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Quote Of The Day - Supremely Funny Edition

"In my experience when I was 8 or 10 or 12 years old, you know, we did take our clothes off once a day, we changed for gym, OK? And in my experience, too, people did sometimes stick things in my underwear."

Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer, during oral arguments on a case involving student strip searches. Slate's Dahlia Lithwick, who first reported the exchange, notes what happened next:

Shocked silence, followed by explosive laughter. In fact, I have never seen Justice Clarence Thomas laugh harder. Breyer tries to recover: "Or not my underwear. Whatever. Whatever. I was the one who did it? I don't know. I mean, I don't think it's beyond human experience."


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Comments (25)

Well there is a good side t... (Below threshold)

Well there is a good side to this, at least he wasn't advocating the Supremes look to "international courts" for guidance when making rulings concerning the U.S. Constitution.

Clarence Thomas' 2nd longes... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thomas' 2nd longest quote of 2009 thus far: "LOLZ"

I apologize for my racist c... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my racist comment about Clarence Thomas. I just cannot stand anyone who is more than half black, like my hero, God-King Obama.

Clarence Thomas thinks Amer... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thomas thinks Americans focus too much on rights and that the "Bill of Responsibilities" ought to play a greater role in their everyday lives.

Sorry, but it's actually racist to refuse to point out how retarded this man is simply because he's black.

I apologize for being such ... (Below threshold)

I apologize for being such a racist douchebag, but here in Canada, posting things like this about Clarence Thomas would result in me being fined and/or imprisoned for thoughtcrime.

Not to worry, I'm sure Jane... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, I'm sure Janet at DHS is working on such a crime right now. Of course it will only be aimed at those without a (D) next to their name.

So we have funny post, one ... (Below threshold)

So we have funny post, one that no matter who said it, no matter their political affiliation, it's just plain hilarious and hyper is the first one to jump in and use the opportunity to express hatred for one of the people present.

I don't know many Canadians, but if I had to judge them by hyper, I don't even think I'd like to visit.

"Sorry, but it's actually racist to refuse to point out how retarded this man is simply because he's black." I'm going to remember that one.

What a funny post...somehow... (Below threshold)

What a funny post...somehow, it's easy to imagine a douchebag like Breyer spending an inordinate amount of time being jammed into lockers as well.

Nope, I can say whatever I ... (Below threshold)

Nope, I can say whatever I want about assholes on the internet--black or white, SCOTUS or non-SCOTUS.

Oyster, chillax. I wasn't expressing hatred, only making fun of Thomas for almost never saying anything.

And then I responded to whoeverthef*ck's accusation of racism, which I assume is an attempt at tit-for-tat after some conservative critics of Obama were called racists during the campaign, often without basis. I'm all for conservatives criticizing Obama--that's called democracy! it's the best!--but so long as they aren't actually making racist comments, I don't consider it racist.

hyper's first comment was n... (Below threshold)

hyper's first comment was not directly racist. thomas, does not, in fact, speak very much during oral arguments. this is a very well known behavior.

his second comment would also be true, if in fact, thomas was an retard. it is racist not to call somebody a retard just because of the color of their skin.

but it all comes from the belief in liberals that people of color should be liberal, and if they aren't there must be something wrong with them, like they are not very intelligent. arrogant pricks on the left.

but since liberals also think that conservatives aren't very bright, it's a toss up whether hyper thinks thomas is dumb because he is conservative, or because he especially dumb because he is a black conservative. in either case, hyper is an ass.

hyper - "Nope, I can sa... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Nope, I can say whatever I want about assholes on the internet--black or white, SCOTUS or non-SCOTUS."

You're certainly right about that, but I'd bet even money your nut sack isn't big enough to say them when not hiding behind a nom de plume on the internet.

Justice Breyer says somethi... (Below threshold)

Justice Breyer says something as stupid as this and Hypers only reaction is to smear a conservative Justice because He's black, and then claim it would be racist if he didn't say it.

Just when you think the left can't get any lower they show you they can.

Hyperbolist slipped up and ... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist slipped up and wrote:

Sorry, but it's actually racist to refuse to point out how retarded this man is simply because he's black.

That comment certainly won't come back to haunt you! Comedy Gold!

Nope, I could care less whe... (Below threshold)

Nope, I could care less whether Thomas was liberal or conservative by virtue of the colour of his skin. In fact, I'm happy that the dimmest bulb on the Supreme Court is in fact a conservative. I take no less pleasure--and no more--pointing out how stupid someone is when that person happens to be black.

Read the link I posted. He seriously has no idea what his f*cking job is, with regards to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Total embarrassment, in the most categorical of terms.

marc: your sly attempt at getting me to post a photograph of my nutsack is an epic fail. Might I suggest that you join a gym with an open change room? Just don't get caught staring.

Sue: I didn't smear him because he's black. I smeared him because he's stupid and he sucks at his job. For the sake of comparison, if I were to point out how unforgivably dense you are, it wouldn't be because you're a woman (or a man with a woman's name; or perhaps a bi-gendered person); it would be because you are incapable of comprehending straightforward English sentences.

Brett: if you're implying that someone like me thinks you shouldn't criticize Obama because he's black, you're also a very stupid person. I just happen to think that you should temper your criticism, considering he's far more intelliget and articulate than his predecessor and the given alternative.

Supreme Court Justice Steve... (Below threshold)

Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer is the halfwit retard on the bench. He's the one that voiced the opinion that the state can seize private property to then give it to others who can use it not for the public good but instead for self profit.
Yes, keep on telling yourself who the moron on the court is based on skin color while the rest of us judge them by their actions.

Because Justice Clarence Thomas took the opportunity to express his opinion in a gale of laughter at the halfwit's idiotic comments seems rather calm in the face of your incessant mindless prattling.

Oh, it just gets better.... (Below threshold)

Oh, it just gets better... Hyperbolist wrote:

I just happen to think that you should temper your criticism, considering he's far more intelliget and articulate than his predecessor and the given alternative.

Temper my criticism? Like that well-reasoned, rational, and logical evaluation of George W. Bush provided by people such as yourself over the years? Sure thing!

You base these statements of Obama's alleged intelligence and speaking skills on what, exactly? When Obama doesn't have a teleprompter he hardly has anything to brag about, and makes Bush sound like William F. Buckley. Any idiot can sound like a genius when all he has to do is read it from cards. It would certainly be interesting how Obama would handle the beating that the press handed out to Bush for 8 straight years instead of the fawning, genuflecting groupies he has.

And as near as I can tell, aside from being able to parrot extreme liberal fringe philosophy, I haven't seen much to suggest that he is any smarter than any other president. For someone so purportedly smart, he seems to have managed to make a whole lot of whopping big mistakes. And being an extreme leftist almost demands a limited intelligence (or at least some remarkable blind spots) and lack of basic critical thinking skills. Certainly his vaunted 100 days have been among the most bumbling and incompetent of any I have seen.

Even if I do buy your premise (and I certainly don't) I would rather have a C student who cared about the country than an A student who doesn't give a damn what happens as long as he gets his way.

I will admit that he has some political skills and some apparent charm, although I can't see it myself. Certainly his handling of Hillary was masterful - got her very effectively out of his way politically. Of course in doing so he also saddled the United States with a classic criminal sociopath in what should be one of the most important positions in government, but that just hurts the country, not his political ambitions. The jury is out on whether that charm will manage to hide his intrinsically corrupt approach to the job long enough to get a second term - assuming of course that we even have free elections in 2012. That's far from clear at this point.

I find Breyer's remark far ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I find Breyer's remark far less funny than I might have when I consider the context. Sorry, but I can't find much humor in school officials strip-searching a 13-year-old girl on flimsy accusations she was smuggling prescription-strength Advil into school.

Hyperapologist needs to "re... (Below threshold)

Hyperapologist needs to "read for understanding" his own link. The author of the linked story admits that he is taking Justice Thomas's remarks out of context. In context, Justice Thomas is talking about the "you owe me" attitude of so many people. People act as if the Declaration of Independence guarantees people happiness, wealth, and comfort, when all it says is "the pursuit of happiness."

Thomas was also pointing out that with rights come responsibilities. The Sixth Amendment gives the right to trial by jury. That inherently implies that people have the responsibilty to serve on juries.

All Thomas was saying (in the speech that Hyperapologist linked to the biased story about) was that for too long we have emphasized our rights without considering the responsibilities make those very rights even possible.

Yes, Obama is going to go a... (Below threshold)

Yes, Obama is going to go all Pervez Musharraf on American democracy, Brett. He will be the world's next Hosni Mubarak, and political opponents will be disappeared, Pinochet style.

Black helicopters, fake lunar landings, grassy knolls, etc. etc. etc. You're insane.

Margee: Thomas did express concern over a "proliferation" of rights. Rights do not proliferate: they are inherent in those who have them. He does not have a good grasp of what he is paid a handsome salary to think about.

Gmac: again, stop projecting. I think he's a lousy Supreme Court justice regardless of his skin colour. I also happen to think that racism (racial guilt) on the part of Democrats made it much easier for him to get to where he is. I refuse to believe that such an incompetent jurist was honestly vetted, and I would hazard a guess that that was due in part to his minority status.

I apologize for my error.</... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my error.

What I meant to type was: "I refuse to believe that such an incompetent President was honestly vetted, and I would hazard a guess that that was due in part to his minority status."

Is it fun being in the frea... (Below threshold)

Is it fun being in the freakshow minority, so far adrift from the mainstream as to be the 21st century version of hippies and beatniks (but with much worse music)?

Is it fun being in the Grea... (Below threshold)

Is it fun being in the Great White North, hiding under America's hat while submitting to your Muslim masters (as long as they're not black)?

My boss is a gay atheist. N... (Below threshold)

My boss is a gay atheist. Not too many gay atheist Muslims, eh f*ckface?

Well, given your line of wo... (Below threshold)

Well, given your line of work, I would expect your pimp to be gay. Eh, c*nt?

+3 votes for comment #24--m... (Below threshold)

+3 votes for comment #24--man, some real heroes out there in the internetz.






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