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Traverse City, Michigan Tea Party

Traverse City isn't a big city, so the turn out wasn't like that in OKC, which Michael wrote about below. But I was thrilled with the several hundred people who came out to protest big government spending, regulation, and taxes among other issues. It was a beautiful day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was about 53 degrees. And the location was simply gorgeous. We were at the corner of Grandview Avenue and Union Street, with the Grand Traverse Bay behind us. It was a very busy intersection with cars passing both ways honking their horns enthusiastically in support. It was a great experience.

I interviewed a few people who attended. I'm uploading the videos now and will post them later tonight.

In the mean time, here are some photos.

Traverse City Tea Party 001_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 002_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 003_1.jpg
Jeanine and Kathy

Traverse City Tea Party 008_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 009_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 010_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 011_1.jpg

Traverse City Tea Party 005_1.jpg
Of course, my three babies.

Update: More information about the TC Tea Party here. According to dmarks, 650 people were there. That's a great turnout for a small town.


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Comments (4)

My gosh, there must be 10s ... (Below threshold)

My gosh, there must be 10s of people there. Nice to see someone finally stand up for the richest 1%. They salute you!

Just how many did you expec... (Below threshold)

Just how many did you expect in a city with a population of 14,532? (2000 census)

Don't answer that, even if they all were there you'd still conduct a mindless and idiotic snipe attack.

When Presidente Zero wages ... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

When Presidente Zero wages class warfare he is playing with fire. Greed, envy, and the lack of will to earn what you wish for are the earmarks of the Left. No society can prosper by taxation or by penalizing the industrious. So the trolls who lack talent, energy, and initiative will always seek to justify theft.

A mugger who robs you on the street and gives the money to charity is still guilty of theft. What makes the actions of the government any different when it takes money from the hard working to distribute to those who lack the will to work?

jp2: There were about 650 t... (Below threshold)

jp2: There were about 650 there, and not one was defending the rich.






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