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Swine Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Swine flu mania is sweeping the nation, nay, the world.

With the total number of confirmed cases in the U.S. at (gasp!) 40, and the number in Mexico at roughly 1600, fanatical responses have been pasted over the news wires, much to the delight of anemic circulation departments of the print media.

And those crazy Democrats, never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, are now complaining about the Republican opposition to funding for pandemic preparation in the Stimulus bill. You know, the bill that's supposed to create jobs?

Even the U.S. Military is monitoring the swine flu, saying it has no immediate plans to release anti-viral medication to its members.

And Obama is right on top of the situation.

"This is obviously cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert. But it is not cause for alarm."

He'll tell us when to panic.

It's only a matter of time that this concern will be weaved into a reason to push for nationalized health care.

It has become an international crisis overnight. Don't travel here, no bacon allowed, we're all going to have to live in quarantined bubbles soon.

What the hell is the matter with people?

The 24 hour news cycle and instantaneous news at our fingertips causes both writer and reader to feel as if something, anything, needs to be happening. So when something comes along that is newsworthy in a regional nature, it is irresponsibly blown into a "pandemic" proportion, sucking in a vulnerable audience, like a universal Pavlovian dog, who at the ring of a bell, salivates whether there's something for him or not.

Mad Cow, bird flu, SARS.. When will we learn?

When will we learn that whenever something like this bubbles up, we're played like frothing dupes by the politicians and media, who's true concern is not for our safety and survival, but for theirs?


Obama spoke to the National Academy of Sciences and politicized this little tid-bit:

He cited the emergent swine flu outbreak as an example of why the nation cannot afford to fall behind in science. "Our capacity to deal with a public health challenge of this sort rests heavily on the work of our scientific and medical community," he said.



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Comments (27)

Well as I stated a day or 2... (Below threshold)

Well as I stated a day or 2 ago.. It is to cozy of a coincidence that this strain shows up just as Obama and his commiecrats want to Nationalize healthcare.

When House Appropriations C... (Below threshold)

When House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey, the Wisconsin Democrat who has long championed investment in pandemic preparation, included roughly $900 million for that purpose in this year's emergency stimulus bill, he was ridiculed by conservative operatives and congressional Republicans.

as always.

Is Swine Flu more lethal to... (Below threshold)

Is Swine Flu more lethal to Muslims than others?

"He'll tell us when to pani... (Below threshold)

"He'll tell us when to panic."

The signal will be flying AF1 and a couple of warbirds at the Restricted Area (or, is that a Prohibited Area?) over the Statue of [meaningless word censored].

So they conjure up a crisis... (Below threshold)

So they conjure up a crisis to put 9 trillion in new healthcare beauracracy funding and label it the Ted Kennedy ( swimmer ) ode to Maryjo recovery act of 2009..

Insightful as always, Shall... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Insightful as always, Shallow.

The GOP has proven how they prepare for things in advance (read: 9/11 and Katrina).

When you don't read your intel memos or reinforce the levees in ADVANCE, your plans must go WINGNUT MODE, and you have to invade unrelated countries and endlessly haul ice around the South in refrigerated trucks. And of course, declare Mission Accomplished.

I hear Cheney wants to torture the swine flu virus for information about other cells and establish a link to the AIDS virus.

Go get 'em, boys. You're doing a heckuva job.

To Poster #6:I he... (Below threshold)

To Poster #6:

I hereby change the last three letters of your name from "man" to "Head". You prove by every post that it always should have been that.

To Poster #7Oh, zi... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

To Poster #7

Oh, zing, that left a bruise.

Is that the best you can do, Jennifer?

The push for national healt... (Below threshold)

The push for national health care and this swine flu crap would naturally go hand in hand with the global agenda.

In this article you have two things going on; what the people want and what the White house is pushing for:

Nancy-Ann DeParle said during an American Hospital Association conference the American public is demanding healthcare reform and "refusing to accept more of the same," The Hill reported.

"They made their voices heard at the ballot box when they elected a president committed to reform," DeParle said.

The White House and its allies have been working to build up public enthusiasm for healthcare reform since Obama took office in January, partly by tapping into the grassroots base that helped thrust Obama into office, she said.


The article also mentions that "Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate have pledged to pass healthcare legislation before Congress recesses for a monthlong break in August."

So for the American people, enthusiasm equals scared sh*tless. I'm sure they'll come up with at least one other "enthusiasm" campaign to make sure most American people are on board with whatever cost saving healthcare tax(!) they come up with this summer. I say that Americans go ahead, vacation and travel wherever they want. On the way, they can write their own version of "thanks" to their local representative and drop it in the mailbox. Glad you posted this, Shawn.

Shawn -Re the flu ... (Below threshold)

Shawn -

Re the flu - the virus strains mutate constantly, that's why we have to have a differnt flu shot each year. Yeah, it's a pain, and they're working on a universal flu vaccine. I'll be glad when it shows up, I gotta tell you!

Re swine flu in particular - I remember the reaction I had to that particular shot when it was shoved in our arms in '76. Wouldn't even wish it on #6.

Re about whether it's all part of the universal health care scam - I don't think so. The reaction isn't as fast as I'd think if it were - "Hi, we're the heroes! Just implement UHC and we'll stop that nasty bug!" AND they aren't implementing severe quarantine procedures which would really scare folks.

It's just a virus. 6 billion+ odd folks (some significantly odder than others, too) and a lot of animals are bound to have the things mutate. But they've been doing that for billions of years, and we've managed to stay alive. (Mostly...) So I think we'll get by this one also.

Larry phallusman # 6 and I... (Below threshold)

Larry phallusman # 6 and I dont mean figuratively.

I think the levees were funded for well in advance of Katrina.. Its just that liberals like u spent it all on something else like lear jets, 3 drink lunches, lap dancers or some such other oppulent indulgence.

However, UHC is STILL a fri... (Below threshold)

However, UHC is STILL a friggin' terrible idea. You REALLY want to hand your medical dollars to the folks who can't run AMTRAK and the Post Office at a profit - AND expect them to handle them efficiently? There's ways to handle the uninsured cheaper - but that's not what's desired. Instead - they'll go for the big-bucks solution that'll end up looking like the UK or Canada, with health care rationing. My wife's cousin in the UK has just been diagnosed with liver cancer that's metastized out - and the Dr. isn't going to be going after surgery or chemotherapy.

She's too old to make it worthwhile to expend the resources.

If she were in the US - they'd already have her under treatment.

No - I think UHC is a BAD idea, no matter how it's pushed out to the public.

914 -Corps of Engi... (Below threshold)

914 -

Corps of Engineers was saying pre Katrina that they'd stand up to a Cat 3 hurricane - but Katrina by the time it hit NO was a Cat 1 to 2.

Someone failed - but it wasn't the Republicans on that. I'd look much more locally - like the CoE office in NO and the contractors they were using. As far as the other problems in the area went - I'd look at the overall dithering of Nagin and Blanco. Reluctant to call for an evacuation, reluctant to call for help - they were typical Democrats in that they were unwilling to admit a problem existed until it whapped them hard in the face, and then they blamed the lack of pre-hurrican preparation and action on everyone BUT themselves.

FEMA got there inside their appointed timeframe, passing by towns and cities smashed flat. The Navy got there, rescuing people by air.

Blanco and Nagin - were too busy emoting about everyone else's failings for the cameras. But hey - the media had a WONDERFUL time.

I am one to reflect on SARS... (Below threshold)

I am one to reflect on SARS. It is supposed to be very dangerous and only 230+ people have died from it since 2003. Now there is this swine/ bird flu that in a few weeks and nearly 120+ people have died.

What should we make of the data? I stay the same as I always have, wash my hands after I cough, sneeze etc, and I avoid those who cough. I also try if possible to stay home when I am ill.

What should our nation do? I don't know? Perhaps test run some plane and jets in NYC???

I think that clarity is needed. I doubt that we will see this...sigh.

jvc:"he was ridicule... (Below threshold)

"he was ridiculed by conservative operatives and congressional Republicans"

...and most Democrats, too. For example, Chuck Schumer: "All those little porky things that the House put in, the money for the [National] Mall or the sexually transmitted diseases or the flu pandemic, they're all out."

jvc - "When House Appro... (Below threshold)

jvc - "When House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey, the Wisconsin Democrat who has long championed investment in pandemic preparation, included roughly $900 million for that purpose in this year's emergency stimulus bill, he was ridiculed by conservative operatives and congressional Republicans."

Got your dem talking points right on time today didn't you?

Too bad you didn't get the entire story.


Ok folks, now its my turn t... (Below threshold)

Ok folks, now its my turn to weigh in, having just a little experience in Public Health, epidemics and hysteria (I was an intern and lived right across from the Bellevue Stratford (it was summer and I kept my windows open too) when Legionnaire's struck. Even cared for two folks in the ICU, one of whom died. She wasn't a Legionnaire, but a housekeeper there. Been through a lot of Public Health training, experience and am an active part of local surveillance projects here. Been to training at Ft Detrick and elsewhere for Chem/Bio warfare response. I've managed Anthrax and Smallpox base-sized programs when folks were all in a frenzy about white powders and such.

1) It is entirely appropriate to make the public statements and policy statements in response to the current concerns. So far there is only implied linkage to UHC and no direct evidence this is a ploy. That won't stop them from trying to capitalize on things later, but so far I see no evidence to support Shawn's concerns/accusations.

2) The flu seems pretty deadly in Mexico, but not here. However the threat of an H1N1 swine flu is that it can potentially become very deadly very quickly. Its too early to tell now whether it will turn into something like a nasty pandemic. It IS appropriate to step up surveillance and quarantine measures, as outlined by the CDC, at this time. If it turns out it is a false alarm, great. If it isn't, and we poo poo appropriate measures now, there may be no one around to say "I told you so in 6 months."

3) There's plenty to criticize the Obama Administration for without making up and exaggerating things. This kind of post detracts from your reputation.

4) Right now there's a convention in Las Vegas on Health Care Quality and such. One speaker there, the Deputy IG covering health care fraud, described the over a Billion Dollars in health care fraud discovered so far in 5 states over the past 18 months by a investigative program initiated under the Bush Administration. If you do a little math with what huge increases in funding for the programs involved might mean, the potential for abuse and wasted money in the stimulus package for Health Centers alone is staggering. Now THAT's worth bitching about.


Hey, it's like President Ni... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Hey, it's like President Nixon said: When the President does it, it legal. So what is your problem now? Is it because our President is a Democrat? That explains all your BS, doesn't it?

He cited the emerg... (Below threshold)
He cited the emergent swine flu outbreak as an example of why the nation cannot afford to fall behind in science. "Our capacity to deal with a public health challenge of this sort rests heavily on the work of our scientific and medical community," he said.

Mexico has 1600 cases and over 120 deaths.
The United states has no deaths and about 40 cases?
Now should be aggressively screening anyone traveling Mexico city which is ground zero of this outbreak.

The US has been paying drug companies to develop vaccines and stockpile them since 2004.


So I got to ask WTF is BHO talking about. He should be parsing the US healthcare system for handing the issue. He also should be thanking the Bush administration for their foresight in protecting America.

That update is comical. Th... (Below threshold)

That update is comical. This morning, Obama said there was no cause for alarm.

Now, the (creepy) WHO has raised the "pandemic alert" to level 4. Mexican "authorities" have even canceled Mexico city's annual cinco de mayo parade.

The talking-head-in-chief will just open his mouth when he's told it's time to say "we really need healthcare reform, because the people have spoken." The only catch is, the people have had no say so in this whatsoever, and will be the last ones to discover which "swine" started this "epidemic". These guys in power are truly despicable.

The signal will be flyin... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The signal will be flying AF1 and a couple of warbirds at the Restricted Area (or, is that a Prohibited Area?) over the Statue of [meaningless word censored].

Well, there's no specific R- or P- designated restricted space at the Statue, but it falls within KLGA's Class B airspace, and is restriced in that sense. I'm sure this little stunt gave NY TRACON a bunch of fucking fits.

The way I see things is tha... (Below threshold)

The way I see things is that this is happening on Obama's watch so he therefore bares the ultimate blame for this pandemic. Does this argument sound vaguely familiar? It should - because the left used the same one in blaming the 9/11 attacks on Bush despite the fact that our interests had been attacked overseas for years while Clinton was in office with no real response to these atrocities coming from his administration to discourage future attacks. The 9/11 attacks were in the late planning stages when Bush took office in January of 2001. Even so, Bush chose not to point fingers at his predecessor and he just got on with the job of keeping the country safe and thankfully he had the wisdom to get the job done. The contrast with what Obama has done in blaming Bush for everything is almost shocking.

The big problem with this health issue beyond the terrible deaths that have already occurred and may occur in the future is that the Obama Administration will use this health scare as a pretense for the imminent need to ram through a universal health care spending bill through Congress. Never waste a good crisis seems to be the Golden Rule of the Obama Administration so would anybody really be surprised? The signs are already there that this is the plan but unlike the radical left-wing 9/11 truthers what we don't see are accusations that the Obama Administration was behind the release of this virus. Hell, Obama just was in Mexico! What a coincidence, huh? But that is sheer lunacy but that is what makes conservatives different than liberals. But will Obama use this crisis as an excuse to push UHC? I would not doubt it...

So far our health care system is up to the task and I think it will prove to be because we have the best health care in the world despite liberals who are hell bent to trash it because not everybody in the country is covered. A lot of people simply choose not to pay for health care insurance and that is a personal choice and one that has inevitable consequences. Our system works for a large majority of Americans and as such there is no reason to go to a system of rationed health care that simply looks good to outsiders who only see that everybody is covered but they don't delve into the finer details to find out that a large number of these people are unhappy and not served well and/or in a timely way. Yes, we can improve on what we have but a complete overhaul of the system to me is an irresponsible position and one we can ill-afford right now.

This flu virus is not a pol... (Below threshold)

This flu virus is not a political ploy, but it will be used to promote various health care plans. The biggest problem is that people are panicking. I heard on the news tonight that the local pharmacies are running out of Tamiflu, and we have had no cases of swine flu in this state, suspected or otherwise. If people will stay calm and practice basic hygiene, they will be a lot better off. My husband wanted me to call the doctor about a prescription, as I am on oxygen. I told him that if I became symptomatic I would but otherwise someone else might need that prescription more than I. And as far as funding being in the stimulus package, why should it be? How would funding have helped the economy in any way?

"And as far as funding b... (Below threshold)

"And as far as funding being in the stimulus package, why should it be? How would funding have helped the economy in any way?"


Larry Dickhed - you're so c... (Below threshold)

Larry Dickhed - you're so cool!

Swine Flu?Great ju... (Below threshold)

Swine Flu?

Great just we need to go along with our Pork Fever.

We have reports of someone ... (Below threshold)

We have reports of someone in Orlando diagnosed with swine flu who is being described as "a Mexican tourist". Is that what we're calling the illegals now?






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