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Barack Obama Laughs it up with Hugo Chavez

First he bows to the Saudi king and now he's laughing it up with socialist dictator and America hater Hugo Chavez. Take a look at this picture:


Yahoo News has a lot more images of their meeting where you'll see them yukking it up and Barack slapping Hugo's back like it's old home week. This kind of buddy behavior with Chavez does nothing helpful for United States; in fact, it probably hurts us in the eyes of the rest of the world as Obama again makes himself, and by extension the US, look weak, meek, and eager as a puppy to please as Sarkozy has discovered. But it goes a long way to help Chavez.

Update: Andy McCarthy at The Corner reminds us that Obama already had a connection to Chavez through radical leftist and Chavez admirer William Ayers.


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The Soul Brother Handshake.... (Below threshold)

The Soul Brother Handshake.

You can't really make too m... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

You can't really make too much of this. Obama and Chavez are both heads of state, and only acting diplomatic at this event for the cameras. But Chavez has made some outrageous statements against both Obama and the U.S. on a near daily basis, and Obama knows full well that Chavez is an eratic screwball that is a potential threat to the U.S. Anyone with even a casual interest in politics should realize these facts. And President Obama no doubt finds it very troubling that Chavez has sought to station Russian nuclear bombers in Venezuela as well. Chavez is no friend of the U.S. by any means. Relations with Cuba are likely to improve because Raul Castro and Obama are able to find some grounds to be civil towards each other, much like the U.S. and China during the Nixon years. However, Chavez will never be civil and relations with Venezuela will remain very chilly in the next four years, if not beyond.

At least Barry didn't 'bow'... (Below threshold)

At least Barry didn't 'bow' to Chavez. There is a storm coming and it isn't far away.

United We fall... (Below threshold)

United We fall

Obamalala is becoming a lau... (Below threshold)

Obamalala is becoming a laughingstock. All these despots and dictators he is kissing up to aren't stupid and they know what he is all about.

Is this Jungle love or vodo... (Below threshold)

Is this Jungle love or vodoo economics?

Cha~vez: my cartel... (Below threshold)


my cartellian lieutenant will escort You to My rear door...just leave the attache case by the hot tub.

What?No fist bump?... (Below threshold)


No fist bump?!

Ref #3. Yes, President Obam... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Ref #3. Yes, President Obama didn't bow to him, nor did President Obama KISS the king like President Bush did. So which is worse, bowing or kissing?

Come on and fess up, which is worse. Also President Bush did hold hands with the king, President Obama didn't. So what is your point, and which is worse? SPIN it baby, a lot of readers want to hear the BS.

How do You know what Obama ... (Below threshold)

How do You know what Obama did with the King behind closed bathroom stall doors JC?

He finally met a le... (Below threshold)

He finally met a leader who wasn't above his pay grade.

THey are Presidents who mig... (Below threshold)
Robert Maldini:

THey are Presidents who might have witnessed violations of human rights just like we have, but that doesn't mean that we should stop talking or communicating with them. In order to create a better world is important to communicate. Remember it has been 40 years and nothing has changed in CUba. All of the sudden is a crime to shake hands with Venezuela or Cuba but is totally fine to do it with China. Maybe we have become so selfish and greedy that only associate ourselves with powerful and rich countries. Lets not forget that in the end we are humans and humans only.

Have you been following the... (Below threshold)
robert Maldini:

Have you been following the extremely awful memos of abuse and torture? Then, why do we try to say that we are the only democratic society in region. Lets be real and stop this racist and ignorant comments about a truly democratic gesture of the best President we have ever seen.

RobertLighten up a... (Below threshold)


Lighten up and have a laugh on these threads sometimes. Dont take everything so seriously. Look at the picture! They are both smiling. Just like the cat that swallowed the canary I dare say.

Ref #3. Yes, President O... (Below threshold)

Ref #3. Yes, President Obama didn't bow to him, nor did President Obama KISS the king like President Bush did. So which is worse, bowing or kissing?

In that culture 2 men kissing in greeting or holding hands shows respect between equals.

Bowing shows subservience.

So which do you think is worse.

Remember the lib view that we have to respect other cultures. Conservatives agree, but only up to the point when it is in conflict with our own self interest.

So again which is worse?

Oh and you're in denial if you think that Obama did not bow to the Saudi king. The pictures are very clear and Obama et. al.'s rationalizations and lies are pretty lame.

"memos of abuse and tort... (Below threshold)

"memos of abuse and torture?"

Is it too early to say this administration is abusing and torturing all of us??

I think not!

Cha~vez:Does Bo kn... (Below threshold)


Does Bo know we tight like this?

Sweet home Ala~Obama:

No, but he gone slummin tonight.

Wow.Caption contes... (Below threshold)
Ken McCracken:


Caption contest two-fer.

Dont tase Me BO!<b... (Below threshold)

Dont tase Me BO!

I mean Bro..... (Below threshold)

I mean Bro..

r maldini - "Have you b... (Below threshold)

r maldini - "Have you been following the extremely awful memos of abuse and torture? Then, why do we try to say that we are the only democratic society in region. Lets be real and stop this racist and ignorant comments about a truly democratic gesture of the best President we have ever seen."

What are you only abut 2 months old? It would explain how barack hussein obama would be the best the US has ever seen.

SUBMISSION ACCOMPLISHED</... (Below threshold)


"What are you only abou... (Below threshold)

"What are you only about 2 months old?"

? It would explain how barackk hussein osama has been the biggest disgrace since Carter ..Now that is quite an accomplishment!!

America,whats wrong by shak... (Below threshold)
Steve Paul:

America,whats wrong by shaking and dinning with your old foe?hold a long spoon and be watchful once you suspect misfall you leave the spoon.sometime you disagree to agree,its a new day of reconciliation and let the sleeping dog lye,after all, the tongue and mouth fight and get along fine and still live together amicably.

"In that culture 2 men k... (Below threshold)
Gov. Rick Perry (TX):

"In that culture 2 men kissing in greeting or holding hands shows respect between equals."

I see. Well in our culture, they're damned quairs!

And me and the people of my state will SECEDE before we're forced to recognize the IRS, let alone dad-gum homo-fags.

Where did Obama learn about... (Below threshold)

Where did Obama learn about statesmanship? John Lennon?


Possible explanation: Obama... (Below threshold)

Possible explanation: Obama is practicing the wisdom of the Godfather -- "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

Far more likely explanation: Chavez just said something really, really bad about Bush.


Let us not forget too, our ... (Below threshold)

Let us not forget too, our Democrat Congressional visit with Castro. I mean really, he's was such a nice guy - so warm and engaging. Why, he looked them right in the eye! At least they didn't bow to him ... well, as far as we know.

The mainstream media wouldn... (Below threshold)

The mainstream media wouldn't do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people.

Barack smiles as Chavaz off... (Below threshold)

Barack smiles as Chavaz offers his copy of "How to create a Dictatorship for Dummies"

<a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:
Robert Maldini Ref p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Robert Maldini
Ref post 12.

Realy just what torture have you witnessed. Please enlighten us.

Ref post 13
Extreme memos of torture.

I guess that spring break, and fraternity initiation is extreme torture for you as well isnt it.

Geez grow a pair.

"Grow a pair"? How about yo... (Below threshold)

"Grow a pair"? How about you type that while being waterboarded? Nah, just kidding, you're right: if it doesn't result in loss of blood or broken limbs, it ain't torture. Unless it's done to an American, of course.

Kim, I'm not sure "America hater" is an accurate description of Chavez. After all, Obama is the President, represents the nation itself, and Chavez sure doesn't seem to hate him. Hmm... maybe Chavez just has a problem with certain Americans.

Ok Kim, try not to complete... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Ok Kim, try not to completely freak out, if possible. I know that your alarmism is popular around here, but please try to avoid going over the top with your assumptions.

I completely understand the fact that you disagree with just about everything that Obama does, and I think that's well within your right. And you should be critical when you see fit. But please try to avoid hysterical posts like this, because they are about on the same level as the crap from the DU and others about Bush.

Sorry, but that's how I see it. If you are going to analyze a photograph or other piece of media, at least provide some information or context or something substantive to create SOME KIND OF argument beyond mere opinion and emotional reaction.

Ashley Todd, ryan a. Ashle... (Below threshold)

Ashley Todd, ryan a. Ashley Todd.

Hyperbolist You are not Ame... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist You are not American so pleases refrain from anymore anal inspired outbursts.

ryan a

Censorship does not work here. try Wizblue.

Brutha's in crime... (Below threshold)

Brutha's in crime

"The first full day of the ... (Below threshold)

"The first full day of the Summit of the Americas began with a gift during President Barack Obama's Saturday morning meeting with Andean nations: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez walked over to Obama and handed him a book, in Spanish.

The book, Las Venas Abiertas de America Latina (The Open Veins of Latin America) by Eduardo Galeano is described by an unidentified Chilean delegate, as 'an academic book that is the basis for the 60s-era `dependency theory' that Latin America depends on the North,'' according to the White House media pool report.

Obama's response to the gift: ''I thought it was one of Chávez's books,'' he said. ''I was going to give him one of mine.''" (Miami Herald)

Chavez hands Obama a book in Spanish that Obama thinks is one by the dictator, in response the Teleprompted Won thinks he'll give the dictator one of his books. Except someone finally explains to the Won that the book is really "a book attacking capitalism and American intervention in the Western Hemisphere" (Wash. Times).

This'll help our image.

914:written by the... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


written by the same author on the same post:

"Hyperbolist You are not American so pleases refrain from anymore anal inspired outbursts."


"Censorship does not work here. try Wizblue."

Irony, anyone?

In all seriousness 914, I am not seeking to silence Kim at all. I think that she can and should voice her opinion loudly. I think criticism of the government is a good thing. Seriously. But Kim is often prone to alarmist and reactionary posts--at times--that do not add a single bit to her case. In fact, when she posts stuff like this it only detracts from the validity of her voice. I do not listen to reactionary voice, left or right.

Anyone can post a photo of Obama (or Bush) and start making shit up based upon their own emotional beliefs and predilections. But what does that give us (the readers) besides more internet bullshit to wade through. Context matters when it comes to this kind of thing, as does actual content.

"Ashley Todd, ryan a. Ashle... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

"Ashley Todd, ryan a. Ashley Todd."

Exactly. Was that disaster ever recanted by KP?

HyperAmerican Spec... (Below threshold)


American Special Operations do get water-boarded as part of there TRAINING

American Special Operations do get water-boarded as part of there TRAINING
American Boy Scouts Sleep in Cabins where OH MY GOD caterpillars are.
Every stood port and starboard watch?
Sleep in torpedo room on sub lots of space their buddy.
Ever been through any military school where you are for days without rest and have to perform?

This terrorist who love to kill under armed women and children seem like a bunch a freaking wimps to any Solider, Sailor,Airman or Marine I know.

next point please.

HyperI could type ... (Below threshold)


I could type while being waterboarded and electrocuted and still make more sense than You.

What's an "anal-inspired ou... (Below threshold)

What's an "anal-inspired outburst", 914? Gross, dude.

It'd be nice if those of yo... (Below threshold)

It'd be nice if those of you who reply to the trolls wouldn't let them jack the thread-i.e.CHANGE the topic. If it's unclear, re-read the thread amd ask how did you get to talking about waterboarding, etc. Seems to work every time. One of the prime reasons I've ceased replying to them is having gotten extremely tired of chasing goalposts and topics.

Do as you choose, but you may wish to keep that in mind.

Look, Hussein saw Chavez to... (Below threshold)

Look, Hussein saw Chavez to get a few tips on how to pull of that "president for life" thing. That's all. Nothing more to it than that.

"American Special Operation... (Below threshold)

"American Special Operations do get water-boarded as part of there TRAINING"

Which makes all the difference in the world.
For example, is Christopher Hitchens now a SEAL prospect? Would YOU have endured a chaperoned waterboarding session?

The answers are No and Yes.

Now, if you were transported back to a Viet Mihn "educational" facility you'd not be so sure to rely on consciencious application left to the discretion of others not necessarily friends, colleagues, brothers-in-green, etc.

Shorter Kim's post: Now is the time for all North American World Federalists to once and for all not eat lunch with Bonzo and his Brujo, but to point and laugh, and whoever farts, blame Bonzo and Brujo. U!S!A!

hyper - "Kim, I'm not s... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Kim, I'm not sure "America hater" is an accurate description of Chavez. After all, Obama is the President, represents the nation itself, and Chavez sure doesn't seem to hate him. Hmm... maybe Chavez just has a problem with certain Americans."

Nah Chavez doesn't hate obama, he just thinks he's ignorant: "At least one could say, 'poor ignorant person,"' Chavez said on his weekly television and radio program, adding that Obama "should read a little bit so that he learns about ... the reality of Latin America."

You are correct Chavez does have a problem with "certain Americans."

"I don't have much hope, because behind him is an empire. He's the president of an empire. ... Now, I think it's fair to give him some time. ... Seeing is believing," Chavez said. "I hope President Obama is the last president of the Yankee empire, and the first president of a truly democratic republic, the United States."

Make of that what you will, could mean a couple things.

"Yankee empire" is a slur against all Americans, but I feel relatively sure you wouldn't see it that way.

Maybe ZERO is trying to get... (Below threshold)

Maybe ZERO is trying to get the narco-terrorist to stop shipping guns with his drugs to Mexico.

Yeah! No American leader sh... (Below threshold)

Yeah! No American leader should ever talk to "the bad guys". It's like when Nixon decided to skip the China visit because they were all Communists.... oh wait.

I know it's fun to paint Obama and anyone who voted for him, supports him, and/or doesn't want to see him assassinated as a "radical leftist", but seriously, get some perspective.

Look at the photo. The look on Obama's face sums it up - he's not pleased to be there. But hey, through six degrees of Kevin Bacon, he of course wants to be in Hollywood today hanging out with Susan and Tim, right?

jake - "Look at the pho... (Below threshold)

jake - "Look at the photo. The look on Obama's face sums it up - he's not pleased to be there."

How perceptive of you. Now that you've opined on the inner sanctums of obama's mind via this image perchance... could you guess what Chavez is thinking?

Hell, you could tell us what he's thinking in this shot also.

Maybe it's just that Obama ... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's just that Obama is comfortable and confident enough to play the political statesman game with a leader with whom we are often at odds. Maybe he's is secure enough in the strength and power of his country and its people to stand toe to toe with any world leader he cares to, even though he's well aware that his opponents at home will attempt to corrupt it to fit their small-minded, petty partisanship.

Covert Marxist meets overt ... (Below threshold)

Covert Marxist meets overt Marxist and see's they have a lot in common.

You gotta LUV this first pa... (Below threshold)

You gotta LUV this first para in the BBC's coverage of obama's trip:

US President Barack Obama has been given a warm welcome by leftist counterparts from Latin America at a regional summit in Trinidad and Tobago.
It's not often the BBC calls'em as they sees'em. For once they did.

marc, you do realize that b... (Below threshold)

marc, you do realize that by calling them "leftist counterparts", the BBC is saying that Obama is not a leftist, don't you?

Damn, English is so hard to grasp for you, isn't it?

"Damn, English is so ha... (Below threshold)

"Damn, English is so hard to grasp for you, isn't it?"

Actually, no it isn't.

Wouldn't you slap Hugo on t... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't you slap Hugo on the back if he and his cronies were some of your big campaign contributors. After all, Obama disabled his credit checks on his internet campaign, so friends like Soros, Abdullah, Ahmadinejab Chavez and Castro could make their voices heard. Now we are seeing the boys club getting back together as Obama has become more brazen in letting his leftwing views come out of the closet.

Actually, no it isn't.</... (Below threshold)

Actually, no it isn't.

Apparently it is. The BBC's use of the word "leftist" was to distinguish Chavez and the others from Obama. If they wanted to imply they were the same, they would have just said "counterpart", not "leftist counterpart".

I suppose that during the presidential campaign, referring to McCain as "Obama's Republican counterpart" would have classified Obama as a Republican to you?

You're like a drowning person repeatedly slapping at the water as you go down.

How about Hillary's female ... (Below threshold)

How about Hillary's female counterparts in another country?

Those two belong together t... (Below threshold)

Those two belong together the established grusome twosome and both big time socialist scumbags

Obama isn't left of the BBC... (Below threshold)

Obama isn't left of the BBC, so

Thug love... (Below threshold)

Thug love

Chairman Zero and Red Hugo ... (Below threshold)

Chairman Zero and Red Hugo have a lot in common- both are arrogant narcissists with a racial victimhood complex... and habitual liars.
Both displayed contempt for democracy or any opposition whatsoever once elected- and are absolutely clueless re. economic manners. And both are out to serve a far-left agenda while dragging a bountiful nation into the abyss.
So these two have plenty to chat about-
Actually, I think I respect Chavez more- he might be a misguided socialist twit, but at least he's honest about it.

If Obama is far-left, what ... (Below threshold)

If Obama is far-left, what does that make Tony Blair, Pierre Trudeau, Jacques Chirac, Andrea Merkel...? Communists? I guess a Reagan fetishist would probably consider Bush Jr. to have been a moderate president and Bush Sr. to have been a leftist, though not a far leftist.

It hurts the brain to read such sincere stupidity.

I'm confused. I watched Oba... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. I watched Obama bow to those A-rabs so I know he's like, you know, a secret Mooslim and all, you know, I get that, but now y'all say he's a socialist TOO? So if I got it right, he's actually a secret A-rab socialist communist lyin' arrogant narcissa-what's-it with some kinda hood complex? Ya know y'all sound an awful lot like all them folk shoutin on the radio every afternoon.

Well, if he's one of those ... (Below threshold)

Well, if he's one of those things, groucho, he's un-Amurkan enough. And if he's neither, well, he's still an uppity black lawyer, and those suck too.

Their both as low as asnake... (Below threshold)

Their both as low as asnake in awagon rut perhaps even lower

Let's not forget that idiot... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Right:

Let's not forget that idiot in the White House is an America hater, too. The writing was on the wall prior to election day, but too many sheeple got caught up in his "celebrity."

How sad to see my beloved country go down this path to destruction....






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