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Lila Rose catches Planned Parenthood covering up another case of statutory rape

Lila Rose has caught Planned Parenthood breaking the law across the country -- so far, in three states. She also caught them practicing the kind of racism and eugenics that would make Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger proud. (You can see Lila Rose's undercover history with Planned Parenthood here).

Now, we've got a sixth scandal from Lila Rose and Live Action Films, this time in Memphis, TN. In this video, she poses as a fourteen-year-old impregnated by a thirty-one-year-old. In Tennessee, that is a felony, and health professionals are required by law to report suspected sexual abuse to law enforcement immediately.

What do you think the Memphis Planned Parenthood staffer did?

From the press release:

A counselor at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Memphis, TN was caught on hidden camera coaching a 14-year-old girl to lie to a judge so he would not find out about her 31-year-old boyfriend and the girl could obtain a waiver for an abortion without her parents' knowledge. This is the sixth Planned Parenthood clinic implicated in a developing multi-state child abuse scandal involving the deliberate suppression of evidence of statutory rape.

Lila Rose, 20-year-old UCLA student and president of the nonprofit Live Action, entered Planned Parenthood's Memphis Health Center undercover and told a counselor that she was 14 years old, pregnant by her 31-year-old "boyfriend", and needed a secret abortion so her parents would not find out about her sexual relationship with the older man. Tennessee Code 37-1-605 requires health professionals to report suspected cases of sexual abuse of minors to law enforcement immediately.

... The new video marks the fifth in Live Action's "Mona Lisa Project," a nationwide undercover investigation that documents Planned Parenthood's repeated noncompliance with state mandatory reporting laws for sexual abuse of minors. Tennessee is the third state to be implicated in the controversy, along with Arizona and Indiana.

"This is the sixth clinic we have recorded that manipulates the law and covers up sexual abuse. Planned Parenthood's abortion-first mentality makes it operate as an advocate for terrible crimes against children," Rose states. "What more do authorities need to see before holding this organization accountable for its institutionalized indifference to statutory rape and sexual abuse of children?"

There are six videotaped cases of Planned Parenthood breaking the law in three states, plus one recorded conversation in California. The only state to start any kind of investigation into Planned Parenthood was Indiana. I don't know what more to say that I haven't already said. Planned Parenthood is a taxpayer-funded organization, people. They receive over $300 million of our money every year. And this is what they're doing with that money. This has gone beyond mere coincidence. Yet we continue to look the other way. Planned Parenthood should have to face the legal consequences of what they are doing, but at a bare minimum, the taxpayer funding should stop immediately.

Covering up the sexual abuse of children is evil. Planned Parenthood is showing over and over and over again that they are perfectly fine with doing just that. Perhaps it's time to take action, folks. Let's start with Tennessee.

Call the following Tennessee congressmen and senators and ask them about this issue. Also call the Tennessee governor. Be polite. Ask them if they would support an investigation of Planned Parenthood based on this information and if so, will they take action to initiate one. These videos mean nothing if we do not take action, so let's stand up together. Lila Rose can't do everything; it's our responsibility, too.

TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn:

TN Rep. Steve Cohen:

TN Rep. Jim Cooper:

TN Rep. Lincoln Davis:

TN Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr:

TN Rep. Bart Gordon:

TN Rep. Phil Roe:

TN Rep. John Tanner:

TN Rep. Zach Wamp:

TN Sen. Lamar Alexander:

TN Sen. Bob Corker:

TN Gov. Phil Bredesen:


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Comments (15)

I'm sure this is nothing mo... (Below threshold)

I'm sure this is nothing more than another case of "nuance". Hell, we've got major staffers in the current administration who have avoided paying taxes.....and their not in jail.

Aside from the fact that PP... (Below threshold)
Doc Rochester:

Aside from the fact that PP's concealment constitutes a felony under the Tennessee statute, would the fact that the counselor coached the victim to lie to a judge constitute subornation of perjury under the Federal statute?

I guess the resident leftie... (Below threshold)

I guess the resident lefties can't even defend this...
I mean, it's not like they aren't commenting on other threads after this was posted...

Ha ha! Lila Rose strikes ag... (Below threshold)

Ha ha! Lila Rose strikes again! You go, grrl! Ha ha! You know what's great about this? There's no way to know how many tapes she made before she went public. She could have gone to dozens of clinics. And now all she has to do is to drop them one by one into the public domain like timed depth charges.





"What more do authorities n... (Below threshold)

"What more do authorities need to see before holding this organization accountable for its institutionalized indifference to statutory rape and sexual abuse of children?"

I doubt they even care.

You may be interested in an interview with Dr. Alveda King in which she talks about civil rights, the rights of the unborn, and how Planned Parenthood targets blacks.

"I guess the resident lefti... (Below threshold)

"I guess the resident lefties can't even defend this..."-csiwuzzy

This member of the Casual Opposition can never quite get beyond the Cassy Fiano byline with all the stomping and screaming and punching herself it presages.

Her flamboyance seems mimetic. She could be a narc.

"Planned Parenthood should ... (Below threshold)

"Planned Parenthood should have to face the legal consequences of what they are doing, but at a bare minimum, the taxpayer funding should stop immediately."

I agree wholeheartedly with forever ending the government's policy of forcing us to support this obscene group of lawbreakers.

Until a state's law enforcement authorities, however, send in one of their own undercover to catch its employees red-handed violating the law — including statutes against knowingly inducing a minor to violate it — or, based on Rose's reporting, make a probable cause search of its records, PP (an appropriate enough acronym) will claim that no violation took place in the Mona Lisa Project cases since they involved a 20-year-old client who made "fraudulent representations" about her age and circumstances. That's why it's important to contact not only those legislators and members of Congress (who can investigate misuse of public funds), but the governor, state attorney general, and local district attorneys' offices as well. Any one of the latter can initiate the proper criminal investigations that will expose PP's immoral higher-ups now operating such "clinics" in their state for what they are: ringleaders of a dangerously corrupt organization who encourage their operatives to re-victimize raped girls by helping the slime balls that criminally violated them escape prosecution and to otherwise act as if they're above the law.

If one legislative or executive official takes action the rest will feel greater pressure to do likewise, mainly out of fear of being publicly branded aiders and abettors of rapists if they either fail to also take action or try to stop any other official from taking it.

I'm really not sure what yo... (Below threshold)

I'm really not sure what you're trying to prove here.

When you go into a place of business and lie your ass off and misrepresent yourself, what are you hoping to acheive?

I try so hard, so hard to identify with what you people say. I live in Utah, for Christ's sake.

You have no F%$cking clue what these PP staffers deal with on a day to day basis. At first the interviewer, when asked "is he going to get in trouble?" The interviewer says "Maybe, I need some more information."

Then the crusader in question tells yet another lie to her.

This stupid video is so sloppily edited that you have no idea what actually took place.

It's like the Simpson's episode where Homer gets accused of grabbing the babysitter's ass.

Homer: "I just can't get enough of her sweet can." "I love her can."

(The clock on the wall in the background is flying all over the place)

What's being proven is that... (Below threshold)

What's being proven is that Planned Parenthood is breaking the law, enabling those who sexually abuse minors, and that our tax dollars support such horrible disregard for the law and children.

Ryan, since you sound so be... (Below threshold)

Ryan, since you sound so bewildered, let me spell it out for you:

Planned Parenthood just got punk'd. Big time.

Deal with it.

So Dateline NBC can run a s... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

So Dateline NBC can run a series for years about men who set up sex dates with underaged girls, but no one in the left-stream media wants to pick this story up? Why am I not surprised?

"Left-stream media"? Somebo... (Below threshold)

"Left-stream media"? Somebody just won a Pulitzer for explaining--factually--how the Bush administration used paid propagandists disguised as "military analysts" to sell the Iraq war to television audiences, and now those same TV networks won't discuss this award-winning piece of journalism because... they're too left-wing?

Are you retarded?

Somebody just won ... (Below threshold)
Somebody just won a Pulitzer for explaining...

So, in other words, a bunch of left-wing media types hand out congratulations and awards to other left-wing media types for reciting back a narrative that reinforces all of their own assumptions and preconceptions.

And naturally, you don't see anything wrong with this self-perpetuating circle jerk.

Walter Duranty won a Pulitz... (Below threshold)

Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer, too.

Actually, in Tennessee, the... (Below threshold)

Actually, in Tennessee, the PP worker did NOT break the law. You can read definitions of reportable child sexual abuse here: http://www.tennessee.gov/tccy/tnchild/37/37-1-602.htm

I wrote a super-long article on this situation and I think I've covered most of the angles: http://femlock.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/45/

(I also discuss why the Tennessee instance was not breaking the law; Ctrl-F "While a patient" when you're on the page and it'll take you right to the info.)

You know what, some people screwed up. That doesn't mean we should attack the whole of PP.






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