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The Response to theTea Party Protests (or Liberals' Great Fox Mind Control Theory)

The liberal responses to the Tea Party protests can be described as lame, clueless, angry and scared.

First there was the lame attempt to organize a counter protest, but that flopped pretty spectacularly.

When people turned out all over the country in the thousands to attend tea parties, the explanation from critics was that the protests were from "fake" grassroots, not "real" grassroots. Those people didn't get in their cars, take time from work, find parking in downtown cities, show up in the rain, etc. on their own. NOOOOO! Fox News did it all. Fox somehow has control over those people and forced them, against their will, to go to the trouble to make signs, interrupt their normal activities, pack up the kids and their diaper bags and strollers, travel to their nearest tea party site, find a parking space, walk to the protest area and raise their signs and their voices. No wonder they fear Fox so much. Fox's control over their viewers is un-freaking-believable. And Fox is the number one cable channel.

Here's another way Fox opponents are reacting. Lame.

The Teabaggers are convinced that Obama is going to raise their taxes, the result of unsubstantiated Republican claims - repeated over and over again by FOX News anchors - that Obama is going to raise taxes on all Americans.

Obama's Making Work Pay tax cut reduces income taxes for the vast majority of families by $800 this year. The RNC is distorting the truth with the help of ally FOX News, and some misguided Americans are buying it.

Our goal is to let FOX News know that Americans are fed up with their bias and misinformation.

With your help, we will build a coalition which proves that the Teabaggers are not the silent majority but far-right radicals.

Not just lame, but ignorant and uninformed. That is not what the tea parties are about. They are about opposition to our tax money being spent in a reckless, foolish fashion and at an unprecedented rate, tripling the deficit with thousands of earmarks and tons of pork. They are about a bunch of politicians who signed onto a spendulus bill they didn't bother to read and that they rushed through before anyone else had time to read either. They are also about the government taking over private enterprise -- determining the salaries of privately employed individuals, demanding resignations from US executives and even getting into the business of guaranteeing our automobile warranties.

It's not rocket science. Read a few of the signs and you really should "get it." Stop the spending. Get out of our business. Let us keep more of the money we make. Stop the bailouts. Just common sense. Are they really this blind and ignorant or do they just refuse to let their followers know what is really at issue?

Even more lame: Silly, nasty little jokes about "teabagging." If you don't understand the reference you can look it up here where you will also see this definition of a "teabagger:"

2. n. A conservative activist who is so ignorant that they protest against tax cuts (that benefit them) by throwing tea into a river.

Billy Ray cheered while he watched the teabaggers protest on FOX news.

Did any conservatives throw tea into any rivers today? Does any tax that adds thousands of dollars of debt to your grandchildren and gets spent on pork really "benefit" anyone who works for a living?

I did an unusual thing tonight that not many people do. I watched Keith Olbermann. He is one of the most clueless of all. He kept trying to make the point that those attending the tea bag protests were stupid because they did not realize that they are really getting so much more for their taxes than they realize. He pointed out that Texans got back a certain amount of cents on every dollar they sent to Washington. This is NOT what the protests are about. Many would gladly turn down those funds coming from Washington (and some governors are doing just that) because they don't want the federal control, or would prefer not to spend their grandchildren's money to bail out Wall Street bankers or people who bought houses they couldn't afford or to make up for the taxes that Obama nominees neglected to pay the IRS. People do like to get government freebies. Heck, they figure they are paying out the rear so they might as well get something to show for it, but I think that mentality is on its way out. Americans are waking up to see the ultimate cost, not just to them, but to their children and grandchildren and to their freedom, is not worth it.

Olbermann is perpetually angry and snide, that's his shtick, but one CNN employee took the cake as the rudest bully I have ever seen masquerading as a reporter. Behold.

Did you catch the recurring theme? The "reporter" tried to tell the protester how much money the Obama administration was giving him. Sigh. They just honestly don't have a clue. It almost makes you feel sorry for them, doesn't it?

Update: Just another thought... when liberal unions bus people to protests and when liberal groups pay people to protest, the media does not deem it worth reporting. But if a cable news channel decides to cover (and announces that they will cover) a protest taking place in all 50 states there is a sinister plot. The media does not know what to think of the tea parties and they are freaking out. In the process they are, once again, providing irrefutable evidence of their extreme bias.

Update II: Doug Ross compares the coverage CNN and other MSM gave the tea parties to the coverage given to Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink protests against the war in Iraq.


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We don't need astroturf ral... (Below threshold)

We don't need astroturf rallies, we win election.

You won election by using a... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

You won election by using astroturf rallies, you silly little troll.

This was real people, without direction from any wannabe "superiors." Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, the only people not supporting this are the leftroids, and they're looking more and more like the fools they are with each passing day.

Obviously it would never ha... (Below threshold)

Obviously it would never happen, but in the real world (where paychecks fail to have Ted Turners signature on them) that so-called reporter would be fired.

jo - "We don't need ast... (Below threshold)

jo - "We don't need astroturf rallies, we win election."

Yeah, but damn few over the course of the last 40 years.

"The liberals can under... (Below threshold)

"The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them." - Lenny Bruce

Here is a much longer video... (Below threshold)

Here is a much longer video version of the above CNN "reporter."

Watch how a self employed woman utterly destroys her.

DailyKos is having a snit o... (Below threshold)

DailyKos is having a snit over it. Nearly every diary on the main page has something to say about it. But no matter how many pictures they took, doing their best to shine the worst possible light on the gatherings, nothing - and I mean nothing - can beat the plethora of cuckoos and crazies Zombie has captured at lefty protests.

The funniest one is the "diarist" comparing the attendance at the original Boston Tea Party in 1773 to yesterday's Tea Party in Boston. As if those who live in Boston today can even be compared.

I saw the video you linked ... (Below threshold)

I saw the video you linked to, Marc. Could CNN be anymore biased? (Don't answer that.) Susan Roesgen has no business pretending to be a reporter. And who is the other woman claiming that the exchange that occurred was a "prime example"?

The only prime example I saw was business as usual for CNN. As Susan Roesgen displayed such righteous indignation over any references to Obama as the Anti-Christ or devil, where was she when all this was going on?

I'm surprised there's any a... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised there's any astro turf left for these rallies after Slick Willie lined the bed of his El Camino with it...

This reporter was a stupid ... (Below threshold)

This reporter was a stupid ----!
What a spin she tried to put on all of this.
A real O. ass------!

For being alleged objective... (Below threshold)

For being alleged objective reporters, it sure seems they spend a lot of time being apologists for the Obama administration.
Do they even realize they are acting like Obama flunkies?

"The "reporter" tried to te... (Below threshold)

"The "reporter" tried to tell the protester how much money the Obama administration was giving him."

Yeah ... $33 a month in exchange for $10 trillion added to the national debt. What a deal! Where do I sign up?

Susan Boyle is a reincarnat... (Below threshold)
Robert Wray:

Susan Boyle is a reincarnation of Kate Smith, who most of you don't remember.

Say what you will about Geo... (Below threshold)

Say what you will about George Bush's administration but Mr. Obama has proposed policies for which costs reach levels clearly not compatible with his perception of economic reality. Having the current president explain how he plans to pay for this socialist largesse is an anathema to the liberal mindset. Those doing the protesting have the clearest idea where the funding for Obama's policies are assuredly going to come from. Obama couldn't even settle on a minimum standard for "wealthy" during his campaign. Does he have any more clue now that he "won" and has all this power. It is the new trickle down economy folks. When taxation at a certain level of income does not fund all of the president's hope and change, the tax burden will "trickle down" to lower income groups.

What the f---? This so call... (Below threshold)

What the f---? This so called reporter goes there and antagonizes the crowd with Her ignorance and accuses a "real" American as being antagonistic?? Shes so damn stupid only CNN or the WH would employ Her ignorant ass.

The mainstream media wouldn... (Below threshold)

The mainstream media wouldn't do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people.

The left loses this one. Ma... (Below threshold)

The left loses this one. Making fun of people, denigrating them, being dismissive to and lying about them is something mainstreet america will not tolerate. My advice to the left, continue to be rude and crude. ww

It occurred to me that mayb... (Below threshold)

It occurred to me that maybe the one good thing about so many mis-representing that this was just about not being taxed too much, is that could it possibly prevent Obama from raising taxes?

Nah. Too much to hope for.

Wow, what a bunch of cry ba... (Below threshold)
Barry Bonds:

Wow, what a bunch of cry babies. You Right Wingers don't want anything from the government besides their attention when you cry about fantasy. Obama hasn't raised your taxes. He hasn't even signed any laws doing so . I guess you don't understand the powers of greedy bankers. Do you think they would leave anything for the American people if they weren't paid? Do you think the banks would ever lend another dollar again? They don't have to - they are private corporations and they can choose to NEVER do business in America again and then were would you be? The banks have held this country hostage for a long, long time and the only thing that has allowed you to wake up is the fact that you're mad about the black guy in the office and in order to avoid being called a racist you claim that your anger comes from being "overtaxed". Yeah right. You all are a sad bunch of cowards who don't have the guts to say what you really feel like Rush Limbaugh. You don't like Obama and you hope he fails. That is the truth of your argument and I would appreciate it more if you cowards would be true to your own convictions. Do you really think that reporter was "schooled" by a woman how knows NOTHING about our tax system? Do you think that reporter is "schooled" by someone repeating talking points? Why isn't she at her business making money? And did you notice how the woman was quick to call the reporter stupid without provocation? That is a sign of the class possessed by the Right. Disgusting and that is why your party and your ideas are trash.

I found a different "slang"... (Below threshold)

I found a different "slang" definition for "teabagging" by googling it, something Anderson Cooper blurted out yesterday after talking to two ignorant guests. (Interview is posted on Drudge) I hadn't heard the word before. This is what I found:

Teabagging is to have a man insert his scrotum into another person's mouth in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down (in/out) motion.

Shouldn't Cooper lose his job and have his career ruined for insulting so many Americans, both Left and Right?

I oppose most of what the p... (Below threshold)
James H:

I oppose most of what the protesters stand for, particularly the virulent anti-Obama feeling that's been reported at a number of the protests. However, I'm glad to see conservatives start to organize themselves.

I've had a little fun snarking about them, but I rather look forward to seeing where this movement goes next. It seems a little incoherent, but that's only for now.

Something else to remember. At TalkLeft, Big Tent Democrat riffs about civil-liberties violations under Bush conitinuing in the Obama administration. But he also points out:

It is worth remembering that Democrats have done nothing to earn the power they now hold. There were no great political strategies or tactic that explain the Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008. they won by default - by not being George Bush's party.

Obama and congressional Democrats need to do their jobs, and do them well. Or else the Republicans will win 2010 and beyond by not being Obama's party.

I went to a tea party yeste... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

I went to a tea party yesterday in the Clear Lake (Texas) area. This is a SE suburb of Houston, near JSC.

When it ended my 18-year-old son asked if we could stick around until the crowd thinned, so we could pick up any trash left. We did stick around, but we did not pick up any trash -- there was NONE left on the ground to pick up. NONE. And there were easily 1500 people there.

When we got to the car afterwards, traffic was still bumper-to-bumper, but we did not have any problem getting into the flow of traffic. Someone stopped to let me out. In fact, everyone was stopping to let people into the traffic flow. No horn-honking or angry finger waving and pointing -- only friendly waves. It was the mellowest, most polite crowd I had ever seen.

CNN criticizing the critic?... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

CNN criticizing the critic? What form of journalism is this? Have they become a state run entity now? Wasn't the notion of freedom of the press supposed to be about curtailing the overreach of government?

Here's what a real psychiat... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Here's what a real psychiatrist thinks about the Tea Parties:

'The Tea Parties functioned as modern day witch hunts. You wonder if the new resident curdled your milk when she glanced in your direction and then you gather in the village square yelling "She's a witch! She's a witch! in an attempt to convince mostly yourself and, to a lesser extent, others.'
~Dr. Daniel Feldman, PhD

Wow! The lefties are absolu... (Below threshold)

Wow! The lefties are absolutely besides themselves with hate at the Tea Party people. It is and always will be about wasteful spending. You lefties cannot even get the point of the Tea Party's. I am loving this. It will grow thanks to the left. ww

Dear Mr. Bonds @ 19<p... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Dear Mr. Bonds @ 19

Perhaps that steroids have truly eaten out your brain or maybe you truly can not understand that actions do have predictable and inevitable consequences.

The protests were not about current taxes, but the future consequences of the current spending binge. The CBO deficit estimate for the fiscal year based on the proposed budget (before it gets bloated in the conference committee BTW) is 1.85 TRILLION dollars. With nearly Trillion dollar deficits for the entirity of the next 4 fiscal year in the best case scenario.

The deficits will lead to debt that is projected to cost us 1 trillion dollars a year IN INTEREST ALONE by the time it is all said and done.

This spending spree if allowed to occur, will have to be paid for in one of three ways:
1) Greatly increased tax rates
2) Hyperinflation
3) US government defaults

You have a fourth scenario that does not require divine intervention or completely impossible growth projections?

Pre-emptive rebuttal: Yes, troll boy, Bush and the Republican congress overspent as well. The #$%#% wasted the greatest opportunity in living memory to prove the wisdom of dialing in along the Laffer curve. After the Bush tax cuts, revenue went up and even set records in both absolute and inflation adjusted amounts. BUT spending (both military and domestic)was driven up at a rate greater than the revenue rise leading to the deficits that Democrats used to care about.

Fiscal conservatives complained to no avail under Bush, opposed the first stimulus early in 2008, opposed the TARP and the second stimulus and now that the Obama budget wants to add 1.2 Trillion dollars in hard to remove spending to an already bloated federal budget. We are mad as all get out.

Personally, I don't expect the tea parties to accomplish a whole lot. But I have two daughters and for their sake I will do what I can.

"The "reporter" tr... (Below threshold)
"The "reporter" tried to tell the protester how much money the Obama administration was giving him."

That's one of the points that the Left seems to miss, having the government take from one person and give it to another is WRONG no matter which end of the deal you're on.

(and Adrian, thanks for sharing your "psychiatrist's" opinion. Hopefully, your meds will help squelch the 'voices').

I hope everyone will consid... (Below threshold)

I hope everyone will consider the next step. It seems this morning that our government will dismiss us....AGAIN! I say give them something they cannot dismiss. I personally will not pay anymore FEDERAL INCOME TAX! My business will continue to pay federal income tax because of the 16th amendment to the constitution, but it is illegal to tax my labor and wages. I urge all Americans to go to their employers, change your taxes to Married and 9. They will take no more Federal Income Tax out of your wallet. If you are scared of the IRS and The Federal government...remember....they can't lock us all up at one time. Let's take their hands out of our pockets and force them into tax reform. It is easy to dismiss letters, emails and phone calls. If we take away their paycheck.....they will listen then. I hope that in the great success of this TEA PARTY we will take the next step.

"You lefties cannot even ge... (Below threshold)

"You lefties cannot even get the point of the Tea Party's"

Tell us, willie, what IS the point?

COSTS NO TAX MONEY!!!!! GOO... (Below threshold)


He pointed out that Texa... (Below threshold)

He pointed out that Texans got back a certain amount of cents on every dollar they sent to Washington.

So Olberman thinks Texas shouldn't be pissed, because it gets pennies back for each dollar it sends to Washington?

Seriously? That's NOT a joke?

Man, how would he feel about it if I took his bank account, and removed 85% of it? Hey, I didn't take it all - what could he POSSIBLY object to?

Max - THAT is what people are objecting to - the certain knowledge that the government is happily writing trillions of dollars in IOUs that the people in office right now are never going to have to worry about repaying.

How much more obvious and b... (Below threshold)

How much more obvious and blatant will it have to get for people to realize that CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC are all Obama propaganda machines?

Turn them off!

Don't look for any validation from them because it's not coming. They are Obama machines, not news organizations.

More anti-Obama protests th... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

More anti-Obama protests this weekend:

Police prepare for rally, convention in St. Louis


So my question is: What nex... (Below threshold)

So my question is: What next?

Yesterday, varying numbers of people gathered at locations scattered across the country to shout and wave placards for the TV cameras.

What next? Is there any coherent organization forming out of this? Is there any coherent message?

I heard radio interviews with half a dozen participants in Chicago. Some of them were protesting the sales tax, some were protesting the governor, one wanted the country to go back on the gold standard. Another said people didn't have to pay taxes because they weren't legal. The only unifying theme seemed to be "I don't want to be taxed to pay for anything that doesn't give me immediate, direct, tangible benfits."

So where does the protest go from here?

Is there going to be movement to repeal the income tax? Are people, like Perry of Texas, going to start talking about pulling out of the union?

It will be interesting to see how much follow through there is and what form it takes.

If that's the case, JL, the... (Below threshold)

If that's the case, JL, then where were all you teabaggers for the last 8 years?

there is a next step.......... (Below threshold)

there is a next step.......I am not republican.....I am not a democrat...I am an American. The next step is to file married and 9 on your tax forms....I am going to be starting a website dedicated to the entire nation protesting Federal Income Tax...by get this....not paying an illegal tax anymore! I was tired of BUSH and the Congress screwing us then...and I am against Obama and the Congress screwing us now! So call me a racist...because I voted Obama in........call me someone who is anti-Government........I love my country and the Government it was founded on.........call me an angry American.....remember.....the founding fathers were angry as well.....So just remember....left or right or in the middle.....we are all Americans....we all deserve a land of freedom out of bank and government control.

If that's the case... (Below threshold)
If that's the case, JL, then where were all you teabaggers for the last 8 years?

Forced to defend 'bad' from 'worse'.

After watching the tea part... (Below threshold)

After watching the tea party coverage - only accurately on Fox - one has to simply be amazed at the sheer ignorance of the left. If these people are the result of our 'schools', the teachers must be monumentally stupid.
Yesterday I participated in a huge rally - for Bozeman - and noticed a whimpering group of four Obama-girl freaks as a sideshow, urging us to 'get educated'. How incredibly stupid. I would bet 'education' level of the tea-party-goers, as well as sheer knowledge, would dwarf the combined knowledge of these four 'students'. The same smarmy arrogance and lack of any real knowledge characterizes many of the left's comments on here. How childish can you get.

"the government is writi... (Below threshold)

"the government is writing trillions in IOUs that the people in office right now are never going to have to worry about repaying."

On top of that they are lining their own pockets with it too, slapping us all right in the face as well while stealing from yours and my kids kids the MFn SOABs.

"Is there going to be a movement to repeal the income tax? Are people, like Perry of Texas, going to pull out of the Union?"

If that is the only recourse left than yes..

Mr Bonds,Where you a... (Below threshold)

Mr Bonds,
Where you are wrong is that Obama has already raised taxes on quite a few people - mostly middle and lower class people. I guess you were unaware that a new tax - the largest in history - was just assessed on tobacco products on 4/1. Not just on the cigarettes that you all love so much to demonize, but your precious cigars as well. What we protested yesterday was not just taxes, but the wasteful spending of them and the mortgaging of our childrens' and grandchildrens' futures. What we protested yesterday was the arrogance and derision with which our representatives in Congress view us, their constituents. What we protested was that we elected them to pursue the agendas of their constituencies, not their own personal agendas. If the Left and Congress would stop jumping up and down screaming "WE WON, WE WON" and listen to what we had to say, you might actually agree with some of it.

Adrian -Sorry, you... (Below threshold)

Adrian -

Sorry, your pitiable evasion doesn't work.

Look at this this way - I might not gripe about the guy in the next yard burning leaves (even if the smoke blows my way) but if his house catches on fire because of it, I'm calling 911 and then I'll see just how far my hose can stretch. Might not be able to do much to help him, but who knows?

I'm not going to go "Oh, I can't call them NOW because I didn't call them THEN" or "Well, I shouldn't help him NOW because I didn't caution him THEN" - I'm going to react to the situation and do what's appropriate.

Obama's spending trillions. People are pissed. They KNOW he's writing checks that'll bounce.

Texas, and hopefully other ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Texas, and hopefully other Conservative states, seceding is a grand idea and would be met with little opposition from the Left. It's not that big of a deal, more of a formality really, and life wouldn't change for those living in states that secede. Progressive legislation would be easier to pass and implement for those left in our union.

It should be the first option -- not the last.

I've been waiting for a whi... (Below threshold)
Tim in TX:

I've been waiting for a while for a sign to indicate where, exactly, these sorts of protests are heading.

I think that that CNN reporter's brazen display of asshattery is that sign. Within a week there will not be a single tea party protester who has not seen that video clip. There are already more than 200,000 views on that particular instance of it in less than a day.

Look at this;


You can argue all day long which side is right, but you can longer deny that there is a gaping chasm in our society.

So Mr.Browne, You ar... (Below threshold)

So Mr.Browne,
You are intimating a so called eggspert
contends this is all a witch hunt, who are the
witches being hunted? You?
Is this reasoning to justify shutting down our
part of free speech, leaving those such as you
to speak freely in any manner desired?

I went to the Santa Maria C... (Below threshold)

I went to the Santa Maria California rally and we had about a 1000 people. I watched the 11pm news on KSBY channel 6 and the video they played showed 7 people standing by a truck and that was it. Talk about misinformation and bias. The liberal media wants to call Fox new bias. If it wasn't for Fox News we would only get the news the government wanted us to here-like in China. Thank God for Fox News. The liberals are going to have some suprise when they realize this is a movement that isn't going to die!

Maggie -Of course.... (Below threshold)

Maggie -

Of course. Aren't you aware of the saying "Free speech for ME, but none for THEE"? It's the way the left has been operating now for quite a while.

Adrian - Progressive legislation would be easier to pass and implement for those left in our union.

Ain't working so hot in CA, NJ, NYC, Mass. and other places, is it? Is 'Progressive Legislation' simply another term for 'slow economic suicide'?

I'm REALLY starting to think 'Progressive' isn't what you should be calling your thinking...

Here's what a real... (Below threshold)
Here's what a real psychiatrist thinks about the Tea Parties:

Sorry. Not buying it.

Where's the link to this "real" psychiatrist?

I think this claim is very similar to your "real" headlines we saw here:



"Forced to defend 'bad' fro... (Below threshold)

"Forced to defend 'bad' from 'worse'."

So you admit teabagging has nothing to do with spending, and everything to do with the fact that the president is a democrat. Thanks, that's what I thought.

Did you hear her say, "Did ... (Below threshold)

Did you hear her say, "Did you know that the state of LINCOLN gets $50 billion out of the stimulus. That's $50 billion for this state".

Didn't know Lincoln was a state. Kind of like Obama's 57 states. ; )

Maybe Americans are finally waking up to the fact that the federal gov't has gotten too big. Tax me for national security, roads, and education. Don't tax me and then give it someone else to subsidize their costs of living, their mortgages, or anything else of theirs.

Stealing is stealing no matter who does it. And taxing me to give it to another citizen is stealing. The Constitution specifically gives personal property rights (including money) and holds them in the highest regard. Alas, we've forgotten that.

It seems odd to me that the... (Below threshold)

It seems odd to me that the left-wing radicals are all of a sudden upset about the insurmountable debt we have as a country, especially when they are the ones responsible for it. I'd rather my tax money was spent to fix the problems the last "King George" created than on a pointless and costly war. It feels like a bunch of sore losers looking for any way to blame our current administration for all of the problems created in the last 8 years.

On another note...the left-... (Below threshold)

On another note...the left-wingers didn't have a problem with a big federal government when they were in charge...at least with this administration, I don't have to worry about my phone being tapped...

Don't have to worry about y... (Below threshold)

Don't have to worry about your phone being tapped or emails read? Ya think, Anon?

NYT: NSA intercepts exceed limits set by Congress - The New York Times- msnbc.com

WASHINGTON - The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews.

Several intelligence officials, as well as lawyers briefed about the matter, said the N.S.A. had been engaged in "overcollection" of domestic communications of Americans. They described the practice as significant and systemic, although one official said it was believed to have been unintentional.

The legal and operational problems surrounding the N.S.A.'s surveillance activities have come under scrutiny from the Obama administration, Congressional intelligence committees and a secret national security court, said the intelligence officials, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because N.S.A. activities are classified. Classified government briefings have been held in recent weeks in response to a brewing controversy that some officials worry could damage the credibility of legitimate intelligence-gathering efforts
Funny how they're doing MORE. Or do they figure the MSM's so in the tank they can do what they want?

Kind of odd that the NYTimes/MSNBC would have this up... Maybe they're thinking they backed the wrong horse, and now that the paper's about to go belly up they can actually report the news without fear of reprisal.

It seems odd to me... (Below threshold)
It seems odd to me that the left-wing radicals are all of a sudden upset about the insurmountable debt we have as a country, especially when they are the ones responsible for it.
On another note...the left-wingers didn't have a problem with a big federal government when they were in charge...

Confused much?

Max, if you really want to ... (Below threshold)

Max, if you really want to know what the tea parties are about read my post. You know, the one that these comments are attached to. I break it down so that it is easy enough for anyone to understand. Frankly, all you had to do was read the signs people were holding up, but that's another story. Stop the runaway spending. Stop the bailouts. Stop getting in the way of business - demanding private executives resign, deciding how much a private company can pay in salaries, taxing bonuses you don't like at 90 percent, taking over the bleeping automobile industry. Easy enough to understand?

Maybe not. "So you admit teabagging has nothing to do with spending, and everything to
do with the fact that the president is a Democrat. Thanks, that's what I thought" - Max

Actually "teabagging" has to do with an oral sex act. If you heard David Shuster or Anderson Cooper recently you would know that. Bush was guilty of runaway spending (with the help of Congress), but Obama has tripled deficit spending, bringing it to unprecedented levels. There comes a point when something has to give. That is unsustainable and many Americans are now waking up to that fact.

See, it is really pretty simple.

If Obama didn't raise my ta... (Below threshold)

If Obama didn't raise my taxes tell me why dog food went up almost 3 dollars a bag? Tell me why meat prices are being inflated. Tell me why when I bought a used car for 500$ and went to register it motor vehicle told me I had to pay tax on the book value $4000. When I asked why and when this started I was told the new tax law went into effect with the Obama administation. Tell me why my cigarettes are a dollar and 50 cents more a pack. Hmmm seems to me I'm being taxed more and I don't make anywhere near 250,000. That 8$ a week he gave me in my paycheck is already gone...but he's not taxing us hunh? Stupid leftists don't understand anything. He tried taking away medical from our veterans, he spent billions on Terrorist Hamas' Gaza strip renewal, when Hamas is the one who blew it up in the first place. Millions for Pelosi's California marsh mouse, millions for the investigation of eliminating pig odor. Building a bridge to a town of 200 that don't even want the bridge. Spend all our money and our grand childrens money on nonsense. Take Airforce one to Chicago for a Valentine day celebration...on our dime! Impeach the sorry inexperienced radical, terrorist loving, imbecile before it's too late!

So you had no problem with ... (Below threshold)

So you had no problem with Bush deficit spending, but when Obama does it he's destroying the country. Got it. Just like I figured, pure unadulterated partisanship.

Are you at all familiar with the reasoning behind the things the govt is doing to keep the economy from going into free fall?

Max you really</str... (Below threshold)

Max you really can't read can you?

So you had no prob... (Below threshold)
So you had no problem with Bush deficit spending
Got it. Just like I figured, pure unadulterated partisanship.

Presumptuous assumptions and faulty logic will lead you to faulty conclusions.

I've been completely consistent by speaking out against out of control spending and un-Constitutional bailouts since long before Obama loaded his stuff on the moving van.

Sorry, but your meme is flawed.

a browne - "Texas, and ... (Below threshold)

a browne - "Texas, and hopefully other Conservative states, seceding is a grand idea and would be met with little opposition from the Left. It's not that big of a deal, more of a formality really, and life wouldn't change for those living in states that secede."

ab, all this time I assumed you were just your normal anti-everything troll.

Silly me, the above statement proves once and for all you're as stupid as a sack of nails.

For arguments sake lets see what the "49 states" would miss if Texas left the union:

Texas has the most farms and the highest acreage in the United States and leads the nation livestock production. It also leads nationally in production of sheep and goat products and in production of cotton.

Texas leads in creating cement, crushed stone, lime, salt, sand and gravel.

Texas has known petroleum deposits of about 5 billion barrels, which makes up approximately one-fourth of the known U.S. reserves.

etc... etc.

Go ahead asshat, explain how you "49 staters" replace that.

Not to mention once your wished for movement starts Vermont will soon follow, and maybe even Alaska if the residents there actually would believe the lying assholes such as yourself who truly believed Palin was leading the state to bolt from the union.

Go away little boy, your amusement facter is long gone.

I hear everyone arguing...t... (Below threshold)

I hear everyone arguing...the solution is simple....If you support the current administrations policies....keep paying federal income tax.....if you are in opposition....quit paying federal income tax.....but to argue over something that you have the ability to change....well...that's just childish.

Max #48So Your adm... (Below threshold)

Max #48

So Your admitting that weve gone from bad to worse?

Thats what I thought.

the only time I consider us... (Below threshold)

the only time I consider us as having a real president was when Andrew Jackson broke the banks and this country was not in debt. So it doesn't matter what figure head they have in charge of a country......Bush...Obama....CLinton....hell Jesse Jackson could have been president......but The Bilderberg Group will always try to run our country if we let them.

Not just lame, but ignor... (Below threshold)

Not just lame, but ignorant and uninformed. [Taxes] is not what the tea parties are about. ... It's not rocket science. Read a few of the signs and you really should "get it."

Let's see... "No taxation".
Kim says to some teabaggers, "Are you concerned about taxes?" "You feel the real hit with taxes." And one guy holding the sign "Taxed Enough Already' says, "we're getting taxed to death."

Here's one: "Pursued by Taxes".

Your own link: Michigan: Livonia: 400 estimated ... "We're taxed enough."

And those are just the pics and links on Wizbang!

Sorry, Lorie. I know you like to pretend that everyone is united the way you want them to be, but the fact is that a large number of teabaggers are ignorantly protesting non-existent higher taxes. Do you "get it"?

Did you catch the recurring theme? The "reporter" tried to tell the protester how much money the Obama administration was giving him. Sigh. They just honestly don't have a clue. It almost makes you feel sorry for them, doesn't it?

Riiiight, as opposed to the Fox reporter who implores, "When are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism?"

Besides, that CNN reporter was probably still reeling after talking to that nice respectable Obama is Hitler tea bagger.

Oh look, Kim just <a href="... (Below threshold)

Oh look, Kim just made reference to tea parties protesting about taxes.

And DJ says he agrees with "the main contentions" of tea parties regarding "our present tax system".

But Lorie says tea parties are not about taxes, and that kind of thinking is "ignorant and uninformed"! Geez, "it's not rocket science", you two!

brian - "Riiiight, as o... (Below threshold)

brian - "Riiiight, as opposed to the Fox reporter who implores, "When are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism?"

That's odd, other than the so called Fox reporter speaking with the Fox graphics across the bottom of the screen I see no proof positive that he is in fact employed by Fox at the national of local level.

He could just as easily be someone who was in the crowd and decided to speak when the camera was in his face.

Do you have evidence he's being paid by either Fox entity brain?

Do you see a Fox logo on his blazer? Or a microphone?

Pretty lame even by your standards.

Do you see a Fox logo on... (Below threshold)

Do you see a Fox logo on his blazer? Or a microphone?

Do you mean the microphone that's fastened to his right lapel, marc? Yes, I see it. Do you?

And if that isn't clue enough for you, how about the fact that he's Cody Willard, anchor of Fox Business Network?

Damn, I hate it when you provide so many ways for us to ridicule your idiocy. It makes it so difficult to choose among them.

brian - "Damn, I hate i... (Below threshold)

brian - "Damn, I hate it when you provide so many ways for us to ridicule your idiocy. It makes it so difficult to choose among them."

It also provides you with your most enjoyable tactic as "The Cheap Shot Artist".

To be fair you would have the first clue I have no access to Fox Business where I live, but that would matter little to you.

It's all about "The Shot" isn't it?

That aside, no I didn't see the lapel mic and for the record I didn't look but it's obvious he wasn't carrying a hand mic and what I referred to.

So in the end in a comment I did nothing but ask pertinate questions you respond with a reference to my so called "idiocy."

Excellent job.

For an asshole.

To be fair you would hav... (Below threshold)

To be fair you would have the first clue I have no access to Fox Business where I live, but that would matter little to you.

Correct, it matters less than little. Myself, I've never watched it, nor do I know if I have access to it. But I do have access to Google, you nitwit.

That aside, no I didn't see the lapel mic and for the record I didn't look

So you invoked your trademark obnoxious, snotty, and superior attitude to suggest something that you didn't even bother to check yourself first? If anyone believed you, you'd be a bigger nitwit than previously thought.

"If anyone believed you,... (Below threshold)

"If anyone believed you, youd be a bigger nitwit than previously thought."

Or Nostrodamus?

In which case, your the nitwit....Nitwit.

"We dont need astroturf ... (Below threshold)
jose quervo:

"We dont need astroturf rallies, we win election."

Glad to hear it! so you should have no prob winning green card than.

Ha! And 914 demonstrates a ... (Below threshold)

Ha! And 914 demonstrates a complete lack of reading comprehension! I love it!

Wowww... I can't believe we... (Below threshold)

Wowww... I can't believe we have lost respect for each other and forget what's real. You people are all talking about Obama like he is the problem, he is just a puppet. All this shit started when we let the Federal Reserve come into this country. Our fore fathers fought hard for freedom and all its taken is 100 years of the Federal Reserve and we are on the brink of collapse. Everyday I hear of some jerkoff trying to take away gun rights or change the laws to make guns too expensive to own by putting an insurance policy of 1 MILLION dollars per gun.(Illinois) absurd isn't it?

I live in Illinois and I'll tell you right now that if all of the USA was like Illinois we would all be fucked. Illinois is sooooo corrupt its disgusting, well so is congress(especially those dick heads that have been there for 20 something years). Gov Blago and all his buddies were Obamas buddies too. Its sad to know that Blago won't ever tell the truth because if he did he'd die because he's bringing down our greatest celebrity of all time, Barrack Huseine Obama! Praise him, drop to your knees and suck his dick or something...Geezeee. For god sakes his "original" birth certificate is laser printed...which is how mine is...but the difference is that that technology wasn't around when he was born..lol. Lets talk about the death tax! Lets talk about the tax they want to impose for every mile that you drive! Lets talk about how us hard working, tax paying, American citizens pay for these assholes to run around and create laws to take away our freedoms. Or create laws because he's got his buddy nd "I owe ya 1." I can't even take a shit for free anymore!

Im 21 and Im neither left or right.. I see the shit for what it is and not for what side I support. There are people on both sides that are extremists and you have to find the balance within yourself. Im sick of being controlled and I know what it will eventually come to which is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. They have to have something extreme to happen such as 9/11 to scare people and make the masses angry in a way that supports the government. ALL that shit was a big conspiracy theory! You actually think we didn't know about that?? All that shit was planned so we could start a war to STEAL OIL! And to give away our freedoms (patriot act). And obama wants to label everyday citizens threats! I hate thinking about all this crap and im sure plenty of you are too but lets stop thinking about it and lets start doing something about it. There is a reason or 2nd amendment is what it is!! REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brian - "So you invoked... (Below threshold)

brian - "So you invoked your trademark obnoxious, snotty, and superior attitude to suggest something that you didn't even bother to check yourself first? If anyone believed you, you'd be a bigger nitwit than previously thought."

Excuse me?! No I asked questions, and you returned in the same attitude you accused me of.

Frankly I bet even cash you had to look at the video a second time (and only after I asked for proof of your assertion) to find the lapel mic that was as close to the color of his jacket as can be.

Secondly, YES asshole not having fox business available is pertinate, in addition to never seeing this asshatted reporter previously.

Not to mention his hair style is so far from the Fox Brands normal it would be easy to conclude he never set foot on a Fox studio.

But to you, none of the means jack shit, cause all you ever have is disdain for anyone and anything that doesn't fit within your little cubby-hole of non-sense.

Oh and BTW, you have to hang your hat on one single reporter that happened to fit your agenda. But hell, you can'y say shit about all the asswipes at CNN, MSNBC and NBC the went far into crazyTown Tuesday.

And before I forget, brian ... (Below threshold)

And before I forget, brian next time you link to a video that purports to show Cody Willard not being "fair and balanced" as a way to slam the entire tea party episode maybe, just maybe, you should see the entire clip vice one edited specifically to make him look unfair and unbalanced.

And before you start, the word fascism shouldn't be used by him or anyone including some of the nitwits that comment here.

marc, don't be a bigger nit... (Below threshold)

marc, don't be a bigger nitwit than you already are. The video I linked to wasn't the edited one that Willard was rebutting in your link. So next time you think you found a gotcha to save yourself from ass-handedness, maybe, just maybe, you should watch it first.

Barry Bonds,Taxes ... (Below threshold)
H. Caouette:

Barry Bonds,

Taxes pay for ALL government spending and nearly ALL taxes get passed onto a consumer. That would be you and me. That trillion bucks? On average that's about a $9,000 tax on every American family.

That trillion bucks? For the most part, it's going to big business. The Administration and Congress hope that it will "trickle down" to create jobs. So much for "trickle up" eh?

This is what we would call a steamy pile of excrement form the hind end of a bull.






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