent the anti-war movement in its current incarnation, it's one that appeared on a banner in a March 15 demonstration in San Francisco. It bore the message,"We Support Our Troops, When They Shoot Their Officers." This banner has been seen around the world and cited in more than 400 publications.

You can see the creator of the banner in the photograph; he's the one on the right wearing the black ski-mask (being assisted by activist Kevin Keating). He recently spoke with me about the mythology that's grown up around it. As much as "Mike" would have liked to show the human face behind the ski-mask, he couldn't allow his real name or any other personal information to be published because he's going through a background check. (And if he passes, the system is definitely broken.)
Amen to that last bit...

Really, Bruce, you shouldn't hang yourself out like that. Thirty seconds of googling, and you'd have found it.

B henry... where have you g... (Below threshold)

B henry... where have you gone?

A cricket nest somewhere to chirp away?

Bruce?... (Below threshold)


BruceYou shouldnt ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You shouldnt mind it if they shoot their officers. After all then your tax money could go to something you would like better.

BTW give me an address where I can send the $2 or so which you have contributed twoards my pay and retirement over the years. I dont want you to think that your money was wasted.

BTW for all those whose military salaries that you helped pay with your tax dollars and who have died so you have the right to say crap like that I wholeheartedly say


BruceBTW you owe L... (Below threshold)
retired military:


BTW you owe Lorie an apology. Are you man enough to admit it when you are wrong?

BTW from a former and current employee who is getting paid by your tax dollars and who was paid by your tax dollars to enrich my job skills while putting my life on the line - SCREW YOU.

BruceGreenb... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Greenbow showed you the kill the officers part of your statement.

Here is the other part.

Qyoting a CNN article

"A Columbia University professor told an anti-war gathering that he would like to see "a million Mogadishus" -- referring to the 1993 ambush in Somalia that killed 18 American servicemen.

At Wednesday night's "teach-in" on the Columbia campus, Nicholas De Genova also called for the defeat of U.S. forces in Iraq and said, "The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military." And he asserted that Americans who call themselves "patriots" are white supremacists.

De Genova's comments about defeating the United States in Iraq were cheered by the crowd of 3,000, Newsday reported. But his mention of the Somali ambush -- "I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus" -- was largely met with silence.




Bruce, talking about ass, ... (Below threshold)

Bruce, talking about ass, you got yours handed to you. ww

"Do liberals realize how... (Below threshold)

"Do liberals realize how incredibly thin skinned they are? Do they not at least see the irony there?"

It's willful blindness on their part. You see them agitating for free speech - but the 'free' part seems to only apply to speech they agree with in the first place - because if they don't agree you get stuff like this...

Protest stops Tancredo's UNC speech.

Shout down the racist bastard before he can talk, in the name of freedom and free speech!

And dissent is patriotic, as long as they agree with it. Otherwise, you've got no right at all to have that opinion and why don't you just shut up anyway? And as we've all been told, WE are the ones who are hate-filled and intolerant. (Just ask Lee over on the Blue. It'd almost be laughable watching him froth about how hateful conservatives or right-wing nutjobs were, if it weren't so pathetic. The irony is completely lost.)

Prick a leftist's ego, and you get a rather repellent leak of offended pride and malformed worldviews. How DARE anyone question the sanctity of their opinions, or even ask them to consider that their ideas might not be as shining and wonderful as they believe them to be?

The Tea Party coverage shou... (Below threshold)

The Tea Party coverage should be a BIG reminder that main street media is corrupt. It is under the control of liberals and the only way to fight it is to starve them financially.

Turn off CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC! Don't buy Newsweek, The New York Times or The Washington Post. Cancel local newspapers that are liberal. (If you like in a Democrat controlled city, chances are that your paper is liberal.)

Put your money (and time) where your mouth is. It's not with the main stream media.

The more of us that do this, the better off the whole country will be.






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