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Videos: Traverse City Tea Party

I had the chance to walk around and talk to some people who attended today's tea party in Traverse City to get their reasons for protesting.

Here's the first video interview of two younger guys whose concerns are the Grand Canyon size disconnect between the lifetime politicians and normal, everyday Americans. He'd like our representatives to become citizen politicians once again:

This next video is of two self employed men who are very concerned about how difficult it is to run their businesses with the ever-encroaching government regulation and taxes:

Here's my friend Everett, who along with his wife Luann, drove at least two hours to attend today's tea party. Everett and Luann are also small business owners.

Finally, I interviewed a young couple who own a landscaping business:

I approached each interviewee randomly and each, interestingly, turned out to be a business owner.


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Here's the first video i... (Below threshold)

Here's the first video interview of two younger guys

So the first guy has no idea why he's at the protest ("the general way the government is being run"), and the second guy (who seemingly doesn't know he's getting a tax cut) says exactly what one might hear in an Obama speech, decrying the demise of the middle class and the transfer of wealth from average people to the rich.

This is who the tea baggers are?

He'd like our representatives to become citizen politicians once again

Kim, check the video. I think you'll find that YOU said that, not him.

Not your best work.

brian - "(who seemingly... (Below threshold)

brian - "(who seemingly doesn't know he's getting a tax cut)"

I bet he knows any charitable contributions he offers in the future will not be deductible in the amount previously allowed in the past.

He might even know Cap & Trade will cost EVERYONE, but have a greater effect on those least able to afford it.

It's also possible he's aware with obama using the Spanish model for creating Green Jobs is BUNK (pdf file)

Wonder if the White House i... (Below threshold)

Wonder if the White House is even 'aware' of all the Tea Parties today.

The guy is likely to get cl... (Below threshold)

The guy is likely to get clobbered by an Obama tax hike, alright.

We all will be hit, dmarks ... (Below threshold)

We all will be hit, dmarks - don't fool yourself with that $250k fantasy Obama keeps tossing out. Smokers have already been hit with a hell of a tax hike - and it's only going to be getting worse.

Obama's written a hell of a lot of IOUs he isn't at all worried about repaying - and we're on the hook. Who do you think is going to have to pay them off?






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