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Meghan McCain is the Last Person who should be the Voice of the Republican Party

Meghan McCain says she fell in love with the Republican Party while campaigning for her father, yet she can't get the party to conform to her and her wishes fast enough. The GOP isn't cool or edgy enough, she says. The party needs to purge Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh from its ranks because they're "offensive" and "dangerous." I respond in an article in Pajamas Media. Here's a portion:

What changes does she think the GOP needs to make? It needs to be hip and edgier. She laments the perception that there are no Republican politicians who are exciting enough that anyone would want to wear his or her likeness on a piece of clothing. What a short memory she has. Her father's vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, inspired the creation of numerous t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pins with her face on them. She also attracted crowds of tens of thousands at campaign appearances. However, that must be of little consequence to Ms. McCain, since those tens of thousands were the regular folks from the heartland of America who make this country work. They were not the Hollywood types or MTV crowd who wore Barack Obama adorned dresses at mutual admiration societies masquerading as video music award shows.

Ms. McCain also has a dim view of ideological conservatives. She thinks the Republican Party gives too much attention to Ann Coulter, whom she described as "offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing." Rush Limbaugh is also unacceptable to Meghan, because he is the "extreme right-wing" and "dangerous" for the party -- perhaps an unsurprising description in view of Rush's hesitant and belated endorsement of her father in 2008. So whom does Ms. McCain think Republicans should turn to for political and cultural advice? None other than Russell Brand. A British "comedian," Brand took time out of his MTV Music Awards hosting duties in September of last year to beg Americans to vote for Barack Obama. He also decided to insult and malign not just Sarah Palin, but her entire family...

And Meghan McCain isn't just interested in purging conservatives from the GOP. Now she wants to do the same to Twitter as well.

She's a demanding little girl, isn't she.

Update: Peter Roff at US News and World Report:

"I think we're seeing a war brewing in the Republican Party, but it is not between us and Democrats," Ms. McCain told the Log Cabin Republican Convention. "It is not between us and liberals. It is between the future and the past." She's welcome to try, but I think the real issue is for the party to return to its Reaganite, limited-government roots. And the close to 1 million, by some estimates, people who turned out for last Wednesday's national tax day tea parties seem to agree. They were quite clear they believe they are being taxed, spent, regulated, and borrowed to death by the federal government. And so my advice to Ms. McCain, and to those folks who think she might be right, is to focus on issues that unite us, like taxes and spending, not those that divide us, and then try to prove you know how to win an election or two before telling everyone else what their agendas should be.


Update II: Jim Geraghty notes that Meghan as expressed admiration for another "entertainer" who degraded her father's former vice presidential running mate:

The latest Tweet from McCain: "I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video!!"

This would be, presumably, the music video in which Eminem depicts himself having sex with Sarah Palin.


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Comments (42)

The only reason she is gett... (Below threshold)

The only reason she is getting air time is because she speaks against the party. Just like daddy has done so many times.

I remember when President Reagan's daughter Davis spoke out against the president, she was given as much air time as she could want. Of course she was dealing with a lot of personal issues but that did not matter to the press. ww

The apple doesn't fall far ... (Below threshold)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Her father, John McCain, was a media darling because he bashed the Republican Party for many years. Now she is continuing the family tradition which is why she is getting so much air time.

RINOs, like the McCains, have to be put out of the Republican Party. The reason the party is in trouble is because the RINOs have taken too much control. Thus, Republicans have lost credibility on the economic issues.

The Republican Party needs to go back to its roots of fiscal conservatism, strong national defense and limited government. Being "cool" or "hip" is not the point.

The "cool" and "hip" people elected Obama and look at the mess that we're in.

I have a newsflash for youn... (Below threshold)

I have a newsflash for young Ms. McCain: the Republicans lost the election last November because of John McCain - not because of Sarah Palin. Come out of the closet and join the Dems Meghan. You aren't fooling anyone, especially true Conservatives. You don't have to pretend to be a Republican or RINO any longer. The election is long over.

Sarah Palin doesn't count t... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin doesn't count to Meghan McCain and John McCain and their supporters (both of them) because Palin's popularity just couldn't overcome McCain's negatives. Palin didn't win for them, therefore she doesn't exist.

Maybe Meghan McCain should just go home and learn to sell beer from her Mom and stay out of political commentary.

The Republicans did it the ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

The Republicans did it the McCain way and lost to the most liberal Senator in the country. The liberal wing of the Republican Party had their chance and they were proven wrong. The only option left is for Republicans to return to the conservative values that won a majority in Congress in the first place.

I have a serious and respec... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

I have a serious and respectful question for the conservatives who comment here.

Why is there not a movement to form a Conservative Party? There is clearly a serious tension between "moderate" members and "conservative" members of the Republican Party. The use of the term RINO seems to be a derisive acronym for non-conservative Republicans.

Those voters identifying themselves as republicans is declining and the gap between them and those identifying themselves as "democrats" is growing. Also, correct me if I'm wrong here but there doesn't seem to be any effort, other than the use of orthodox conservative principles. to appeal to independents and other moderates. I'm not sure why rich b in comment 3 for example talks about people not having to be RINOs. Do you think that attitude will attract non-conservatives to vote Republican.

I'm not disparaging conservative principles here but it seems to me you folks are tilting at windmills.

UD, that is a good question... (Below threshold)

UD, that is a good question that might make the extreme left understand the conservative.

There has always been more registered democrats then republican on the rolls. Independents vote more conservatively then with the dems.

Conservatism is an ideology as is liberalism. Moderate repulbicans and conservative democrats have not embraced the idiology.

Megan for example is not a republican, she is just riding the wave of noteriety. She does not have a political belief system. She believes in herself.

This is why you here us denegrate Specter, McCain, etc. because they are not conservative. They do not believe what we believe but we are in the same party.

It is like pro life, anti gay marraige democrats will never have an opportunity to speak at any democratic functions. ww

UD, I think the main reason... (Below threshold)

UD, I think the main reason there isn't really any desire for another party is that 3rd parties rarely succeed. We have the Libertarian and Constitution Parties, which follow some conservative tenets (CP may be more conservative than many of us), but neither has gained significant traction.

We still consider the Republican Party to be the home of conservatism, and the best avenue to promote it. And, as Rush Limbaugh often says, "conservatism wins every time it's tried." Reagan and Gingrich won by espousing conservative principles. GHW Bush lost by casting them aside. GW Bush won by touting "compassionate conservatism". A term I hate, by the way, because I believe conservatism is by nature compassionate already. We want people to succeed, and we don't mind helping out. Liberals think they've succeeded by keeping people afloat. I'm sorry, but giving someone susbistence wages while offering no incentives or real opportunity is not compassionate. As it was, Bush's compassionate conservatism was another way of saying Republican Big Government.

I see no point in trying to out-liberal a liberal. If someone's inclined to vote for liberalism, why wouldn't they choose the real thing? When we clearly explain our philosophy, many independents think, "that's what I'm really like". They may not consider themselves to be conservatives, but they live their lives that way.

Those responding to UD:... (Below threshold)
Double D:

Those responding to UD:

What about the Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, alla time Jesus talk? Do you think that that is "how they live their lives?" Plenty of people pay lip service to Christianity, but there are really not as many real practitioners as those numbers suggest. I'm not bashing Christians or SoCons...they are free Americans who are free to pursue any agenda they wish. But I THINK the tides run against them (SoCons, not all Christians. There are self-professed Christians in every party). Case in point, abortion. Does anyone really think it's going away? Ever? Not in this country.
Fiscal conservatism and libertarian principles are VERY appealing. Big time. At least to me. But the mixing of messages is a drag on your party (small gov't but we want to regulate your morals!). The Democrats, often through obfuscation, have mostly made the contradictory wings of their party a strength (broadening appeal by presented many different faces). Demographics are rapidly shifting against the Repubs. What is your plan for this?

Just a funny observation - ... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

Just a funny observation - I asked a question with "respect" and 2 people vote negatively. Actually that may be more sad than funny. Wonder what on earth it means?

Please don't listen to Mega... (Below threshold)

Please don't listen to Megan McCain. Please purge all the RINOs. Please promote Palin as much as possible (add Rick Perry and you've got yourself a true secessionist ticket in 2012!).

America needs the Republican Party down to the size where it can be drowned in a bathtub. Then maybe you can start over with something more suited to the 21st century.

Double D, you don't really ... (Below threshold)

Double D, you don't really hear a lot of Jesus talk anymore. After all, it's not 1988. Sure, there are plenty of religious folks who are conservative, but it's not a movement leader. As far as abortion goes, there are plenty of us who are as upset about HOW it was forced upon the states as they are about the procedure itself. If the Supreme Court had left it to the states and the voters the way they should have, it wouldn't be as much of a hot-button issue.

When I say "how they live their lives", I mean they work to take care of their families. They expect capable people to do the same, and don't want carry them, but they don't mind helping folks who need it. They believe the USA is the greatest force for good on this earth, even when we make mistakes, and don't think we should flagellate ourselves to make The World Community like us.

And like it or not, all law is based on morality. Is it OK to steal? Of course not. But not just because it's one of the 10 Commandments. It's because as a society, we have deemed stealing to be Wrong. That's a moral judgement. There are activities that aren't proscribed. We have decided that they are Not Wrong, or at the very least not Wrong enough to ban. That, too, is a moral judgement.

I don't think Megan McCain ... (Below threshold)

I don't think Megan McCain has enough insane rage to be the voice of the Republican party. for that role you need to be a bigoted, anti-science, pro-torture, nationalist, who thinks america should be fighting at least four wars at once, while claiming that proximity to another nation is truly foreign policy experience. Truly.

It's time to hand her fathe... (Below threshold)

It's time to hand her father his ASS on a platter in the coming primaries, along with all the other RINO wolves in sheep's clothing. They are not conservatives, and they do not offer us any alternative to vote for against the totalitarian Democrat supermajority.

With Republicans like this tart's backstabbing dad in the Senate, we have no voice, and the democratic process fails us, leaving us no options other than despair when the Marxists come to take away our children to the indoctrination camps.

Kick them all out. Clean house. Rebuild the party with staunch advocates for liberty and free markets and the defeat of despots and less taxation and the empowerment of the individual. If that can't be achieved, then the party must be abandoned, and a new one formed to replace it.

And crypto-Democrat pieces of crap like Megan McCain and her worthless father can go to HELL.

Arizona needs a breath of fresh conservative air.

Hey JMC, I'm all for tortur... (Below threshold)

Hey JMC, I'm all for torture when it consists of thinking of putting a caterpillar in a cell with someone. Ooooohhh - SCARY!!!

"Meghan McCain is the Last ... (Below threshold)

"Meghan McCain is the Last Person who should be the Voice of the Republican Party"-kim p

I saw M. McCain of Larry King's show a few weeks ago. Apparently Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham have been promulgating a "Meaghan Is A Fat Cow" campaign in type and in print.

I suggest Meaghan counter Ingraham with a Closet Lesbian Buys Designer Baby meme.

I think Coulter is basically hot, but I think there could be a danger of "falling in", if you know what I mean.

There is clearly a serious tension between "moderate" members and "conservative" members of the Republican Party."-unrepentent democrat

Whatever conservative movement there was was split during the 1930s in reaction to FDR's popularity and success in preventing the transmigration of whole societies (as began to occur on a large scale by 1932, ie. "riding the rails", "hobos", "Hoovervilles"). FDR subsidized the family unit by instituting work programs (sometimes "make-work" programs for the sake of a family paycheck), and communities by insuring bank deposits. Needless to say, 98% of conservative candidates since 1932 have been FDR-infused moderates or liberals (by former measures) paying homage to social security.

Toward the end of WW2, as the military and ideological might of the USSR insured it would remain a world power, the US government instituted a strategy to counter (in a non-military way) the cachet of Great Patriotic War Marxism-Leninism by INVENTING COLD WAR CONSERVATISM* over the remains of the old-line Chicago Tribune/Garet Garrett/Robert Taft Republicanism and Jim Crow Democracy, by means of PROPAGANDA DIRECTED OUTWARD (winning converts domestically would be an inevitable side benefit since enforced "patriotism" would be the keystone of the campaign: see Loyalty Oath). So the Liberals (and that is what the architects of the Cold War were) claimed THEN what, say, Wizbang Conservatives hold dear now. And are indeed loyal to it to a remarkable degree: "free" trade, internationalism, humongous defense establishment, homilies to Mom and Apple Pie, robotic jingoist revanchism based on the myth of American Exceptionalism, the willful conciet that commercial interests are slave to elections, etc.

*The cold war conservative movement (Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush, McCain, etc) was invented by the founding fathers of the CIA(Donovan, Bissell, Wisner, Dulles) in service of the US Government as a vital proof of the strengths of "democracy" despite (pretended) differences of policy positions domestically, of being UNITED in opposing communism across the world stage.

NOTE: The CIA was a liberal and globalist organization in its day, and still is. Don't let the use of the black arts muddy that issue.

The "stars" of this invented conservatism were, like its Svengalis, old CIA types: James Burnam (admitted CIA asset and former CPUSA member) and, of course, William F Buckley(CIA).
The main propoganda assets of this conservative movement were to be elite immigrant Menshevists and Trotskyites exiled from Stalin's USSR, who would be secretly funded to print journals aimed at Western Europe, and to incite revolution from radio stations aimed at Eastern Europe. (The Radio angle was "cooled" after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution was not backed up once it had been incited by the CIA assets). Some of the stars of this Eastern League (of exiled/immigrant Russians, Poles, Jews, etc) were such luminaries as Sidney Hook (Partisan Review) and Irving Kristol, the godfather of what ALL this boils down to today, and is the root of conservative confusion as to principles and First Things, namely NEOCONSERVATISM, which I (even I) postulate is the Number One reason why Neocons must constantly whip up war fever: because with too much time to think, the average conservative voter might cull the neocons for being pro-choice, open-borders, gay-rights liberals.

The ascendancy of neoconservatism could be another reason why the neocon espionage scandals of the last several years (against the USA, and in the news just yesterday, involving Rep. Harman) are strictly taboo and renders the Questioner or Enquirer subject to the charge of "anti-semitism".

Long-not so short: labels are worthless. There are persons of record whose high principles are evident such as Ron Paul of Texas (whom the RNC hates, not surprisingly). Parties are dangerous, being in the last analysis based on human pride and vapid associationalism.

My prescription:
1) ban all political parties.
2) term limits

Serious question for the Wi... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Serious question for the Wizbang self-described conservatives around here:

Are Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh considered the voices of the conservative movement? Do they basically espouse the ideology of conservatism that the majority supports?

Just wondering. Both are clearly appealing to a large swath of Americans, and I am interested in knowing more about how and why.

I tend to place both Coulter and Limbaugh in the same "entertainment" category as say Colbert and Michael Moore--people who bring out the issues in an entertaining way, but sometimes exaggerate issues in the name of entertainment, etc.

I also think she's right ab... (Below threshold)

I also think she's right about Coulter and Limbaugh. They are political shock-jocks who make a living polarizing the masses and widening the gap between the parties. I don't blame liberals for hating conservatives if the only source of information comes from those two. Sad that the clowns from both parties get most of the press since it's harder to sell thoughtful, intelligent analysis than inflamatory, divisive drivel.

That said, M. McCain is an idiot. The "weakness" of not being trendy and youth-friendly is part of the appeal of the party to the majority of its constituency. Once people mature, have bills of their own to pay, responsibilities, etc., they often migrate from their college-age idealistic liberal bent to what I see as an approach that actually takes reality into account.

It's not sexy and lacks the immediate impact of "Feed everyone, free healthcare and we'll lower the oceans, too", but there is also the possibility that the conservative approach might actually happen, and in a way that doesn't totally "eff-up" our existence.

Are Ann Coulter a... (Below threshold)
Are Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh considered the voices of the conservative movement?

They are not "the voices" of the conservative movement. They are voices of individuals, considered easily ignored by our Marxist and corrupt masters who are our obvious betters. The Stalinist elites are quick to cast Limbaugh as "entertainment" and "hate speech" in the same breath. Whatever they can do to make him a nonperson.

But there are a lot of other individual voices out there that feel some resonance in Limbaugh's words, constantly distorted and misquoted by the Marxists. Coulter is intentionally more inflammatory than Rush, but all the same, when she is demonized by the leftists, a lot of people who would not normally be her audience feel a pang of empathy.

When you attack the freedom of speech of one person, you threaten the free thought of all Americans.

Even "Joe the Plumber" was attacked, savaged and even legally menaced just for agreeing to ask our Marxist Messiah a simple question, and on his own invaded property.

It is the individual under attack, and the individual whose voice is under constant threat of silencing. But the strength of the individual is the underpinning of the nation's core, and without it, we are less of a nation.

abc, it is insulting to con... (Below threshold)

abc, it is insulting to conservatives to say we are influenced by Rush or Ann. Conservatives are smart enough to hear the message and what is plain entertainment. Democratic extreme liberals do not have that ability. I see more rage and vile protesting from the left then you will ever see from the right. So who is influencing whom? ww

abc,Limbaugh is en... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Limbaugh is entertaining, but at the same time he has more "thoughtful, intelligent analysis" in one show that Colbert and Olbermann have had in their entire careers. If you honestly listened, to him you'd know that. Yeah, he has his schtick, but that's designed to annoy liberals (which is really easy to do).

Hey JMC, I'm all ... (Below threshold)
Hey JMC, I'm all for torture when it consists of thinking of putting a caterpillar in a cell with someone. Ooooohhh - SCARY!!!

My sincere hope is that you, and the rest of your family are waterboarded 183 times. That would be a good thing and since it's just a dip in the water I'm sure you will be fine.

My sincere hope is... (Below threshold)
My sincere hope is that you, and the rest of your family are waterboarded 183 times. That would be a good thing and since it's just a dip in the water I'm sure you will be fine.

This is why liberals should not be entrusted with national security. They are much more concerned with the rights of Khaled Sheik Mohammed to not be fooled into thinking he was drowning, not even being physically harmed, than with your family's lives.

They would plainly rather see you and your children massacred than to be "mean" to murderers, pirates and terrorists.

That's why they have no problems with giving away secret techniques that rely totally on being secret. Now the catepillar trick won't work any more. Now we will have to rely on more extreme measures.

By being so darn "anti-torture," they have ensured that more actual torture will probably be used. By foreign governments, over whom we have no quality control or humanitarian constraints.

Idiots. Not even useful idiots. Just idiots.

jmc - "My sincere hope ... (Below threshold)

jmc - "My sincere hope is that you, and the rest of your family are waterboarded 183 times. That would be a good thing and since it's just a dip in the water I'm sure you will be fine."

Sure, sounds like fun, and instructive. Thousands of U.S. Military members have had it done as part of training.

My sincere hope is... (Below threshold)
My sincere hope is that you, and the rest of your family are waterboarded 183 times. That would be a good thing and since it's just a dip in the water I'm sure you will be fine.

And when the next attack gets through because we can no longer use these techniques (because now they know it was all psychological trickery and a little discomfort), it is my sincere hope that the planes dive into your neighborhood, not mine.

We've already had 2 of those here in Manhattan.

But when you see a shrieking Arab in the pilot's seat approaching your office window at maximum velocity, I'm sure you can convince him through discussion and brotherly lovey-dovey that you hate the Jews just as much as they do, so he should pull up the throttle. Using sign language, of course.

And unicorn prayers.

Yeah, he has his schtick... (Below threshold)

Yeah, he has his schtick, but that's designed to annoy liberals (which is really easy to do).

Not as easy as annoying conservative teabaggers.

mantis,Yeah, you h... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Yeah, you have your schtick too.


Sure, sounds like... (Below threshold)
Sure, sounds like fun, and instructive. Thousands of U.S. Military members have had it done as part of training.

You will volunteer? What state are you in we can set this up. Maybe Wizbang could sponser. 183 times!

From Human rights watch:</p... (Below threshold)

From Human rights watch:

Waterboarding is torture. It causes severe physical suffering in the form of reflexive choking, gagging, and the feeling of suffocation. It may cause severe pain in some cases. If uninterrupted, waterboarding will cause death by suffocation. It is also foreseeable that waterboarding, by producing an experience of drowning, will cause severe mental pain and suffering. The technique is a form of mock execution by suffocation with water. The process incapacitates the victim from drawing breath, and causes panic, distress, and terror of imminent death. Many victims of waterboarding suffer prolonged mental harm for years and even decades afterward.

Something tells me Marc, won't have the guts to do this.

From Human Rights Watch: A ... (Below threshold)

From Human Rights Watch: A serial killer must have a fluffy pillow in his or her cell.

jmc, you are a joke, but you are now a big one. ww

jmc, you are a jo... (Below threshold)
jmc, you are a joke, but you are now a big one. ww

Hmm, that is real good comparison ww. I put an actual quote from human rights watch to make my point and you just make up a bullshit quote an attribute it to Human rights watch to make yours.

That is what is called a strawman of your opponents argument. It is a logical fallacy. You probably don't understand what a logical fallacy is though, so think of it as yet again another instance where you have proved yourself a moron.

Hey ww, if we could get wiz... (Below threshold)

Hey ww, if we could get wizbang to sponser some event that proves waterboarding is not torture would you volunteer your services? Come on do it. It's just a dunk in the water.

jmcThat's not happ... (Below threshold)


That's not happening.

That's not happen... (Below threshold)
That's not happening

Might I ask why wizbang would be against that?

The amount of vitriol direc... (Below threshold)

The amount of vitriol directed at this 24-year-old girl for blogging her opinions is astounding. Conservatives repeatedly prove themselves to be vicious, hateful people (not to mention sore losers) who will stop at nothing to smear and slander, in the vilest of ways, anyone who thinks differently than they do.

The amount of vitriol di... (Below threshold)

The amount of vitriol directed at this 24-year-old girl for blogging her opinions is astounding. Conservatives repeatedly prove themselves to be vicious, hateful people (not to mention sore losers) who will stop at nothing to smear and slander, in the vilest of ways, anyone who thinks differently than they do.

It's not about her blogging her opinion. It's the way she assumes she's the rightful next leader of the conservative movement, the MSM's willingness to cede that title to her, and her general cluelessness. As for not tolerating opposing viewpoints, you might want to ask Bob Casey about that.

I haven't seen any indicati... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen any indication that she considers herself to be the "rightful next leader of the conservative movement," which really wouldn't make much sense to think anyway considering at her present age she would not even qualify to run for Congress, and is a full 11 years away from being the bare minimum age for running for the office of President. If the "MSM" is giving her attention, is that her fault? She's a 24-year-old aspiring blogger, anyone in her position would gladly take any media attention they can get. Finally, what is with this stock response that all conservatives have primed up for every instance in which their behavior or beliefs are criticized? "Oh yeah, well guess what, the Democrats are doing it too, so that makes it alright!" Try taking some responsibility for your own actions; I don't care that Bob Casey was supposedly mistreated by Democrats some 15 years ago for being pro-life.

She's daddy's little girl a... (Below threshold)

She's daddy's little girl and acts just like him.

Human Rights Watch?<p... (Below threshold)

Human Rights Watch?

You're funny.

The Republican party, long ... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

The Republican party, long ago effectively hijacked by the Republican-in-name-only likes of the specter of Pennsylvania, by the mad women of Maine -- and by Ms McRainman's permanently-PTSD-drugged former North Vietnam and Soviet Military-Intelligence Advisor parent -- most certainly needs to change.

And it might begin by getting firmly behind Minuteman, Chris Simcox's, run for the 2010 Republican Party's preselection for Mr McRainman's effectively Democratic potty controlled senate seat!

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles CalifMcCAINicated 90028
And the Far Abroad

Comment # 40 - you folks wo... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

Comment # 40 - you folks wonder why you're out there wandering in the wilderness? This guy is the prime example. The voice of conservatism today. Good grief, what a wacko.

Maybe we need more wackos. ... (Below threshold)

Maybe we need more wackos. It somehow gained the Democrats both houses and the Presidency.

I think they've got something there...






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