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Air Force One File Photo Fun

I've read in a number of places that instead of terrifying the citizens of New York City by flying Air Force One and two F16s around lower Manhattan the White House should have simply Photoshopped an image of Air Force One in front of the Statue of Liberty. Ask and you shall receive. Mark Hemingway at The Corner received some samples from Corner readers. They're pretty darn good and quite funny. Not only could the White House have saved money and spared the good people of NYC from a relapse of PTSD, but it would have been the "green" thing to do.


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Kim:You're talking a... (Below threshold)

You're talking about the people who like to talk it, but don't like to walk it.

Scare Force One!... (Below threshold)

Scare Force One!

Scare Farce One.To... (Below threshold)

Scare Farce One.

To be followed by an infinite sequence of scare farces over the next few years...

The Photo Op was a dumb ide... (Below threshold)

The Photo Op was a dumb idea, but Obama's administration would've been equally slammed PR wise for making a 'faked' photo shop.

100 days of utter buffooner... (Below threshold)

100 days of utter buffoonery.. Where can he go from here?

What can you expect from an... (Below threshold)

What can you expect from an empty suit? The man continues to prove everything that was said about him in the primary. He has no leadership capability. He has no economic knowledge. He has no governing experience. He is proving on a daily basis that he is a buffoon and an embarrassment to this country.






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