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April 19th

Sixteen years ago:

Compound Fire.jpg

Fourteen years ago:


We're a different nation today because of April 19. Please join me in remembering those for whom April 19 is a day of grief and mourning.


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Both caused by extremist id... (Below threshold)

Both caused by extremist idiots.

Still a shame that rapist K... (Below threshold)

Still a shame that rapist Klinton, Reno and company did what they did in Waco, and then quickly moved in bulldozers, etc to cover it all up.

An addition, if I may: Tom... (Below threshold)

An addition, if I may: Tomorrow, April 20th, is the 10 year anniversary of the Columbine massacre. The two gunmen were planning on April 19th but couldn't get their plans finalized, so they changed to April 20th.

I'm a Colorado native whose sister and brother both graduated from Columbine a few years before the massacre. I just read "Columbine" by Dave Cullen and it is a masterpiece. I found it hard to read and impossible to put down. Looking clear-eyed into the face of evil is a rare skill.

It's also the 234th anniver... (Below threshold)

It's also the 234th anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. A different nation, indeed.


Both these events, 9/11, al... (Below threshold)

Both these events, 9/11, all the wars of our era and the following April 19th events were all caused by the illuminati's global governmental corruption: The American Revolution, Austria's Invasion of Poland, The American Civil War and The Palestine Uprising.

How are you enjoying their planned endless war and current global economic collapse? Their lies have cost millions of lives. And now all their spokespersons tell us not to spend ~ the exact wrong advice ~ intended to fuel their contraction. So, urge everyone to resume spending as usual, to the best of their ability, to save thousands of surviving companies and millions of jobs.

It's 1984 folks. The CFR's "deMOCKERY" deception only works for the bankster's agenda. They sold "The American Way of Life" down the river long ago. Now, they own practically everything of value on Earth and make all our important decisions without our knowledge or consent.

Either get busy starting real democracy (for the first time on Earth), folks, or prepare your children for their "Soilent Green" future.

And, Frazetta_girl, Columbine was caused by the competitive, elitest culture and bully attitude promoted in our schools that made the perpetrators world into a Hell which drove them insane.

Are we going to insanely "win" ourselves into extinction? Or, will We intelligently cooperate our world into a paradise?

"Still a shame that rapist ... (Below threshold)

"Still a shame that rapist Klinton, Reno and company did what they did in Waco, and then quickly moved in bulldozers, etc to cover it all up."
2. Posted by GianiD

Gov. Keating(OK) destroyed the crime scene at OKC as well. Apparently the whole thing was a false flag operation. Like 9/11 and 7/7, government agencies (ATF) were running parallel ops disguised as "drill".

Sorry Al, but it's difficul... (Below threshold)

Sorry Al, but it's difficult to pay attention to someone who promotes such an awful-looking website.

If we are forced to choose between two futures--one run by the Illuminati, with Flash and Java scripted web content, and the other a genuine democracy, with shitty HTML-only websites--then I shall choose the former.

Carried out by CLINTON and ... (Below threshold)

Carried out by CLINTON and RENOS imperial storm troopers

Whats really sad is that ne... (Below threshold)

Whats really sad is that neither Waco or Oklahoma City were mentioned by the MSM although what happened there was far worse than what happened in CO.

....... (Below threshold)
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