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Liz Cheney Schools Norah O'Donnell on CIA Interrogations

It's not even a fair match up if you ask me. Liz Cheney is far more composed, experienced and informed regarding national security than O'Donnell. Consequently, Cheney takes O'Donnell to task a number of times for reporting misleading information and manipulating facts. I have seen Liz interviewed a number of times and have always liked her, but here she's truly impressive. No matter what erroneous information O'Donnell throws out, Cheney intercepts and exposes it.

Here's the video of the first segment. The transcript at Hot Line has more:


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I've watched this couple ti... (Below threshold)

I've watched this couple times now, and linked it over at bejohngalt as well.

Liz Cheney catches O'Donnell every time she tries to read the A/P headline as though it were a fact.

Cheney is calm, credible and accuurate throughout. O'Donnell's "script" falls apart in the face of facts and reason.

Facts & Reason to the Left are like sunlight and garlic to vampires!

This is the dilemna and lim... (Below threshold)

This is the dilemna and limited reach of a teleprompter. Once true facts enter the arena, leftists become even more stupefied.

The left: "But...but...but.... (Below threshold)

The left: "But...but...but...but..." ww

A superb exposition by Ms. ... (Below threshold)
Don Zimmerman:

A superb exposition by Ms. Cheney. The only
way it could have been more effective is if
she'd begun it with "Norah, you ignorant slut!"

Don Zimmerman: 'The only wa... (Below threshold)

Don Zimmerman: 'The only way it could have been more effective is if she'd begun it with "Norah, you ignorant slut!"'

Maybe she should have ENDED with that! :)

The mainstream media wouldn... (Below threshold)
Aresay Author Profile Page:

The mainstream media wouldn't do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 17 This post is a suggested read at, http://aresay.blogspot.com/

Hey...where's the snarly de... (Below threshold)

Hey...where's the snarly denial from BraynD?

Did he take a potty break or something? It's been 10 minutes without 6 or 8 posts from him...

Whenever Liz interrupted he... (Below threshold)

Whenever Liz interrupted her with the truth, Norah kept coming back to the misleading headline. It's unclear why the left is so intent on (1) calling any aggressive questioning torture and (2) saying that this so-called "torture" harms the U.S. As Ms. Cheney tried to point out, water-boarding and other tough techniques were used in training our own soldiers. While undoubtedly uncomfortable and frightening in nature, these were not torture. They did not inflict high levels of pain, and did not wound or maim those being questioned.

Taking any type of aggressive procedures off the table harms our efforts to get the truth from detainees by letting them know they are completely safe from any discomforting methods if they refuse to answer. Also, the countries and groups about whom we have to be the most concerned will not reciprocate any acts of kindness to their detainees. Our real enemies will not hesitate to torture or cut the heads off our soldier if they are captured. In sum, removing tough questioning techniques from our arsenal of weapons makes us a lot less safe without producing any noticeable benefits - exactly what our extreme left wants.

The left are wussies hidin... (Below threshold)

The left are wussies hiding behind faux rightious indignation. ww

The GOP might be in better ... (Below threshold)

The GOP might be in better shape if they had more spokespeople like Liz Cheney -- and fewer feckless boobs like Michael Steele.

I do not know what Liz's de... (Below threshold)
Saketh Ram:

I do not know what Liz's definition of torture is ... Let's say we capture some CANADIAN SOLDIERS tomorrow, and believe that they have valuable information about a drug cartel financing a terrorist operation - Can we use these techniques on them?

Liz and Dick Cheney keep talking about the same thing - the techniques were effective. The fundamental principle of US Jurisprudence is that THE MEANS NEVER JUSTIFY THE ENDS. It does not matter whether the techniques were effective or not; what matters is whether they were torture or not, and whether they were illegal in the US AT THAT TIME. If they were illegal at that time then the entire top bunch should be prosecuted.

Hey Liz -- Please do not talk about what's right and wrong. Was your dad ever prosecuted for the shooting in the face thing? If it were any other person in the US, he would have gotten a lifer for that.

Hey Saketh Ram, good use of... (Below threshold)
Ruths Husband Ben:

Hey Saketh Ram, good use of misdirection. Who was the last person given life for a hunting accident which didn't even result in permanent disfigurement? Got anything else, or is that the best you have? Oh, and can you cite this "fundamental principle of jurisprudence" or are you just making stuff up?

Hey Sackloth Ram,N... (Below threshold)

Hey Sackloth Ram,

Not paying your taxes is supposedly illegal. So by your criteria, Obamas whole buddy list and appointees should be prosecuted. Right?

Neonazis now run to hide be... (Below threshold)
Neocon Scum:

Neonazis now run to hide behind dick's skirt! Is that skank the best you have? Oh yeah, I forgot, you have that other skank in Alaska--the very intelligent one! Hey neocons, you are totally irrelevant in our nation. Why don't all of you go hunting with dick?
notiz=You missed on your fly by.

"Hey Liz -- Please do no... (Below threshold)

"Hey Liz -- Please do not talk about what's right and wrong. Was your dad ever prosecuted for the shooting in the face thing?"

And the above quote is exactly the reason why one cannot have a reasoned discussion with twits like you. We couldn't even agree to disagree with that kind of childish analysis.

...danger, that too many Am... (Below threshold)
We've gone so far off the moral path we are in danger....:

...danger, that too many Americans will think that the Jack Bauer world is reality, that we must Torture to "save our American way of life"

This is the problem when we let our schools go to $#1+, and use TV/Internet\and Girls Gone Wild to raise society. We just got done with the last 8 yrs with our first taste of a step towards the movie "Idiocracy."

People don't read / learn there history. It's bad enough that the chicken hawks that didn't put anything on the line in Vietnam, would push so hard (Project for a New American Century folks) for what SO MANY PREDICTED WOULD HAPPEN IN IRAQ, but that they would think nothing of torturing and go further as to try to call it a "technique" and pretend it's not torture. ...if you think we WON in IRAQ => Learn why we are paying both (Shiites, and Bathists) not to attack us. Literally paying the people who used to attack us not to attack us~ (thought we don't negotiate with Terrorits?? that's never been true of America).

The Democrats in congress are weak and spineless, more interested in gaining more seats power than investigating what our taxes are being used to fund. Across the Isle: In 2001-2006 had Bush walked into the capitol building, dropped trow and pooped out a dookie on the floor of the house there wouldn't have been a single Republican that said WTF are you doing?
I submit that there would have been hundreds lined up to comment on what a fine piece of shit that was and what a good idea it was...

At least during Watergate there were some Republicans who broke with the obvious cover-up of there administration. But today? With trangressions/crimes\Torture things 1000 X worse than watergate. Silence! When no bid contracts, no oversight, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of (cash - Not credit but Billions in CASH) gone un-accounted for - no hue and cry? No! No investigation of WAR PROFITEERS? No!

From most in both parties (WEAKNESS from the Democratic party and BLINDEYES from the Republicans)we get back and forth.

One thing I never ever thought I'd see in my life time was the day when a Vice President of this country publically claimed that we did things that we've determined (WE, the US, Americans) are Torture. The sickness is the lengths that some are going to-to defend, re-categorize, to re-write this as anything but what it was Torture.






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