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Earth Day Is Here!

Earth Day.

A day when people of the Earth can get together and take pride in feeling good about the planet.


A day when do-gooders of the world unite in one voice and proclaim "I'm gonna do something for the environment today." Not yesterday, or tomorrow. Not the other 364 days of the year, but just this one day.

How pathetic.

People around the world unite in one action, and feel good about themselves for throwing a can into a recycling receptacle.


Aside from the fact that Earth Day is becoming nothing more than a media driven marketing scheme, with cards, shirts, and hats being sold to make people feel good about themselves, and to make money, it has become a farcical rallying cry for part-time "environmentalists" who want to prove that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

Like good little leftists, they prance around proclaiming just how good they are participating in this meaningless event, trumpeting how much they care about the planet. One day out of the year, they decide to actually pay attention to how their actions affect the world around them, preforming menial tasks done solely to make themselves feel that they are "caring stewards", part of a larger scheme of things.

If these do-gooders had any sincerity, they would not wait for a day on the calendar to participate in the welfare of the planet. They would actively engage themselves in the other 364 days out of the year to do something meaningful to better the environment and its inhabitants.

I am an avid admirer of nature. I am astounded by the complexity, beauty, and resiliency of this planet. I spend hours out in desolate surroundings photographing, appreciating, and feeling a part of what is around me.

I don't need a day on a calendar to tell me to do this.

Declaring a day to pay attention does nothing to better the impact we have wrought on our environment. It takes dedication, reasoned thought, and selfless determination to actually make a difference bettering our planet. And that does not mean coming up with some cockamamie scare tactics to bludgeon citizens into blind submission to wacky environ-mentalist bilge.

Respecting where we live, examining how we live, and noticing the way in which we may contribute to our possible bad habits in relation to our surroundings can go a long way to keeping our environment clean, helping to pass it on to future generations, and ensuring that what we have done will have made a difference.

But by all means, participate today. Just don't let your arm fall off patting yourself on your back.


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Comments (32)

I was thinking about celebr... (Below threshold)

I was thinking about celebrating by cutting down some trees, burning piles of brush and poisoning the stumps. Trying to open up some grassland for the cattle I'll raise to eat later.

Yay! Happy Lenin's Birthday... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yay! Happy Lenin's Birthday.

Wow, Shawn, the point flies... (Below threshold)

Wow, Shawn, the point flies so far above your head it threatens air traffic!

The point of any "Blah Day" is to call attention to an issue. It's not to accomplish some practical goal within 24 hours.

I don't recall your yawn and other admonitions towards the "good little rightists" tea partying on Tax Day, who then packed up their signs and went back home to collect their stimulus money.

I saw something yesterday o... (Below threshold)

I saw something yesterday on a newspaper headline (I think) that mentioned "green camping." I always thought responsible camping meant being a good steward of the wilderness that you were visiting. We called it "low-impact camping" back then though, and it wasn't a fad, it was just common-sense camping.

This "holiday" is being taken over by salespeople hoping to cash in on the go-green idea and sell some products that otherwise might not sell. Marketing and consumerism has invaded almost everything you see- why not this?

Y'know which enviro-date I like? Arbor day. You can participate that one day, planting a tree, and do something that has effects for the other 364.

Brian: <a href="http://gipl... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:
I'm with Matt, I'm gonna cu... (Below threshold)

I'm with Matt, I'm gonna cut down a couple of carbon eating trees and burn some tires. Then I think I'll drive around the rest of the day and burn a tank of gasoline. I may even fart.

I plan to celebrate today b... (Below threshold)

I plan to celebrate today by cutting down some trees with my blue smoke belching, carbon burning, very inefficient chain saw.


Is that wrong?

What an interesting brooooo... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

What an interesting brooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppping GENERALIZATION about people whom you know nothing about. Ignorant would be an apt description of this piece.

"The point of any "Blah Day... (Below threshold)

"The point of any "Blah Day" is to call attention to an issue. It's not to accomplish some practical goal within 24 hours."

I think we should celebrate the blah days. It took many fine folks to get them that way.

I set off a semi truck of f... (Below threshold)

I set off a semi truck of fireworks for Earth Day. This is the original holdover from the hippie days. ww

My inner anarchist wants to... (Below threshold)

My inner anarchist wants to go out and set fire to a stack of tires.

...am having Mexican for lu... (Below threshold)

...am having Mexican for lunch too. MMMM! Lots of black beans in it.

If only the trolls would sh... (Below threshold)

If only the trolls would show the proper Earth Day spirit and cease expelling carbon dioxide by holding their breath for the entire day.

And you shouldn't celebrate... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And you shouldn't celebrate Christmas or Easter if you can't act like perfect Christians the other 363 days, right, Shawn?

And the 4th of July is not for you if you didn't vote in the last school-board election, or lied to get out of jury duty, right?

Screw Thanksgiving if you had a crappy year.

How dare you visit a cemetery on Memorial Day! You didn't serve in uniform!

On one hand, I agree... (Below threshold)

On one hand, I agree with you whole heartedly that America in particular is 'holiday crazy', where it seems like almost every day is dedicated to something. I mean, isn't Valentine's Day the same thing, where you could also insert your argument? We should love the ones we love every day, and one day set aside to give stupid chocolates or overpriced greeting cards seems absurd, but hey, capitalism is capitalism. If people buy into it, so be it.

So I guess I would really expect you to feel that way about most days of rememberance or recognition. Giving a dozen roses to your girlfriend on V-day when you been an a#$hole for a year surely doesn't make you a better person.

Not sure where you personally draw the line though. Is Memorial Day just as inane because we should remember the soldiers who have fallen at all times, and not just on this one day? Are people who walk for a purpose, like breast cancer, leftist idiots because they only do the walk once a year? Is remembering Martin Luther King futile because he should be ever present in our hearts and minds?

I think your reasoning that this day is made for everyone to pay attention for one day is just not correct. I don't know a single person, left, right or middle that isn't concerned with the state of the planet and our shrinking resources, and with each passing day the more we think about it. The global warming thing will be debated for a while now, but most everyone can agree we simply cannot continue with what we consume forever. Changes need to be made. Just about everyone I know recycles every day, regardless of political stance. Just about everyone I know is taking more steps to reduce their energy and fuel consumption. Maybe it's more economically driven thatn 'earth' driven, but either way the less we use the better off we are.

I don't know anyone that 'waits' for Earth day to do something resonsible. Maybe they will take that day to go beyond just recycling, and help an organization plant trees somewhere, or raise some awareness of how much energy we waste, or even just do some research on where we stand with what we have. In that case, where's the harm in that? And I guess I need to personally run into some who prances or trumpets saying they did some 'earthly' goodness on this day. Hasn't happened yet.

Earth Day is here! Liberals... (Below threshold)

Earth Day is here! Liberals dont fear!

Too many do-gooders at this... (Below threshold)

Too many do-gooders at this picnic! When people start to get cold and can't afford to heat their homes next winter because of Obama's environmentally driven energy policies, people will see things differently.

Damn Bruce, I think you bro... (Below threshold)

Damn Bruce, I think you broke the whinometer with that post. Must have really struck a nerve with you.

Lets try not to forget Eart... (Below threshold)
Lived in Philly then. The ... (Below threshold)

Lived in Philly then. The wonderful Arlen Specter helped him get a bail he could skip. Anyone remember where they both are now?

My personal opinion is that... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

My personal opinion is that government should move a little more slowly on some environmental issues right now unless they result in actual cost savings, as getting the economy up and running should be the most critical issue.

Individuals can see some energy savings of their own by using more of those compact fluorescent light bulbs, which really cut electrical bills. If you switch over to a high quality synthetic oil in your vehicles such as AMSOIL, you can witness up to a 10% increase in mileage as well as horsepower increases over cheaper inferior conventional oils. In Oregon, the Fred Meyer Bakery which produces bread and other items for many of it's stores witnessed a $100,000 year rate reduction in electrical use just by using AMSOIL's gear lube in their machinery vs. conventional gear lube. If high quality synthetic oils offer much longer service life, better mileage and lower fuel or energy consumption, then you wonder why more persons don't use them. Further, some synthetic oils may reduce blow-by hydrocarbon emissions in cars with worn piston rings by up to 90%, preventing smoking and keeping them street legal. The fact of the matter is that conventional oils are very expensive in costs due to higher fuel use and much more equipment wear than high quality synthetic oils which save money and reduce pollution or avoid expensive mechanical repairs due to friction.

The individual can do little things to save money right now, but I'm wary of too much government action right now while the economy is so sick and needs the most help. So of the Obama proposals to make homes more energy efficient can really save big money on heating costs, though.

Earth day is worthless. It ... (Below threshold)

Earth day is worthless. It only serves the media as yet another pulpit to preach their manmade gorebal warming hoax from.

Last weekend with some friends we shot off 600 rounds of 12ga and broke 450+ clays.

Since we put a lot of lead back into the earth where it came from you could say we did our part to save the planet.

Gaia Poppers.<a hr... (Below threshold)
I had hoped that, in celebr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I had hoped that, in celebration of this hallowed day, liberals would stop throwing cigarette butts out of car windows, emptying their stinking ashtrays in parking lots, and tossing fast food bags out of their cars. Alas, it was not to be. They remain piggish as always, only paying lip service to their cherished cause.

Earth Day topical and funny... (Below threshold)

Earth Day topical and funny on multiple levels, mainly because Garafalo was dissed on the "24" thread instead of this person. LOL. And could somebody fix her an Alka-Seltzer?


Funny post Shawn. Earth Day... (Below threshold)

Funny post Shawn. Earth Day should be everyday, it is good that there is at least one day to spread awareness.

b henry - "How dare you... (Below threshold)

b henry - "How dare you visit a cemetery on Memorial Day! You didn't serve in uniform!"

Then you're against barack hussein (chicken-hawk-in-chief) obama visiting one on Memorial Day correct?

Earth day... all four gas hogs will sit at idle burning up old dino bones and flesh. The newly finished wood stove in the back forty will be fired-up for the roasting of mounds of pig and beef, the neighbors ow herd will be fed copious amounts of feed for the mass production of flatulence and finally copious amounts of beer will be swilled.

And damn if I didn't wish for a couple seals to club, but I guess I'll leave that task for hyperbolist our resident canncuk.

And BTW, you know the now common meme about the tea parties and how they were only a function of Fox News and just HAD to be astroturfing?

What the hell do you call NBC and MSNBC's wall-to-wall pimping of "Green Week" last year?

What do you call the same efforts by them and CNN this year. Hell CNN has gone so far as to "infect" CNN International (TV News channel) and changed the colors of their of the screen scroll to green and all the rest of their logos to green.

Earth Day? Are you kidding... (Below threshold)

Earth Day? Are you kidding me?

We are a planet of cowardly rubes. We should be thinking about the whole universe, not just this one posh little planet! How selfish we are.

Ours is universe in peril. Every time we eat, bathe, breathe, or even think...we generate entropy. That entropy will eventually bring our universe to a screeching halt. Think about it.

I, for one, pledge to stop generating entropy. It's the least I can do. Get on the bandwaggon, it's time to raise awareness!


'<a href="http://news.bbc.c... (Below threshold)

'Space blob' baffles astronomers.

Note to astronomers, see comment #26.

It's like Christmas. Yawn. ... (Below threshold)

It's like Christmas. Yawn. Or Thanksgiving. Blech, damn hippies taking time to give thanks for what we have. Bor-ing!

Or like Your above comments... (Below threshold)

Or like Your above comments jake. No substance, no thought, just idiocy. If your so bored why are you here?

I believe in treating the ... (Below threshold)

I believe in treating the earth good, not wasting and all that good stuff....as a responsbile citizen....however, the way some people carry on it is a religion to them or a means to upset our standard of living (the same people who live high on the hog wants to ruin it for the rest of us).
The earth should be enjoyed and NOT worship.






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