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We're back!!!

As you may have noticed we're been offline for 24 hours. We had a couple different issues that brought us down, but everything is back online and running smooth now.


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Glad to see you back I thou... (Below threshold)

Glad to see you back I thought DHS thought you were threat and had to shutdown your ISP

Smooth? Not exactly, you'v... (Below threshold)

Smooth? Not exactly, you've still got something Blue stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

ROFLMA Falze... (Below threshold)


So what were the problems, ... (Below threshold)

So what were the problems, Kevin?

You're a great guy, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

You're a great guy, Kevin. Bravo!

Glad to see you're back -- ... (Below threshold)

Glad to see you're back -- I thought something was wrong at my end!

But you're missing the "Banner" for the other WizBang! sites (its been "missing" over at Blue since for ever)...

Oh, and while we're at it -... (Below threshold)

Oh, and while we're at it -- maybe you should update your copyright notice so that its not two years old...

For once, there is NO WAY t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

For once, there is NO WAY that this was my fault!

And Falze... so, so true.







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